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  1. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/warploqueminiatures/arcworlde-the-fantasy-skirmish-wargame?ref=users



    This looks pretty cool. Its a 4 faction skirmish game... the video hints that more factions are coming. The first 4 are Humans. Orcs, Undead and halflings.


    The Human faction comes with 7 minis and just unlocked a 8th one.


    The Orcs are swamp moonshiner looking orcs with little goblin followers.


    The undead are pirates..


    And my Favorite... The halflings... I may get 2 sets of them...





  2. Kristoff, I played a beginner box game with my kids (9 & 11) and a friends child (11). My friend sat in on the game and had a character... but made teh character comically dumb so teh kids had to make all the decisions and order him around...


    The beginner box is nice, but the kids wanted to play with the regular books which kind of killed the game as they were not ready...


    Savage worlds is a nice system... its my go to system for modern/future games... Never tried it for fantasy.


    The only real advice I can give (and this goes for any system). Is the kids really enjoyed the visual use of Miniatures or Pathfinders cardboard tokens... They also loved the flip mats... They did a good job of roleplayinga and seeing what was not there... (i.e using their imaginations) but I thinkg the minis and maps really pulled them in.


    Also, knowing the kids i gave them a run down of all the options and let them choose... Knowing my son likes Monster hunter type vidoe games I emphasized the fighter and my daughter loves Harry Potter and other magic rich stories so I emphasied Wizard... My son did go with fighter but My daughter surprised me and went with a knife wielding thief...

  3. For Madmartigan at teh battle of Tir asleen, I would go with this guy from Guild of Harmony... But you would need a sword swap... dont know hy this pic came out squat, but click on it for better pic...






    For woman in poofy (somewhat) dress... Black Scorpions Govenor's Daughter is nice...


  4. If you can wait until november, Torn Armor will be out... They have an animal faction that includes Vanarans. And teh initial miniature release has Vanaran Monks and a vanaran weapon team... Here is a pic of the monk...



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  5. Link to the KS: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/coolminiornot/wrath-of-kings


    So, Wrath of Kings is supposed to start a kickstarter in August. They have been pretty tight lipped but the miniatures look pretty cool.


    Here is the website... www.wrathofkings.com


    The faction I am looking forward to is Goritsi... Werewolves and vampires... Were wolves look to be large confrontation size... And I have seen both male and female models... The vampires look pretty cool too...



    Anyone else excited for this?

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  6. One cool thing the elves do in my pathfinder game, is a meld with trees kind of deal. Some druid-knights can combine with a tree to make sort of a treant type creature that fights... kind of like a tree mecha... the power of the knight determines the size tree they can meld with.. So small trees/low power for lower level, and the huge redwood type trees for the elders... I could see some tree mechs with distorted elf faces... I would definitely back that..

  7. I was a little surprised by the price. I really wanted to take part in the KS, but didn't have the funds... I don't know why I am surprised though, in the KS you got 12 babes for $140. So the price is not too different from the KS. I definitely want Luta and Nowada... Both are first class.

  8. I made this miniature for a character in a short lived firefly game (using savage worlds).


    The character was our pilot. She was wheelchair bound, and was the innocent looking bubbly, girly character that would hide our weapons in her chair to smuggle them in to places.. The wheel chair concept was based of the guy in Aliens Resurrection.


    The Body, head, legs and arms are from the Malifaux beguilers sprue. TEH gun is from the malifaux weapon sprue. The bits and what not on the chair are from various places... a breathing apparatus, a backpack, a pistol from a space marine was used for the electronic wheelchair controller.


    The wheelchair itself is from a professor x hero clix, with GW lizard man shields glued to the wheels.


    Sorry for the picture quality.






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  9. Why not make a couple levels. Like the Vampire level is $100, but then also offer the Master vampire for $150 and the Vampire lord for $200... When stretch goals come out, just divide them up. Vampire gets 1 stretch free for every 6 stretches, Lord gets free stretch every 3rd stretch and master gets all the free stretches... Combine that with the paid stretches and that should be good.


    I am hoping the next KS is for warlord. We could get some paid stretches for units.., Like 20 Oakhearth wardens for $40.

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  10. Come on everyone... The "big" kickstarters may be more exciting or may give you more... but come help one of the little ones get a start. The creator is very reachable and listens and comments on all the comments discussed. She has a good idea and teh game looks like it will be top quality.



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  11. Ok, so at $20,000 We might unlock WInged Hussars!!!Thats only $994 away!




    You know you want them...!!!


    And tonight we should be getting a big announcement


    From TORN ARMOR Alyssa

    So - all - due to Simon's little band of misfits, I am feeling confident about reducing/negating UK shipping altogether. It's looking more viable that we'll be able to ship to EU countries from the UK. More on that as things develop!

    The news being announced tonight (I might have to do this is several smaller emails ... hmmm):

    1 - Playtest rules download link: http://tornworld.com/assets/tornrules.pdf
    2 - An Introduction to The Torn World: http://tornworld.com/assets/AnIntroductionToTheTornWorld.pdf
    3 - Short story in the works!
    4 - maps (going to show them)
    5 - fan made maps
    6 - scenarios
    7 - fan made scenarios
    8 - 3d terrain pieces: UNLOCKED
    9 - Behemoths: UNLOCKED
    10 - ALT miniature poses: will set an interim stretch goal to get them!

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