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  1. I'm jealous that you got yours already... My tracking says Tuesday... Anyway. I like the skin tone. Model looks great. If I had one suggestion it would be that the armor plates are too close to the flesh color... I would do the armor in an off color...


    I got Noh too. Or am getting them when they finally arrive. I am debating on making the demons all different colors to denote caste or do a universal flesh color... I was also thinking of doing them in Human tones...

  2. Actually they did have a level that included the season 1 base game in Season 2. It was the $205 "Raise the dead" Level. It did not include the kickstarter season 1 exclusives but did include the season 1 base game...


    The level had

    * a copy of Zombicide season 1

    * Prison outbreak

    * Toxic city mall

    * Zombie dogz

    * and any applicable season 2 stretch goals


    I didn't go in for that level as I was in Season 1... It basically put the season 1 game at $55 with free shipping (US) but you had to wait until the season 2 stuff shipped... which probably wasn't worth it since you could get it in stores already at that point...

  3. I have to say Stonehaven is an awesome company. I have been in the process of moving for the last 2 months. Closing delayed 7 times! As a result I have been unsure what address to ship to. So, long story short, Stonehaven was very cool about it and even contacted me yesterday to make sure if the move was complete and what address did I want my treasures shipped too!. Awesome customer service!. They had already earned a customer for life, but now double so...

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  4. Well they did mention scale in the first update they appeared during the kickstarter... Though they didn't put it on the front page... and they didn't explicitly say it... but they did say they would be bigger than the Confrontation wolfen...


    Update #66 ℹ

    Jul 6 2013



    4 Wereshewolves

    We've been working like crazy to finish the were-wolves designs.

    To tell you the truth we didn't anticipate that once we had talked about them in our small background stories, you would be so excited about seeing and getting their miniatures :) We're pretty happy with how they came out. However, since we had to create them fairly swiftly, you can bet that in the end they will look even better. Just so you know, the finished minis should be fairly large miniatures probably just a bit bigger than the famous Confrontation Wolfen.

  5. I put dark themes in my games to get the players emotionally involved. This can include slavery, murder, rape, etc... There was a PC with a drug addiction that led them to betray the group. There was a dim witted but loveable farm hand (emotionally young, but an adult) who was kidnapped and abused by the Ratmen the party was dealing with.


    As far as sexual themes, they are never explicit and always off camera. If a party member (player) persues the charms of a small town barmaid... I allow it... They fade off camera, and we move on. The above loveable farmhand was abused off camera.. The ratmen gloated about the violation but the players did not hear it first hand on camera.


    My game has a big vampire involvement coming up and I am sure there will be somestuff like that coming up...


    Some of my group (6 guys all 30+) are uncomfortable with sexual themes some aren't but for the sake of all (and not really wanting to discuss such matters with 6 men anyway) it is all off camera.

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  6. Mantic is probably the cheapest around. There are us stores that sell them at discounted rates like this on




    Which is 20 elves for $15... Not including shipping, and I have seen them on bigger sales at FRP games and on E-bay. They are not my favorite but if you are going for cheap and ok then they are hard to beat... Same thing goes for their dwarves, orcs and goblins....

  7. The Kickstarter has been cancelled.


    The creator realized that even if this funded it would not unlock everything. He was considering switching from hard plastic to resin... but not everyone was sold on that. The creator advised he would be back with more models to show... and better structure.

  8. I think my mini would be easy. Take Lem, Gnome bard (in bones), then take a bones pathfinder goblin. Chop off Lem's head... Chop off Goblin's head... Glue Goblin head to Lem body... Fix with green stuff... And there you have a Goblin in an armored coat with a pesh pipe... more or less...


    And Lem's head will be given to the surviving bones goblins to play with...

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  9. Name: Smokestack,


    Description: A greenish skinned goblin wearing smeared red body paint over his face and hands... There are flecks of dirt or soot inbedded in it, and since it does not look (or smell) like he has not bathed in a while (if ever) it may be permanent. He wears a tattered armored coat that he looted from a gnome. In his mouth rests his prized possession. His Pesh pipe. With it he is undefeatable. It gives him super strength and an ungoblin-like confidence. As long as his pesh pipe is full, he is god... He also has a string of wicked looking knives hanging around his body. They look more like cooking utensils but still deadly. 


    Personality: Smokestack on Pesh is a bully and a trouble maker. He looks for problems... On Pesh he walks into Dwarven bars and looks for the biggest meanest dwarf he can find... then says in an Austrian accent  "I want your armor, your boots and your war pony!" and secretly hopes that the dwarves don't comply... Smokestack off of Pesh is usually in the fetal position in someone elses home, begging for more pesh.



    Type: Ingested or inhaled Addiction: Moderate, Fortitude DC20

    Price: 15gp

    Effects: 1 hour Alchemical +1d2 strength bonus. -2 save vs illusion and mind-affecting effects

    Effects:  after 1 hour 1d2 hours fatigue

    Damage: 1d2 Con; 1d2 Wis damage


    Class: Rogue 2 (knife master archetype)

    AC: 18 (armored coat 4, dex 3, +1 size bonus to AC)

    Touch AC: 14 Flat footed AC: 14

    HP: 11

    Attack: Dagger (+5 hit 1d3+4 damage) If on Pesh he is +6 to hit and +5 damage sneak attack does 1d8 damage with knives... 1d4 if any other weapon.

    Magic/loot: Belt of Giant strength +4... (note it is in really bad condition, so if Smokestack is killed the belt is destroyed with him.) 3 knives, a tattered armored coat, a pesh pipe, and 16 ounces of the finest pesh a goblin can buy.

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  10. Hey guys I did get a tracking number by e-mail. The e-mail came Saturday and the tracking info said  the estimated delivery was for yesterday... but arrived today.


    @ Inner Geek, yeah the plastic is a bit harder, still bends if you bend it (no danger of snapping). Like this a lot better.

  11. Well, I am not saying you are wrong, but I am hoping you are... :;): As I really want these.


    The heavy knights are probably my least favorite, but the swordsmen look nice, and I want some good musketeers and haberdiers. Also the resin heroes sounds potentially very good...

    With the disaster of the Mantic Basaleans (of which I have a crap ton sitting in my closet with maybe 2 assembled...) I think there is a market for some good Human soldiers... At least I HOPE THERE IS...

  12. True only 3 to start. Leader of Rats, I like Fireforge stuff, but they are not the same time period. And (whether this is a plus or not) Fireforge is more true scale 28mm while this is supposed to be heroic scale and more on scale with GW.... They don't look big headed and hamfisted though...

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