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  1. Babies keep me busy (is tied up considered busy)??? I know parents with more than 2 that can run circles around me, but my 2 (almost 4 yr old girl and almost 1 yr boy) just do me in.
  2. As far as MMOs go - a safe rule of thumb is ... G.I.R.L. = Guy In Real Life. Nice work Flynn.
  3. May He Rest In Peace. http://msn.foxsports.com/other/story/75096...PHCP>1=10637
  4. Trebuchet Challenge or copy and paste http://www.globalspec.com/trebuchet/
  5. I was working on this conversion in my head for a few months never finding the time to actually put the idea to the figure. These are actually pre WIP shots. She made her rounds at ReaperCon 06 in much better condition and got some great feedback. (thank-you Bob Ridolfi ) It uses Tara Spearmaiden's body and Mason Thornwarden left hand/bow and his quiver/sword. I removed the spear and repositioned her arms. Used a dremel to take off her backpack to place the quiver. Cut her hair in half and pinned it to the back of her head so it flows straight back rather than sweeps across from (her) right to left as intended. I need to remove a little more of the hair to resolve her "back-heavy" problem. Removed her left hand and pinned Mason's bowhand in place. Rastl did a great job on the eyes only for me to mess up the skintone and she ended up in the dip. (Tara NOT Rastl). So, she remains a WIP.
  6. Happy Happy Birthday Birthday Kaizer Kaizer!!!
  7. You have died in the Dungeon of Spike You were killed in a torchlit armoury by Deirdre the minotaur, whilst carrying... a Figurine of Fantasygoat, the Axe of Diffrentcolours, the Crown of Jedi, the Sword of Lachesis, the Sword of Brigid, the Sceptre of Spike and 47 gold pieces. Score: 98
  8. What about getting a gift certif (or store credit) for the Asylum or your FLGS. Then you'd have the dragon paid for and you only have to wait for its release.
  9. Holy hypothermic hottie, Batman!!! Great job!!!
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