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  1. whoa nice Where's that drooling smilie when I need it...
  2. I've read couple of the comics. It reminded me of the Redwall series.
  3. No,they are the dreaded Honey Bees. Cruel and vicious pollen hunters of deep space. The scrouge of daisies and dandlions everywhere. I'm gonna have to learn how to do race stripes just for you Chrome. Give me acouple weeks or three and I'll see what I can do
  4. yes... the scenery distracts from my bad paint jobs
  5. I guess should show some Reaper stuff...
  6. Its been awhile since I've got excited about painting any minis but these really got me excited. I normally don't do human minis. Mostly 'cause I find them hard to paint. Usually, I stick with CAVs or the occasional lupine. I relly enjoyed these and am planning on doing more in the near future. Mah favorite
  7. I just got my squad in the mail. From my initial inspection the sniper had a lot of flash. Nothing that couldn't be remove easily though nor damage any of the details on the mini. The others had some flash but nothing big. Only one of the six had a noticeable mold line, one of the assault troopers. I should be able to file it down without damaging the mini's details. The only negative thing I can say about them is the need to pin the hands. This is something I have a hard time doing right. I wish they had a post like the backpack did. It would make for much easier assembling. They are slightly beefier then infinity's minis which I like. I'm not a good detail painter so tend to prefer larger models like CAVs and Lupines. Tom Mason did a great job of sculpting them. So far I'm happy with them.
  8. I ordered up a Squad and an extra trooper over the weekend. From what I've read about the game it sounds like what I've been looking for. As soon as I get the minis I'll give ya ll a review.
  9. See now you're gonna have to give us a review of the games. I've been eyeing the Starcraft game for awhile. And no I've still not beat the Terran campgain on Starcraft.
  10. Better the Mastodon shots at a stilletto (and blowing in to kingdom come) then a more expensive CAV
  11. I'd definately would go with Air strikes. Drop them so they crisscross over the Recluse every time. I'd also strongly recommend a full recon platoon of Stillettos. Not only do Recon platoons gain an extra movemnet prior to battle but they also allow you to bury a card during deployment. The Stillettos are also cheaper then a tricked out armored rifle team w/ at-23, fist and air drop.
  12. You could make rubble counters out of other things instead of CAVs. Hunt through bargain bins for Mechwarrior DA pieces. you should be able to buy a couple handful for five bucks.
  13. Thanks Haldir Papabees, Vinny, Orcsoul, and Gr8fulphish... get your own birthday
  14. Yes you can target a spot on ground for a IA/AoE. No for TL. "Target lock a single enemy model" The key word is model. The rules phrase it a bit differently than that, Saint: pg. 98 CAV 2 - "The Model spends an action to "Target Lock" an enemy Model and adds a Target Lock bonus equal to its TC to all of its Attack Rolls versus that model. If the attack is an AOE attack, the bonuses are instead added to the AOE Target Point roll. Multiple Target Lock bonuses (such as multiple EST bubbles) do not stack." pp.93 and 103-104 - "A Weapon System with this SA does not taget and attack a single Model as in a normal Ranged Attack, but instead targets and attacks all Models inside the Area Of Effect (AOE) of its attack." Therefore, it seems to me that AOE attacks may, indeed, be targeted at a point on the ground. If I am misinterpreting this, please, tell me how. Thanks. What part of "Yes you can target a spot on the ground for a IA/AoE, " did you not understand? You can target any spot you want with an indirect attack. Nowhere did I you couldn't. Quite the opposite. Which is why I used the word "YES". Target Lock is a complete seperate action from performing a Indirect attack. As explained in this thread by Chrome
  15. Yes you can target a spot on ground for a IA/AoE. No for TL. "Target lock a single enemy model" The key word is model.
  16. yup Perhaps someday we'll see rules for reinforced bunkers and building in the future. Most likely they will be similar to transports by having degradable damage tracks and critical hit damage clause. I'd expect such things to show up in urban warfare source book along with some other special scenario rules for city fighting. Think of it as citytech was to battletech.
  17. V won't online until Saturday according to ABC.com
  18. The trees will not protect against an explosion. fire, concussion and shrapnel. Trees just add more shrapnel. Bigger the trees the bigger the pieces of shrapnel flying about. "Sarge, it feels like I got a pine tree stuck up my @$$..."
  19. They usually post new episodes the day after it airs. So check Hulu nd ABC.com tommarrow
  20. That's just fluff added to the text to make reading it more enjoyable.
  21. Currently there are no rules for models being inside enclosed areas such as buildings or bunkers nor rules for damaging buildings as these types of rules generally fall outside of the realm of the average game. This is not to say they don't have a place in the game, in an urban scenario they would fit in perfectly. As the rules stand all models are presumed to be out in the open with no overhead cover to protect them from missiles coming from up above. IFMs travel in an arch trajectory while DFMs travel in a straight line. In theory, a model inside an enclosed area would receive at the very least some protect from an Indirect Fire missile. If you are wanting to use an enclosed area in your game your gonna have to come up with some house rules. Yeah, I hate house rules, too. If you prefer, you could call them special scenario rules, because in all honesty that's what they are anyway. The reason FiST need LoS was due to game balance issues. There was some major "First Strike" issues where strikes were being called in on models still in the deployment area during the early beta testing. If you need a fluff reason, FiST models use a laser targeting device to paint the target point for Strikes.
  22. I understand that you're organizing them this way to get the extra init card, but there's a huge risk there too. Two of them in fact. The only way to guarantee that this pulls off w/out a hitch is for you to draw 3 init cards in a row. If you deploy Flight 1 and your opponent's card comes up next, he's free to target the Fenris and if he happens to destroy any you've lost the infantry inside of them too. Same deal with Flight II. And since the Rifle Teams have to deploy on their own card you have no choice but to leave your Fenris somewhere in LOS of your enemy's models so that the infantry will have LOS when they deploy. So if you don't draw those cards back-to-back-to-back you could be screwed. I would either sacrifice the 3rd init card and merge 2 rifle teams into each flight, or else I'd alter one of the Armor sections to free up points to buy Airborne for the infantry so that they can bail during the Fenri's activations. Some days I'm the windshield and some days I'm duped that shorts himself on points and upgrades. I forgot to write that the infantry get the Airborne SA. The List comes out to an even 3K with the Airborne SAs.
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