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  1. I believe the official reason RAGE games don't allow premeasuring, is that it was found to slow down the game.

    If you have played any game with pre measure you would know this isn't the case.


    That was the official reason given to the playtesters of CAV 1.5. But like most things it depends on the players. There is always "that one guy" who always insists on pre-measuring everything for every possible scenrio he could make for each his models.


    By the way, for causual games I allow pre-measuring... and it does slow down the game.

  2. Chalk this up to playing to much WoW lately but I'd like to see a something along the lines of the knights of the Ebon Blade. An Anti-hero faction composed of a variety of different races. Fill the classes out with necromancers, assassins, Shadow priest, typical bad guy character classes.


    How would it be different from either the Evil contingent of Mercs or the Overlords?


    Well, for starters they wouldn't be evil. Most of the factions to my knowledge are based around a race. Instead my anti-hero faction would draw soldiers from all the races. A racial melting pot if you will. They would be united by a common philosophy of "the ends justifies the means" (hence anti-hero). Giving them cliched villainous classes and a darker viewpoint is meant to add to their appeal.

  3. I should probably put together a post of what those minis are...

    Are you done yet? Is it posted yet?



    Just go to the gallery, and on the right side of the page, click on any of the factions that aren't in the core rulebook. ::):








    Is IcingStead apart of the Savage North?

  4. So about these new dark elves for Warlord. Is there any info available about them? Are we talking D&D dark elves (AKA drow) or GW dark elves or ... ?!?


    Enquiring minds want to know!




    They're Emo Elves. They dress up in dark clothing (hence the name), listen to melancholy music and talk about how depressing immortality is.

  5. Excellent as always. The only pottery I'm going to throw is that there are no canon schemes in CAV.


    Technically, any color scheme mention in a published book would be considered cannon. The Starfield pattern was from the JoR I, a Blackrose Wyvern. :B):


    Somewhere on Mil-net is a list of known cannon paint schemes.


    And it looks really pretty, Amalor. Now go paint some more ::D:

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