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  1. By being very very quiet. Bet you didn't know that CAVs can tip toe Special nanite-filled pillows strapped to their feet. What color scheme are you planning? That is a very good question. Currently I'm concedering Black with yellow trim for CAVs, yellow and black trim for vehicles, white and yellow trim for aircrafts and gray and yellow for infantry... Or maybe bright green instead of the yellow.
  2. By being very very quiet. Bet you didn't know that CAVs can tip toe
  3. From Wikipedia Wolfspiders are members of the family Lycosidae, from the Greek word "λύκος" meaning "wolf". They are robust and agile hunters, and have good eyesight. They live mostly solitary lives and hunt alone. Some are opportunistic wanderer hunters, pouncing upon prey as they find it or chasing it over short distances. Others lie in wait for passing prey, often from or near the mouth of a burrow Tease number two was brought to you by the Saint of Sinners
  4. Saint's Super Secret NADO Invasion Army Armor Section Recluse 2x Scorpions Spider Wolfspider Armor Section II 2x Challenger mk4 Sabertooth Spartan Armor Section III 2x Ogre Mantis Spartan Armor Section IV 3x Dragoons Ryoshi Armor Section V 4x cheiftain hornet wasp Armor Section VI 3x Scarab sabre Armor Section VII 3x Scarab sabre Rifle Section I 6x Rifle team Rifle Section II 6x Rifle Team Rifle Section III 4x Armored Rifle Team Fire support Section Recluse Wolfspider 3x Spider Flight I 2x Overlords Flight II 2x Ghast Flight III 2x Dragonfly Flight IV 2x DragonFly Mortor Section 3x Heavy Mortor Teams 3x Hedgehogs Recon Section 4x Nomads 2x Sabre Transport 2x Barons 4x Centipedes 14,370 pts worth of pointy eared madness. Yeah, that's accouple years worth of arms build up.
  5. Yeah the Manticores are a great model. They can deal with hard targets as well as fill the roll of anti-soft. In my super secret Adonesse Invasion Army I use a hornet instead of the manticore.
  6. it's a crew that resides in Tulsa... duh A better question is why would they want to admit they're from Oklahoma. Silly Okies Just sending some love from the Kansas Mafia (Don't look at me Spartan and PreFunK were the ones that came up with that name )
  7. Cougars aren't all that bad for their cost. They have a slow degrade like the Jaguar, but horrible repair. Its interesting to compare the Cougar to the Jaguar and look at the evolution the design.
  8. M-T Tsuiseki Think of the Tsuiseki as a flying CAV. The Tsuiseki has been a terror since CAV1 and it latest incarnation hasn't changed that image. First lets talk about armor. Tsuiseki starts at an impressive DV of 13. Sadly, it drops big time. Like most of the Terran models the Tsuiseki suffers from a glassjaw, its DV drop by 3 to a 10, still not bad. From there its bottoms out at a 9. For weapon systems the Tsuiseki has good PBP splits out a +5 hurt against hard targets. Its main weapon is supported by a pair of DFMs with RAV 2 (4 against hard). Both weapon systems have a range band of 32. The down side is its slow for a gunship, with only a Mov of 10. Even with its Assault SA other gunship will fly circles around it. The beast also has one more DT then other most other gunship. The good: Strong armor, great weapon systems, high survivability THe Bad: sssloww The Ugly: How can you make the meanest gunship better? Reactive armor... a DV of 14 is hard to beat. Orbital Insertion is also a good choice and can make up for its slow speed.
  9. SyRam Talon OEM The Talon is my favorite choice for electronic warfare. It doesn't have a bunch of wasted SAs sucking up points like the Panther (CFP is only useful in a section with lots of Fire support). SyRam models are known for their glassjaws as well as versatility. The Talon is a good example of both. Its EW systems can handle both defensive (ECM) and offensive (EST) duties equally well. Its two weapons systems are balanced between soft and hard capabilities. Like most of the Recon units, the Talon's primary weapons are only usefully at a Pink Floyd laser light show. Unlike other recon and most Fire support units its secondary IFM is geared towards harming hard targets. While a +3 against hard isn't that impressive but take into consideration that IFM damage isn't effected by jamming, only the target point. Of course without FRS it has a low chance of hitting its target point. The good: versatile, useful SAs, The Bad: glassjaw, slow speed for a Recon model The Ugly: The Talon only has 4 DT so upgrading them isn't too expensive. Reactive armor is a good choice. For a fun surprise you could also upgrade it IFM with FRS/3 and piercing/3 for a 100pts. Making it an interesting Fire Support alternitive.
  10. I think its past we take a good look at some our favorite models. I'll start by talking about a few of the choices found in the Blade army list from WfS. KDM Jaguar Its a toss between the Jag and the 'Hawk 5 for best Workhorse CAV, but the more I use the Jag in various army builds the more it edges past the 'Hawk. The Jaguar sacrifices armor for speed and firepower. 250 points for a CAV with +6 against hard targets is well... just awesome, dude! Having no secondary weapon system is not much of a loss in this category. Until you get in too the more expensive models most secondary system are sub par any so no big loss there. Another thing I want to touch on is its stat degrade and it repairablity. The Jag has a slow degrade with no sudden drops while its PBGs have no degrade at all. This is backed by a strong repair system that starts at +6 and drops to only +4. The good: Low cost, good speed and firepower, slow degrade, very repairable, open market The Bad: average armor, short range, no secondary weapon system, ineffective against soft targets The ugly: Upgrade with Rugged SA for increased survivability for 30 pts more. Adding reactive armor would increase the cost by third, so you would be better off saving the points for something else.
  11. Some more Blade army list goodness Armor Section '70 Dictator 2x Jaguar Talon OEM Armor Section II 4x chieftains Wasp Manticore Specialist 4 Rifle teams Flight 2 Fenri w/Orbital Insertion Flight II 2 Fenri w/Orbital Insertion The Rifle Teams begin inside the Fenris, which will be held back from deployment until the two armor section pull their opponent forward. So the first turn, starts with only two intiative cards (the two armor sections). Having only two cards in the intiative deck will increase the odds their opponent will be forced to move first leaving their rear exposed. Second turn the two Flights are deployed and the infantry kicked out of the gunships into the enemies flanks. Thus increasing the initiative deck by three for the Blade. The 'Tator and the Talon will attract the most attention in this and the previous Blade Task Force. The 'Tator is obviously the heaviest hitter in the TF while the Talon is a threat due to its EW equipment. So most likely the opponent will focus on the CAV armor Section leaving the Hover tank section alone. The tanks as well as the Fenris should concentrate on harassing the light hard targets first.
  12. Does chess count? I too would LOVE to see a hard copy of the rules. Although, I don't get why everyone is crying about product support. Look at Stargrunt II. It has a pretty sizeable following. (even before the 15mm reawakening.) All this and the rules haven't seen an update in, geez does anybody know when that book came out. I said it before, I'll say it again. It's about the fans. As long as fans provide support for the game, then CAV will never die. So what if it never knocks Battletech out of it's top spot. There's something to be said for a game with a cult following. New products would be nice. A hard copy book would be nicer, but what CAV needs is for its fans to stop writing it's obituary. IMHO If I'm out of line, let me know. I just hate to see such and awesome game fade into oblivion. nope chess doesn't count. i've never heard of Stargrunt. What CAV needs is a reason for its fans to stop writing its obituary.
  13. Given the vast range of choices available to someone thinking about starting up a new wargame you don't see that as a problem? The current state of the rules can be really off-putting to new players. Which is why the pdf of the CAV2 is finally being updated with all the errata for RC09 or so the plan go. Personally I think the lack of regular product release and no hard copy of the rulebook would be more of a turn off for new players. Name me one game that doesn't have errata? Warmachine WkII. But I can't say I disagree with you about the lack of both a hardcopy rulebook and ongoing product support as being off-putting as well. Didn't Warmachine MKII just come out? The thing that annoys me the most is that Reaper has a Cafepress store. Cafepress has print on demand books. And yet Reaper hasn't taken advantage of this.
  14. Given the vast range of choices available to someone thinking about starting up a new wargame you don't see that as a problem? The current state of the rules can be really off-putting to new players. Which is why the pdf of the CAV2 is finally being updated with all the errata for RC09 or so the plan go. Personally I think the lack of regular product release and no hard copy of the rulebook would be more of a turn off for new players. Name me one game that doesn't have errata?
  15. EDV is Electronic Defensive Value. It was introduced in the Rage Chronicle 07 and carried on in 08. EDV is the ECM version of TC. When a model performs a 'Jamming action', the EDV is the value used to determine the bonus to DV. For exmple, a Talon performs a jamming action. Its EDV is 3. The Talon would add 3 to its DV of 10 for a total of 13. And since the Talon has ECM/3, anything within 3 inches of the Talon will also receive the Talon's EDV of 3 to their DV. Make sure you are using the current Errata from RC08 (which includes everything from RC07) RC08
  16. Orginally, this was how it was done. After RC07 they changed how electronic warfare in CAV worked by adding EDV and the variable distance for EST and ECM. The "until the model's next activation" was a legacy rule that was over looked. I'm sure it'll change with the next errata batch.
  17. Using the army list for the Blade 3000pt Task Force Armor section '70 Dictator 2x jaguars Talon OEM w/ reactive armor Fire Support section 3x Manticore Wasp w/ reactive armor Mechanized Infantry Section 2x Fenri 4x Rifle Teams Fight Section 2x Tsuiseki The armor and the FS sections re designed for hit and run Tactics. The Tsuiseki and the Fenri are mop up just in case something survives. The infantry are for CC and objects. Usually, I try to make each section more versatile. Instead of having a dedicated FS section I would mix IFM units in with my armor sections. In the past I've gotten mixed resolutes with versatility. On one hand, I can handle any situation (in theory), on the other side, it dilutes the section's effectiveness. This doesn't mean all my Task Force's Section don't have some versatility. The manticores from the Fire Support section are equally affect against hard targets as they are against soft as is their EW unit, the Wasp. The MI section's Fenris are surprisingly good against light or wounded hard targets while their infantry are well... their G11 assualt rifles make scary sounds against soft targets and CC works just as well against hard as it does soft. The armor section has a Talon which has one of the few IFM that is geared toward anti-hard.
  18. Saint is correct, but the duration of the Actions is important here. The bonus from a Target Lock Action only lasts for as long as the Model's activation, so as soon as it's section has performed all of their Actions, the bonus goes away. This prevents models in another section from gaining use of another section's Target Lock Action and prevents models from using the bonus during Defensive Fire. The bonus from a Jamming Action lasts until the Model's next activation, so the bubble stays up and any model that is inside of it (regardless of section) get the bonus. From RC08 Target Lock The Model spends an Action to “Target Lock” a single enemy Model and adds a Target Lock bonus equal to its TC to all of its Attack Rolls versus that model. Target Lock lasts until the end of the Model’s activation. If the attack is an AOE attack, the bonuses are instead added to AOE Target Point roll. Multiple Target Lock bonuses (such as one Model’s Target Lock Action and another Model’s EST bubble, or multiple EST bubbles) do not stack. Target Lock bonuses are not applied to Defensive Fire. EST/# SA A Model with the Electronic Source Targeting SA adds its Target Lock bonus to all friendly Models within its AOE, with the AOE equal to #. Use of the EST/# SA is a Free Action and may only be performed after the Model performs a Target Lock Action. To receive the TL bonus, a Model’s center must be inside of the AOE at the time it performs its Ranged Attacks. The AOE lasts until the Model’s next Activation and is measured outward from the center of the Model. If the attack is an AOE attack, the bonuses are added from the AOE Target Point Roll. Multiple TL bonuses do not stack. So with the current errata (RC08), EST bubble stays but its associated bonus goes away at the end of the section's turn That needs to be fixed.
  19. EST and ECM bubble effects any friendly model within the radius, so even models of different sections still recieve the bonuses. Yes to everything else. Remember EST and ECM do not effect close combat or strikes
  20. Badger? Badger?!? We don't need no stinkin' badger!
  21. Oh, the jokes I could make at your expense. ... must behave ...willpower failing
  22. Thanks Brother. Uhh...I can't find it on Mil-Net?? Can you point the way? *hint* look under events
  23. New York City I'm a hayseed from Kansas and born in the 70s, my whole prespective of NYC was based on old gritty cop movies.
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