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  1. Yeah I did see that. And almost went in, I was too involved in other kickstarters at the time, but will pick up at least some at retail... I am a big fan of rapier/flintlocks... Errol Flynn...etc. My Fantasy RPG characters are always the flamboyant Rapier duelists... (which is opposite of my real life body styling...)


    And yeah, Empire I have bought and horded for 25 years... Though now all my minis are on round bases... I just like round bases better... so I couldn't really play Warhammer (or most fantasy wargames) unless I had some really understanding opponents, not really interested in playing but my son has shown some interest... Just like the look and feel of the models. Brets too.. I have 100+ Bret knights... and maybe 20 archers.... :unsure:


    Oh, I forgot one Kickstarter... Stonehaven.. What ever they come out with I will most likely back... I only went for the minion set this last one as the elves didn't really interest me... but I will probably add a couple elves anyway...

  2. I still holding out hope for a Confrontation kickstarter. Also looking forward to Raging heroes Dark Elf and Sisters of battle kickstarter which will have both scifi and fantasy of both armies...


    But really any kickstarter with cool fantasy miniatures (the more bizarre the better). Or Swashbuckiling /musketeer miniatures.


    Aside from kickstarters, I am looking forward to the news D&d prepainted minis (for use in Pathfinder) and Paizo's reign of winter pre-paints. Aslo looking forward to the 9th edition Warhammer starter box set (which is rumored to have Empire and Orcs and Goblins in it...) I don't play warhammer but I love Empire plastics... Well not the newish basic troops, but the older ones... and the elites...

  3. Yeah this is what was said originally about the Plastics.


    From the comments section of the Kickstarter, March 19th, By Alyssa Faden



    There will be two types of plastic in use on the core miniatures and two minotaurs: HIPs and Polysterine. The harder plastic is used on the larger miniatures, weapons and bases. This ensures NO BENDING. I hate bending. I think everyone hates bending (like units leaning 45 degree forward and bases unable to support the weight of the miniature on it... we've got none of that here). The other plastic is for the smaller miniatures, bodies, heads etc. It is a firm plastic, but better suited to the detailed on bodies, faces and such. None of the plastic is the cheapo whizkids stuff... between you and I, I am NOT a fan of that.


    TwistedToyz is the production company. They are the same company that handles Fantasy Flight's DUST range. They know exactly what we are doing here and are very easy to communicate with. They "get" the quality and the standard we are requesting."

  4. Hey Heisler. I didn't say resin. The core minis for this project were supposed to be plastic. In fact Alyssa stated they would be two different types of plastic. One for the bodies and one for the weapons. The weapons were supposed to be a harder plastic so they would not bend. Alyssa said the miniature would be similar to the Dust plastics.


    The added minis like the Winged Hussars and the bunny character were going to be metal. Now the big bohemeths were going to be plastic if we hit $80,000 or $100,000? but when it was clear we were not going to reach that she lowered it and changed the material to resin... but only for the huge models...


    As far as cardboard miniatures, some people have asked her if she could release the game with paper stand ins... I am not interested in that as my primary reason for backing was the miniatures...


    Now why Defiance was contacted to make the core minis, I don't know. Their "plastics" are very different from the Dust ones we were told about.

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  5. As far as the 20mm miniature in 5 pieces, Torn (Alyssa) did say that all models would be assembled by them before shipping, like the Dust miniatures. Now that would have been less ideal for those who wanted to model or customize, she said she wanted the game playable out of the box. So being in 5 pieces would not have affected the backers. For the record, I don't think Alyssa is blameless either but I do think she had good intentions. I see many people saying the are ok with her keeping the money for a possible lawsuit or to make cardboard miniatures. I would opt for a refund if one is available. I like her, she seems like a good person but I would like the refund if that is an option.

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  6. I am in this for $35. Which is expensive for 1 mini but... The tech may not be there now for super detailed quality minis but, hopefully if this gets funded they (and others) will see that there is a market for this and more companies and more money will go into developing this to the point where it is both high quality and cheap enough to make customs minis more common.


    Also I am interested to see what their character design builder is like and was able to jump in on a early bird alpha access pledge...

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  7. Hey I got a pin-up savior and great game hunter. They are my first KD figures. They are both great but... The savior is huge compared to the hunter... A full head taller and more massive as well. They look like they are different scales. Just wondering if all the figures vary that much or if one of the two I got is slightly off from the normal KD scale. No complaints on either, just wondering.

  8. I like the look of the Mining guild armor.. And really like the troll... but... $70 AUS is $63 Or was this morning. And that is a bit high for 7 minis... And $126 US for 14 minis is a no go for my budget... When they come out retail... maybe if they are 20-40% off online...

  9. Nocturne, Do you have any pics of the minis compared to Reaper or other well know miniature brands... I like teh look of teh minis.. Not sure I would play teh game... (Daughter turning 13.... she will play Zombicide and Pathfinder, but this may be too kiddy for her).


    Also any word on when this will be out retail?


    Thank you-


  10. Hey guys thanks for the comments. I don't actually plan on making the game... This is just the game I would make if I could... I admit that It could be construed as sexist. Though I think the most revealing outfits would be teams like the swim team etc. But all of the uniforms would be standard school uniforms. Nothing over the top or overly sexualized. I initially had the thought of having real cheerleaders and girls sports teams as the art instead of the anime style... But... when I started adding the goofy stuff like the Field Hockey ogre I wanted to distance the game from real people... Having a 13 year old daughter I don't want the girls to confuse tongue in cheek fantasy with me actually calling Field Hockey players ogre... There is still probably that risk, but anime style I would hope shows that it is meant to be funny not hurtful.


    As far as the stoners and other offensive material... I would want to be able to play the game with my kids...but. I don't really think that kind of stuff shouldn't be made. If any of the teams are not suitable for children, then a 18+ tab could be put on the box... Even my transvestite team (or just the boys trying to get in the league so they dress as women) I would not have a problem playing with my kids, but I know some people would... So...


    I really did not think of actual school violence when I was coming up with this. I just thought it sounded like a fun, light game... In between playing some serious wargames you could play a game with 8 armed girls and battle for a half hour or hour...


    And really I would love some Malifaux-esque plastic sprues of customizable miniatures... Each box a complete team.

  11. Hmm.. I hadnt though of it that way... Though I dont really see guns in the game...Mostly throwing weapons and bows and such.. Kind of a Hunger Games and Battle royale... but all girls... In the future goverments settle their differences and cities compete with other cities for more goverment funds... by have girls teams fight each other... Ha... that sounds silly... But any one have any ideas for their own mini s game...

  12. I dont know if this is the right forum. I remember hearing a past episode of the d6 generation and someone said every gamer has an idea for their own great miniatures game... So In that spirit, I figured I would post mine... And hopefully others can post theirs...



    Here is the basic premise.


    CHEERLEADER SHOWDOWN (again name may change if already in use)


    The basic game will run as either a board game or a tactical miniatures game.

    The game will come with 2 teams of 8 high quality cheerleader squads and a separate team of Faculty. It will also come with floor tiles that can be assembled to form a school. They can be rearranged so the school never has to have the same lay out. Rooms include the cafeteria, the gym, the science lab, etc…



    In the board game, players can either take control of one of the cheer squads. The squads are basically stereotypes from popular movies. So one squad of the doltish blonde girls and the other the sassy black girls. Players have a roster that explains each girl on the team. Each girl has special abilities and equipment. The goal is scenario based so the scenario may be a battle to the death, or it could be to secure an objective, etc. The teams are already made and usable right upon opening the box. The players can also do a girls vs faculty. Each player controls one or more of the individual cheerleaders and faces off against a player controlled faculty. The principle, the science teacher, the gym coach, the drama teacher..etc each with unique abilities.


    In the minis game (rules included in the box). Players build their squads similar to necromunda. They have a certain number of credits for the school store to buy equipment and recruit girls. Girls come in a couple different types depending on the faction. So, the basic squad might have Head cheerleader, flyers, base, and newbies. Each girl has a starting attribute line that may increase with xp, and starting equipment.


    After each battle or mission, both teams get more school store money and xp. The winning team gets more money and the losing team gets more xp. You learn more from defeat, but the winning team will be better equipped. Xp can increase attributes or buy skills. Money can buy armor or weapons.


    Future expansions (or kickstarter stretch goals) will include more terrain tiles. More school rooms, the park, the mall, etc…


    And best of all will include new factions.


    Some factions I had in mind.


    The field hockey team… They have access to a large creature, the field hockey ogre… a female ogre with pigtails.


    The kendo team. They all start with kendo armor and bokken so are more expensive to start but better armed.


    The science girls. They have access to crazy inventions that aid in the game.


    The goth chicks- with the powers of dark magic.


    Plus, we will have exchange students… which are basically experienced mercs that can be hired to your team individually.


    We can also release more support for the board game with scenarios packs that include aliens or zombies that you have to battle in the school.


    Ok, so in the basic cheer squad we have


    Squad captain- Can only have 1 (the most experienced squad member. She has 3 wounds, and some starting abilities

    Flyer- up to 2 (they have an arial attack, if next to 2 bases they can be thrown as a ranged attack)

    Base- unlimited (Strong, and fast, the standard cheerleader)

    Tumbler- up to 2 (faster and more maneuverable, but less resilient)

    Noobie- up to 2 (raw recruit, bad stats, no skills, but cheap and can be upgraded with xp)

    Mascot- only 1 (a cheerleader is a costume… Lion, Penguin, etc… They get armor (the only cheerleader who does, and help with morale checks like a banner)


    School vs school works with the basic game. Hence the two different cheer squads. I also had an idea that the Kendo club was from Japan. And thought maybe some international factions… Then I also thought about different school types, like the private school might have a girls polo team, and have girls on horseback. Or the Transylvanian team might be vampires…


    Some more ideas,


    the cosplay girls…

    The gamer girls,

    Or, Since its girls only, how about a squad of boys badly dressed as girls pretending so they can get in on it…


    We can do things with sports like the volley ball team, or the swim team…


    I had a vague Idea of teams being brought to the school to compete… Like a league of some sort and the highschools are now the arenas… But I also want parks, malls, museums, etc…


    I kind of had an idea of this being very anime with pictures in the book of a character surrounded by fainting boys or boys with nosebleeds, etc… All anime tropes can be included… Like the Ninja girl… she can be recruited as an exchange student. Or the girl in the bikini and cowboy hat… or the seemingly good squad of catholic girls… The miniatures have the girls looking innocent, but each one clutching a butcher knife or noose behind them…


    The robot girl team, Like the Small wonder robot Vicky… Then the Cthulu girls team, straight from the abyss, instead of golden hair they have face tentaclces… and the alien team.. or the gremlin team… the evil faeries…



    So thats basically my idea... What's yours?

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  13. I will have to re-check my minis but I believe they all had really small heads... And the Horses were pretty bad. Some of the models were ok... Like the little demony imp guys. And some of it was very fragile. Like the angel guys wings and swords...


    If the kickstarter also went to improving models I would back it, but it sounds like the are using all the old models and the kickstarter is just to update the rules and get a hardback rule book. It looks like there are a couple KS special models... Like William Wallace and the demon guy...

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