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  1. Hmm.. I hadnt though of it that way... Though I dont really see guns in the game...Mostly throwing weapons and bows and such.. Kind of a Hunger Games and Battle royale... but all girls... In the future goverments settle their differences and cities compete with other cities for more goverment funds... by have girls teams fight each other... Ha... that sounds silly... But any one have any ideas for their own mini s game...

  2. I dont know if this is the right forum. I remember hearing a past episode of the d6 generation and someone said every gamer has an idea for their own great miniatures game... So In that spirit, I figured I would post mine... And hopefully others can post theirs...



    Here is the basic premise.


    CHEERLEADER SHOWDOWN (again name may change if already in use)


    The basic game will run as either a board game or a tactical miniatures game.

    The game will come with 2 teams of 8 high quality cheerleader squads and a separate team of Faculty. It will also come with floor tiles that can be assembled to form a school. They can be rearranged so the school never has to have the same lay out. Rooms include the cafeteria, the gym, the science lab, etc…



    In the board game, players can either take control of one of the cheer squads. The squads are basically stereotypes from popular movies. So one squad of the doltish blonde girls and the other the sassy black girls. Players have a roster that explains each girl on the team. Each girl has special abilities and equipment. The goal is scenario based so the scenario may be a battle to the death, or it could be to secure an objective, etc. The teams are already made and usable right upon opening the box. The players can also do a girls vs faculty. Each player controls one or more of the individual cheerleaders and faces off against a player controlled faculty. The principle, the science teacher, the gym coach, the drama teacher..etc each with unique abilities.


    In the minis game (rules included in the box). Players build their squads similar to necromunda. They have a certain number of credits for the school store to buy equipment and recruit girls. Girls come in a couple different types depending on the faction. So, the basic squad might have Head cheerleader, flyers, base, and newbies. Each girl has a starting attribute line that may increase with xp, and starting equipment.


    After each battle or mission, both teams get more school store money and xp. The winning team gets more money and the losing team gets more xp. You learn more from defeat, but the winning team will be better equipped. Xp can increase attributes or buy skills. Money can buy armor or weapons.


    Future expansions (or kickstarter stretch goals) will include more terrain tiles. More school rooms, the park, the mall, etc…


    And best of all will include new factions.


    Some factions I had in mind.


    The field hockey team… They have access to a large creature, the field hockey ogre… a female ogre with pigtails.


    The kendo team. They all start with kendo armor and bokken so are more expensive to start but better armed.


    The science girls. They have access to crazy inventions that aid in the game.


    The goth chicks- with the powers of dark magic.


    Plus, we will have exchange students… which are basically experienced mercs that can be hired to your team individually.


    We can also release more support for the board game with scenarios packs that include aliens or zombies that you have to battle in the school.


    Ok, so in the basic cheer squad we have


    Squad captain- Can only have 1 (the most experienced squad member. She has 3 wounds, and some starting abilities

    Flyer- up to 2 (they have an arial attack, if next to 2 bases they can be thrown as a ranged attack)

    Base- unlimited (Strong, and fast, the standard cheerleader)

    Tumbler- up to 2 (faster and more maneuverable, but less resilient)

    Noobie- up to 2 (raw recruit, bad stats, no skills, but cheap and can be upgraded with xp)

    Mascot- only 1 (a cheerleader is a costume… Lion, Penguin, etc… They get armor (the only cheerleader who does, and help with morale checks like a banner)


    School vs school works with the basic game. Hence the two different cheer squads. I also had an idea that the Kendo club was from Japan. And thought maybe some international factions… Then I also thought about different school types, like the private school might have a girls polo team, and have girls on horseback. Or the Transylvanian team might be vampires…


    Some more ideas,


    the cosplay girls…

    The gamer girls,

    Or, Since its girls only, how about a squad of boys badly dressed as girls pretending so they can get in on it…


    We can do things with sports like the volley ball team, or the swim team…


    I had a vague Idea of teams being brought to the school to compete… Like a league of some sort and the highschools are now the arenas… But I also want parks, malls, museums, etc…


    I kind of had an idea of this being very anime with pictures in the book of a character surrounded by fainting boys or boys with nosebleeds, etc… All anime tropes can be included… Like the Ninja girl… she can be recruited as an exchange student. Or the girl in the bikini and cowboy hat… or the seemingly good squad of catholic girls… The miniatures have the girls looking innocent, but each one clutching a butcher knife or noose behind them…


    The robot girl team, Like the Small wonder robot Vicky… Then the Cthulu girls team, straight from the abyss, instead of golden hair they have face tentaclces… and the alien team.. or the gremlin team… the evil faeries…



    So thats basically my idea... What's yours?

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  3. I will have to re-check my minis but I believe they all had really small heads... And the Horses were pretty bad. Some of the models were ok... Like the little demony imp guys. And some of it was very fragile. Like the angel guys wings and swords...


    If the kickstarter also went to improving models I would back it, but it sounds like the are using all the old models and the kickstarter is just to update the rules and get a hardback rule book. It looks like there are a couple KS special models... Like William Wallace and the demon guy...

  4. The creator commented that the can do detailed "normal" 28mm miniatures. The only example of the 28mm minis are the big head small body ones. If they CAN make them detailed enough to not look out of place with my other table top minis... then this will probably be where all my money goes if they get funded and set up... Being able to make a close approximation for my rpg characters or custom armies is huge...


    The create your own level is a bit out of my price range ($350), but they say you can send a picture of a real person or concept art and they can make it... Thats pretty cool...

  5. Kickstarter is live.




    I am in for a squad (10) 28mm customized minis... I am hoping for some female swashbuckling types so I hope they have rapiers and floppy hats... There is a $25 option for a single fully customized character mini so I may try to have my favorite Dual rapier wielding NPC made as well...


    Hope this gets funded...

  6. I am waiting for the printer that comes with the software that I can just pull a random pic of say Jessica Alba and a pic of 14 century Indian armor, and it spits out a 28mm miniature. Can this printer do that? If so, I am in...

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  7. So, tomorrow at 10:00 I will be expected to work while Bone 2 is live? Cant wait to see how this unfolds... but I have to put one last vote in for for my Khamsin army in bones....


    http://www.reapermin.../sku-down/14411 Khamsin ranger


    http://www.reapermin.../sku-down/14255 Khamsin mounted archer


    http://www.reapermin.../sku-down/14253 khamsin lancer


    http://www.reapermin.../sku-down/14252 khamsin raider


    http://www.reapermin.../sku-down/06141 khamsin herdsmen


    http://www.reapermin.../sku-down/06140 khamsin dervish


    http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/hero/sku-down/14314 Arik Tallazar, Mercenaries Hero


    http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/hero/sku-down/02447 Sallah, Arabian Hero


    http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/arabian/sku-down/14335 Sielendria, Spell Sister


    http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/arabian/sku-down/02297 Kaballah the Colossus

  8. I buy miniatures mostly because I am addicted to miniatures. I love all genres from Zulu warriors to future soldiers. The only thing that restrains me is the cost. The practical side of me usually buys minis I can use in RPGs... And sometime my adventures take tangents based on the minis I was able to get... That is why I like Kickstarter. I get a lot of miniatures for less cost, have plenty of time to work them into my game. By the time I get the minis the money has long been spent so it does not seem like such an immediate expense. Having an addictive personality, kickstarter sucked me in with the ability to see WIP on miniatures, speak with the creators and interact with other miniature fans.


    There are disapointments... but my biggest kickstarter disapointment was from not backing a project... Kingdom Death I am looking at you...

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  9. wrath of kings did this as a 20 dollar add on per faction starter. you ended up paying 100 dollars for about 20o bases.



    It is even 220 Bases at Ancient King if you take only one of every faction (3x40 + 2x50, they said they round up to next 5 or 0).

    Plastic Bases, not Resin, but still a good deal.


    If someone is still interested, ask if late backer is possible, I think they do it.


    I backed Wrath of Kings... All the models came with bases. The add on was for base inserts not bases. So the bases have a hollowed out area and the plastic inserts fit in them.,.. So there was no actual extra bases for sale...

  10. I hope there is an option to purchase bases. It would be nice to be able to get everything in one KS... I dont think including bases is cost efficient, but having them as an optional purchase would be nice... Your choice of round or square (round for me). 20mm for small, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm... I do not if they could offer all the ranges... but 20mm and either 25mm or 30mm would be great... I usually base my human size guys on 25mm and heroes or important NPC's on 30mm...

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    OK, I got you, hope they're better with email then.


    I checked today and they don't even have the old ticketing system that I used anymore. Probably because it sucked.


    @smokestack FRPGames does have stocking issues. Your problem comes not on their end but how long it takes them to get stuff back in stock. What Cash mentioned is they're shopping cart system doesn't remove things from stock if in a cart so two people can buy the last item but the first one to complete the order is the one that gets it.


    No, actually it was a stocking issue. The Product was marked as in stock. I sent my order... And then got an e-mail saying part of my order had shipped and that the Celts were actually out of stock (despite being marked as instock) and would ship as soon as they were back in stock. Thats when I e-mailed and was told about 4 weeks...

  12. Bob, I agree, But 2 successful KS campaigns I was in, Zombicide 2 and Raging heroes... both had low funding levels that were met almost as soon as the KS started... They we flew past the funding, then way past... The an update from the creator saying they would post stretch goals soon (starting at the current total, not from when funding was met... ). So funding was $50,000 we are at $200,000 and we are just now talking about stretch goals moving forward. No retro goals for all the money raised past $50,000?


    I don't think that would happen here, but a higher base funding on something almost guaranteed to fund would help prevent that.

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    CMoN's shopping cart solution is one of the better ones, with real time inventory.

    Funny you should say that, I actually have an issue I'm trying to resolve with them. Last time I ordered, I noticed there was only one item left of the Studio McVey 'Morgana' mini, so I added it (I had been eyeing that one for a while, I think it's a really cool mini). Anyway, order went through, and I eventually got confirmation and shipping notification emails (took about a week though). When the package got here, just the other day, no Morgana though, and the included packing slip said I'd been refunded for that item. I haven't seen any refunding on my end, so I emailed them but haven't heard back.


    These are the first time I've ordered from CMoN, but you guys have had good experiences with them then?


    I had a similar issue last year with FRP games with a box of Warlord games Celts... They didn't automatically refund me, they told me they had to wait to get it back in stock which could be 4 weeks... I asked if I could substitute a different item ( a pathfinder rpg book) which was a little more expensive... They said yes, and just sent me a bill for the balance... Overall not a bad experience... though I did want those celts...


    Just realized you were talking about CMoN shop not FRP games like The first part of CashWiley's post. I have never had a problem through CMOn, and I have ordered from them about 4 times...

  14. Instead of blowing through 30 stretch goals on the first day and lacking the time to update, they might consider putting the initial goal a bit higher, so they could offer e.g. immediately 150 mini's for the Vampire equivalent and even a bunch of add-ons, to make an amazing deal right from the start.


    Going though the stretch goals is more fun, of course, but if they're all blown away right from the start it's rather pointless, and there'll be plenty of stretch goals to come afterwards.


    It's not like there is any risk that it won't be funded, not even if the initial funding goal is one million dollar.

    This is a great idea... This prevents the immediate rush of $1,000,000 when the goal was $50,000 and no stretches between the $50k and $1M. I just sold a bunch of old RPGs for this kickstarter... Cant wait...

  15. Wargames factory is pretty good. Especially when you factor in price. I have at least one of all their set except the world war 2 stuff and the new female survivors... The new stuff is better. I also got a set of the dreamforge troops. They are better still. I wish they would do more fantasy stuff... Or at least more historical ancient stuff.


    The female marines from the Defiance kickstarter sound interesting but 14 girls for $28 retail seems a bit expensive. Especially when you factor in the quality of what they have produced so far...

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