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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1084608523/raid-on-the-temple-of-serpents/description




    Welcome to the most thrilling raid in the miniature history! Choose your side, fight until the end and get greatly rewarded for your engagement!

    This campaign features 2 lines of miniatures!

    "Temple of Serpent" is a brand new collection inspired by the lost civilizations of Amazonia and Mesoamerica. It envisions an utopian enclave hidden so deep in the wilderness that it is considered forbidden territory. The tribe is focused on preserving an ancient magic with the help of gods and dinosaurs. Be the first to explore it!

    "Bloodsail Island" is an established line of ruthless ogre pirates. Upon discovering the Temple of Serpent they have became overpowered by the desire to plunder its treasures. They are going to need every hand on deck for this one, so the line is getting a massive extension! 

    Our products are in 28mm scale and come with square bases. Check pictures at the bottom of our campaign to see the size comparisons. All miniatures are made from high-quality resin that ensures highest details, durability and flexibility. 


    Based on our Kickstarter experience and community feedback we have came up with the simplest Reward System to date. You can choose one of the following pledges.

    Deckhand Pledge is for you if you are not sure what you need but you want to be a part of the campaing. It will give you the access to the Pledge Manager where you will be able to spend your additional funds on any miniatures you want. 


    Basic Pledge is for you if you do not want to pick a side. It is really simple. You plede $99 and you receive $99 to spend on addons. But on top of that you will choose and receive either a set of Serpent Freebies OR Ogre Freebies. The more SG we unlock the more value will come with those freebies packs.


    In Captain Pledge you become the commander of ogre pirate army! Pledge $199 to get Captain Krabor in special offer for $40. The rest of your funds ($159) you will be able to spend in the Pledge Manager on any addons that you see fit. On top of that, you will receive  a set of Ogre Freebies. The more SG we unlock the more value will come with your freebies packs.


    In Serpent Pledge you become the deity of the Temple! Pledge $199 to get High Priestess on Pterossus in a special offer for $50. The rest of your funds ($149) you will be able to spend in the Pledge Manager on any addons that you see fit. On top of that, you will receive  a set of Serpent Freebies. The more SG we unlock the more value will come with your freebies packs.


    After the campaign ends, we will open a Pledge Manager. You will receive an e-mail address with a link to it. When you log in, you will be able to pick your rewards and spend your funds on any chosen add-ons from the campaign. You will also be able to transfer additional funds via PayPal. After finishing an order a shipping cost will be charged, based on your address and the package weight. 

    All additional funds you pledge over your reward price you will be able to spend on add-ons.

    When our Campaign is live we will post a link to an online calculator that will help you in figuring out how much you need to pledge to get all the miniatures you want. 

    Example 1: You want just 3 units of Raptor Riders that are $39 each. In order to get them you need to choose Basic Pledge and pledge $117 (3x $39) for it. This will allow you to spend that $117 in Pledge Manager and choose 3x Raptor Riders. On top of that you will be able to choose a set of freebies (either Serpent of Ogre one).

    Example 2: You want Captain Krabor, 3 units of Sharkman that are $39 each and 5 units of goblins that are $12 each. In order to get those you should choose Captain Pledge and pledge $217 for it. In this pledge Captain Krabor is in a better price and you will also get $159 for other addons. You need 3x $39 + 5x $12 = $177 so you need to pledge $18 on top of the pledge price to cover everything. 

    In case of any mistakes, there will be no problem with make a correction. You will always be able to add funds in the Pledge Manager via PayPal, so if you do not pledge enough through Kickstarter, you will still be able to get everything you need after the campaign ends.


    See what's coming up! 

    We want YOU to pick your side in this conflict and have a direct impact on the campaign! See the facebook post and support your side by voting. In each phase of the conflict, your support will tip the scales. The winner will have the priority in unlocking the dedicated stretch goals and freebies! Support your favourites!

    Conflict Phase I - Reconnaissance

    When we reach our funding goal we will post a link to a poll for you to vote!

    Join the Temple of Serpent - Ride around with the raptor patrol on their daily routine. Travel to the enclave's boarders, maintain the traps and the elaborate alert system. If you find any traces of a breach, it means one thing - the battle is coming and you need to get ready! Vote now, like and share the post!

    Join the Bloodsail Island - Become the newest member of the jolly crew. Send scouting vessels across the coastline in a mission to find the best landing spot. Geographical advantages and an element of surprise is what you are looking for. The succesful strike depends on you! Vote now, like and share the post!


    Check out the map of stretch goals below. See what your endorsement will affect!

    Next destination is :


    Beneath there is a list of avaliable add-ons. After the campaign ends, in the pledge manager, you will be able to spend your funds on them! Pledge today and unlock a bigger variety of heroes, creatures and troops through stretch goals!

    Shipping will be charged in the pledge manager after our campaign ends. It will depand on the weight of the chosen products and delivery address that you will provide. You can choose more than one pledge or pick the same one multiple times but a shipping cost will be added to each of them separately. Estimated shipping rates are:

                 Europe - from $6
                 North America - from $9
                 Rest of the World - from $12 

                 Europe - from $8
                 North America - from $12
                 Rest of the World - from $20 


    Titan Forge has a vast experience in sculpting and casting the most stunning wargaming miniatures. We are dedicated to creating the whole themed armies and we are counting on your support to bring new ones to life!


    Risks and challenges

    Risks and challenges that are a part of every campaign with tabletop collectible miniatures are usually:
    - Delay in delivery
    - Production difficulties
    - Digital models conversion and creation of production molds
    - Communication with the Backers that are postponing filling out the Pledge Manager that creates a delay for the start of targeted production
    We have a lot of experience as for the miniatures production and delivery and we will do our best to keep risk levels at minimum and deliver the best miniatures that you have always wanted.

    Learn about accountability on Kickstarter
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  2. That’s fine. The campaign started with a certain goal. At $10,000 the ks would fund and you would have a sprue for both male and female fauns. People pledged based on that. 


    Now with this change, if funding only reaches that $10,000 goal, then those who pledged for that and are expecting what you had said may he disapointed. If funding goes up to $20,000 then it wouldn’t matter, unless of course you change the order again and decide something else is more important or would gather more money.


    i wish you luck, and hope everything you want to fund does so. I will keep an eye to see when or if the females come around. 

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  3. Well, saw a poll on their Facebook that looks like they are prioritizing centaurs to the female fauns. Since I was only gonna back this for the females I guess that means I’m out. There is a lot of things looking for my money right now, so I guess it’s a good thing. One less thing to worry about. 

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  4. 35 minutes ago, Mad Jack said:


     Depending on how old/tall she's supposed to be, you might look at the various minis of Lidda the 3.5 D&D iconic halfling rogue - you could probably throw some armor on them pretty easily.

    Also consider digging through Iron Wind Metals stuff - a true 25mm figure of an adult female would make a great younger woman when standing next to 28mm figures.



    So, I checked out Ironwind but didnt really see anything there. But that lead me to Redbox miniatures/ Tre Manor. I had bought 2 in the past but they were very small comparatively with my other minis. But would work great as an adolescent girl. There are a couple that are close, but have helmets. There are a couple without helmets but look to mature physically. 


    But, I think I can live with a helmet if I have to. Or perhaps maybe a statuesque fine scale head swap. 

  5. 3 hours ago, haldir said:

    I know Reaper makes the fantasy kids. One of those? Hasselfree might have kids in armor as well.

    The Reaper ones aren't bad, but look a little too young. The Character is I think is 10? Though the actress is 16 in Real life.


    3 hours ago, Bruunwald said:

    Another instance where the Boneyard would have come in handy. The paige from this model might do nicely.


    That one actually looks pretty good. Maybe I could cut the helmet off.



    3 hours ago, Cyradis said:

    Dark Sword Miniatures has Game of Thrones figures, but alas, their only Mormonts right now are Jeor and Jorah. They might be interested in making a Lyanna Mormont figure at some point; it is perhaps worth an inquiry. 


    Sent them an  email. Will see. Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. I saw Endgame on Thursday night. I really liked it. I saw the points that I was supposed to cry, but didn't really feel the urge. But I did really like it.


    Warning... its 3 hours... I did not make it all the way through without a bathroom break... and I did not get my usual $8 soda... I think I made it 1.5 hours in, and ran when it was focusing on a character that I am not really invested in. (but after this movie, the character moved up on my like list).



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  7. So, just noticed that rewards cant be shipped to the US state of Rhode Island. I am not in Rhode Island, but am curious as to why. I now have a Peter Griffin/ Family guy reason in my head... but wonder what the real reason is.

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  8. My guess... based on the reaper live and updates we received before hand.


    Production was delayed on the 3 Items. Reaper wasn't aware that those items hadn't shipped yet. Production was scheduled to start, So they ordered enough to get them through rest of the world shipping.. This was sent by an alternate means (air?). They received enough to get shipping started. They began shipping with the hopes that by the time they finished with RoW and Canada, the missing items that were being sent by regular means would arrive.


    Shipping went faster than they anticipated. Even with the delay in setting up the US ware house to ship, they knew they did not have enough but were not out of time to wait for the real shipment. So, They did have some left of the emergency (air?) palette so began shipping. They unfortunately (and expectedly) ran out.


    I don't think any of this had anything to do with actual demand. Just poor communication from China, and wishful thinking on how fast the main order of the delayed stuff would arrive.

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  9. 4 minutes ago, Darsc Zacal said:

    I’ve been in on all four Bones kickstarters. By Bones 3 I was feeling the fatigue and actually passed on getting the core set.

    Still got a number of addons though.


    I have been on all Bones ks as well. While I haven really felt “bones fatigue” I have to admit I am a bit mini’d out this week. Assembly and find a place to put stuff has taken a bit of a toll on me. 


    Though, as Bones 5, is likely a couple months away, with another 2.5 year delivery after that... I am fully ready for it. 

    5 minutes ago, Bane Of Humanity said:

    I think there is a lot of room to make more that would interest me personally.  Just looking at the warlords line with all the "common soldiers" from different races.  This is something Ive been asking for since bones 2.  (I didnt get to campaign in bones 1 because I was late to the party barely got in).  

    Agree 100%. But... would like some non traditional human or humanoid soldiers. Arabian, chinese, Pacific Islander. Warlord has some great Arabian inspired soldiers. Any of that would fit a niche I don’t have. 


    With a song of ice and fire, frostgrave, oathmark and Fireforges northmen... I don’t need many European inspired soldiers anymore. 

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  10. Yeah, I assemble everything. That way I can see what I have. If I need something for a game. It’s on hand. If I want to paint, I can look at what I have and it may inspire me. 


    That said. I do buy stuff, but wait for a time when I can power through. I bought the GW wrath and Rapture set, and the Star collecting Salaanesh box. And 2 more Daemonette boxes at Christmas. But I haven’t assembled yet. Mostly because I don’t have shelf space currently. But once my Council of Wyrms pathfinder game ends, I should be able to free up a shelf or two. 

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  11. 7 minutes ago, Serenity said:


    I am not looking forward to seeing the translucents, then.  I wonder how that slipped by quality control?  The Bones 3 translucents are very similar to the regular Bones for detail and flexibility, I thought.



    I guess its fits in with their quality estimates for the new "bones black" translucent material. It feels different than bones black too though. Yeah, I liked the translucents in Bones 3, which was pretty much regular bones feel.

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  12. I am not a bog fan of the Roc. I didn't really like the render either, but figured I can probably use it for something. Not my favorite thing in this KS for sure. But don't hate it...I like Argent, even though he is smaller. If The giants and wolf are completely useless to you, Siri, then I agree that it is/was a waste to get them. I have been getting bones primarily for roleplaying, so they are never really a waste for me.


    But I will go on record (again) that I absolutely hate the material for the translucents in Bones 4. Its very brittle. It does not show detail. It feels like a cheep toy you put $.25 in a machine to get out of a gumball machine.


    I also am not sure fond of all the assembly. On large things I don't mind. But dear god, even the goblins needed assembling...

    3 minutes ago, Fnordlover said:

    I think Bones 5 will be a $1 backing, in case anything turns out to be worth risking losing my damaged faith.

    Did you like anything in Bones 4? I am a bit disappointed but overall I am pleased with what I got. I am still planning on going all in on Bones 5, Even though storage and need are definitely both lacking now. But with my daughter off to college next year, I need something to occupy my insanity.

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