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  1. Very useful. Thank you very much for spending the effort to do this and maiking it available to all us other Repear Bones Zealots. Though I do like the fact that "Pizza Dungeon Dragon" is armed with a Pizza. Best sort of weapon for placating the hungry hordes... Another thought on paying for all this stuff. I pledged what I have in the KS (only sensible way. All users of Bones KS should practice resposible pledging) Now there is, what about a year-ish (probably some sort of Goblin calendar keeping in there somewhere) time period in which to keep piling the readies into the money-pit (imagine the strike-through bit here cos I don't know how to do it) I mean Pledge Mangler. Sit back and wait for 1/2 a year !!**!! (though that time can be profitably spent saving up for Bones 6 which ought to be due fairly soon afterish, according to past performances [but as we all know past performance is no indicator of future things] so bigger pledges for even more big things)
  2. Is that like a "Where's Wally?" book? Not heard anything about one them being published..
  3. No problems there. Just don't Adult. Play is by far the most relaxing thing to do, and whilst playing, the adult brain half can't get a look in for that stupid idea called SENSIBLE. (vastly overrated IMHO)
  4. No idea what I'd do with them. But, I need Axolotls, because I've always though them rather intesting creatures ever since I saw them in the Brooke Bond Tea card set Wildlife in Danger ( if I remember correctly ) many, many years ago.
  5. Ubfortunately had to be out all day today. Lucky tis UK time so got back to the last hour or so..Wow you guys have been busy on this thread..(40 pages behind). Though nice to see another dragon unlocked and the brine wind stuff. Looking forward to the last 25 minutes of this mayhem.
  6. No! Must be Kitten Elves. Maybe even Christmas Kitten Elves
  7. Like the Man from Del Monte says...YES Like the Man from Del Monte says...YES
  8. Yay! Two Million!! .... UK Pounds UNless there be Trolls.
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