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  1. Are we getting a gunship that has IFM attacks? Or modifying how CFP works? I second the question. As it stands, that CFP is totally useless outside a specialist section, and very limited in use even then. I think gunships overall work pretty well, actually. The faction specific ones, as a rule, are far more useful--the Overlord, Harpy, and the various upgraded forms from Shards, for example, are quite useful. The reason they don't want to remove the CFP from the Dragonfly is that it'll make it too cheap. 88pts for a model that could do +5 vs. hard as fun as that sounds it would make it out of balance. The Soveriegn III and IV needs AA added back to its DFMs to make it more useful and help fill the gap in the Templar's anti-aircraft units.
  2. Let's see Its about a hot chick that gets her memory rewritten every week. Eliza
  3. The Van Schaik/Burrel was when the model was a variant of the 'hawk V instead of the VI. Ed made the new arm for the Warhawk.
  4. The orginial CAV rulebook had them. Enlisted Legionnaire Senior Legionnaire Corporal Legionnaire Sergeant legionnaire 1st Legionaire Officers 2nd lieutenant - average CAV crew Lieutenant Captain - Troop (4-6 CAV) Major -Turma (5 Troops) Centurion senior Centurion Top centurion Tribune - Cohort Perfect - legion (6 Cohorts) Consular General
  5. Saint, is the 13th taken by one of the Legionnaires here on the forums, or is it a canon Legion from one of the books? Vanleron is a friend of mine and he was originally interested in the 13th Legion, as he is a Roman history buff and IIRC the Roman 13th Legion was one of the longest lived/most decorated Legions of the Roman Empire. The exploits of the 13th legion is one of the projects I'm working on. Its not currently cannon though... yet.
  6. A few more Legions to the file and rank 82nd Legion - "All Terran" (MommaCrunch's legion ?) 92nd Legion - "Blood Moon" * 56th legion - "The Hunters" * 143rd legion - "the Justicars" * * cannon from Shards - CAV Scenario book
  7. The 13th legion is also taken. All I can say at the moment is they are from Mars and they are a Tactical Legion (as oppose to an assualt or Standard legion.)
  8. My thoughts on this matter is since Reaper's mini are based on fantasy and not reality, oversized weapons are just fine.
  9. What happen to the Mil-net Designs for CAV?
  10. As far as I know there is no rules requiring you to target a model.
  11. Currently the only way to get the Rat SA is through the Adonese doctrine Hyrwyda Dyrnel. At some future date we may see it on new infantry data cards.
  12. Nyet Only vehicles or CAVs are allowed in a Fire Support section. mortar teams are only aviable in motar section or a specialist platoon.
  13. Generally speaking, SyRam models are designed with versitially in mind (working well against both hard and soft equally). Of course, this means they also don't excel either. On the other hand, Mitsu-Ta is more focused against hard targets. M-T model are unforunately slower on average. So you're gonna want to go with M-T models like the Ronin and the Archer. The Ronin while exspensive is well worth the cost. Strong survivability (8DTs), heavy anti-hard cannons and a IFM worthy of a fire support model. The Archer's PBGs provides a desent punch at a excellent range. Both have a Mov of 8 so the can keep pace with the SyRam Falcon. The SyRam Thunderhawk would also be a good choice as it would increase your section's range with its PBGs and DFMs. I perfer versitially over specialization I go with more SyRam model. My favorite platoon is Two 'hawk Vs for general purpose attacks a 'hawk VI for the added heavy punch a Regent for fire support (offensive as well defensive with its Counter-barrage) a Talon for general EW and a Raptor II for AA and backup EW While its an expensive section (nearly 2000pts) it can handle nearly any kind of threat.
  14. The 22nd legion is also taken (by Moezilla) "Cannon" legions are 10th, 42nd, 43rd, 91st, and 101st
  15. OH NO...The Inquisitor is BACK and TORMENTING ME TO SUBMIT TO THE WILL OF KHARDULLIS I can NO LONGER hold out...MUST FOLLOW KHARDULLIS AAARRGHH!!! NO!!! HELP ME...no, no, no(sob).... Yes, Khardullis loves me, Yes, Khardullis loves me, For the Inquisitor tells me so... I guess we'll have to deprogram him again... Deprogram? -again? A chance for sanity, possibly? The Will of Khardullis or the Tenets of Mason? I'm soooo confused!!!! "Roses are red, Violets are blue, I'm schizophrenic and so am I....." I like elements of both factions and can't decide The Templar Nation respects any individual's right to freedom of choice... unlike them toads... of course, if you do decide to join Khardullis I would be more then happy to prepare introductions for you to your new god via a Rexus PBG blast:devil:
  16. Some that's what happen to Spartan6...
  17. OH NO...The Inquisitor is BACK and TORMENTING ME TO SUBMIT TO THE WILL OF KHARDULLIS I can NO LONGER hold out...MUST FOLLOW KHARDULLIS AAARRGHH!!! NO!!! HELP ME...no, no, no(sob).... Yes, Khardullis loves me, Yes, Khardullis loves me, For the Inquisitor tells me so... I guess we'll have to deprogram him again...
  18. I'm not to fond of paypal either. You do have a couple options though. Reaper's online store carries Shards, Mil-net's first book. Do like I did and get a disposable credit card like a simon mall's giftcard. This way Payal or anyone else has no access to your bank accounts. A third way would be get ahold of Freefall or Chrome on mil-net and see if they have any on the CDs left of the game from GENCon. Lance tanks are ok but their slow speed makes them more suited for defensive positions. All though they are not faction specific the Jaguer is an excellent CAV.
  19. The problem with that line of reasoning is that RC09 was supposedly 'on the verge' of approval months ago. Sgt. Crunch has a post from August telling us that he heard the cards might approved any day then. To use the holiday excuse for Reaper is just that. An excuse. I have been into Cav for only a year-plus now and have been loyal - almost to the point of rabid. Yet, I find myself very much falling into the bitter/resigned line of thinking of those such as Gunfighter. Without even giving us an official version of RC09+cards and an integrated rulebook (not hardcopy. Just integrated. With all the erratas, updates etc. included) it is hard to continue giving Reaper and company any more benefit of the doubt. Come July, (when we may finally see RC09 entered as official and perhaps the Crusader and Kraken minis) I find it hard to believe that I, or any of my gaming group, will care. I do not mean this as an attack on you Saint. The first paragraph was a response and then the rest just flowed. I have been too frustrated about this for too long and just needed to vent. I understand your frustration and needing to vent... I've been involved with CAV for 5 years and I'll tell ya I'm not even the shadow of the fanboy of Reaper that I used to be. One thing you need to realize though, the Crusader and the kraken are a major milestone with CAV. These are two new minis, not resized or mods, but brand spankin' new models. Something we haven't seen in years. It may not seem much but its a step in the right direction for CAV.
  20. A single base of infantry would be called a fire team or squad. Mutliple Fire teams would make a platoon. Over on mil-net there is an article written Matt Ragan about the military structure of the NADO forces. http://www.mil-net.net/adonMilitary.cfm oops... I missed a rule change...
  21. woof woof I want my Crusader... Last I heard RC08 was waiting on approval from Ed. Unforunately, all this happens to occur during the holidays. Which is a busy time for anyone. And being the holidays you can bet everyone at Reaper is pulling double duty with little extra time to do much else. As for Chronoscope, remember its just a miniature line not a game. And its a good thing that its doing well. That way Reaper will have the extra cash flow to invest on other projects like a hardcopy of CAV2. Which is probably why we are seeing the Crusader and the Kraken finally. Those silvers cost a pretty penny. I expect alot of CAV activity in the next quater.
  22. There several nice CAVs under 300 pts. My three favors are the jaguer, the Knight and the Starhawk V. The Jag is only 250. And you get a mov of 12, a DV of 11 and two attacks at 6 vs. hard targets. Its weaknesses are it has no secondary weapons and is not very repairable. The Knight is the most versitial CAV on the market. OF course being a jack of all trades its best to use the knight to support other more specialized units. The 'Hawk V Can deal with soft and hard targets alike, good speed and strong armor. Its another good workhorse CAV. Make sure you get the latest Data card Errata. They should have 1.2 listed on the bottom of each card.
  23. You answered your own question there. That extra bit gives you alot of manuevering room. While nomads are nice. They have a very short life. And being units EW unit they will be primary targets. Nomads work better as backup EW units or in packs. Recluse are well worth the points. With Adon doctrine of doubling you ECM or EST bubble they have a 16" area of coverage. That's a pretty big pie plate. With their pop up SA they can also ambush pretty well. Hide them behide some low blocking terrian and then pop up and let loose their missles. You can also use any open market B-S or RMI model in a Adon army as faction models with RC08 errata. So you can use the Sultan (a great fire support unit), the Scorpion (a fine attack CAV), and Spiders (another Fire support). For my Adon Force I went with Fire support 4x spider recluse Armor Platoon 3x cheiftains hornet wasp Armor Platoon 3x cheiftains hornet wasp Flight 2x O'lords My fast moving Armor platoon flank the oppenent and push them into the waiting ambush of my Fire support platoon. All the while the O'lords are playing clean up.
  24. You need at least 25% of your force to be faction specific with RC08 errata to gain their faction ability. Your just under that. Since you don't like the Ghast you could switch them for Overlords which will put you over the 25%. The O'lords are truescale (big Birds). I'd also recommend getting a pack of Recluse to really take advantage of the Adonnese doctrines.
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