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  1. I believe they said in some chat thing that they didn't have one!?! I assume that there will be a piccy somewhen. Otherwise look in Bones 4 (?, I lose track of which of the multitudinous dragons I aquired through bones cam efrom which) on the kick starter, I expect there is a pretty (?) piccy of him. Extra! Extra! Read all about it... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/reaperbones5/reaper-miniatures-bones-4-mr-bones-epic-adventure?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=reaper bones 4 abiut three quarters of the way down the page in Core Set Extras
  2. Yay the package has been delivered sucessfully. Absolutely no damage to the boxes, one ship (5Kg package) and one 7kg box of everything else. Now I just have the task of inventorying the contents, to ensure everything that I ordered is in there. (everything is there, even the Sophie's Dice from the core). Now I somehow have to check all the mirriad parts are present and correct whilst processing the abundant pear crop off my tree. At least the Bones won't go off if I take toooooo loooong over it. Forgot to mention the only parts I have looked at yet is the extra dragons (Being a dr
  3. As a matter of interest, does anybody have a full list of previous bones items that didn't make it to retail. I remember seeing a list somewhere for Bones 1 (had some noseless person if I remember correctly) but haven't seen siad list ofr other Bones KS. And YAy, got a notification of shipping. Due on Mo nday. So I shall have to bow out of the No Email club (which I hadn't realised that I had joined) and wish the remaining denizens of said club the best of luck in getting their goodies as soon as...
  4. Hi Alchemist. I'm very gald to see UK stuff is being notified now, as I am also in southern england
  5. I am just glad that the two years of waiting for more dragons is nearly over. I was very relieved to hear that the containers for the UK had arrived here, or at least weren't stuck on the Ever Given in the Suez Canal, because that would have been a major case of disappointment as the rest of the World were gettign and displaying their goodies. I have been in Bones Kickstarters since Bones 1 and have always found the waiting to be tolerably annoying, but what do I expect when there were and are an astonishing number of people backing each kickstarter. My perception is that the communicatio
  6. If that is the one I think it is (will have to look it up sometime, then my two arrived unassembled. Nice little sculpt.
  7. Some plonker, somewhere said patioence is a vitue. So let's try to be virtous and await our minis patiently. Are they here yet? F5 F5 F5 F5 etc
  8. A Mini flinging Trebuchet was tried in Scrapheap Challenge Season 5 episode 12. An impressive machine, shame it broke. Edit. Forgot to mention...not necessarily the minis being refered to by TripleH.. OOPs live ad learn when commenting in fora.
  9. Very useful. Thank you very much for spending the effort to do this and maiking it available to all us other Repear Bones Zealots. Though I do like the fact that "Pizza Dungeon Dragon" is armed with a Pizza. Best sort of weapon for placating the hungry hordes... Another thought on paying for all this stuff. I pledged what I have in the KS (only sensible way. All users of Bones KS should practice resposible pledging) Now there is, what about a year-ish (probably some sort of Goblin calendar keeping in there somewhere) time period in which to keep piling the rea
  10. Is that like a "Where's Wally?" book? Not heard anything about one them being published..
  11. No problems there. Just don't Adult. Play is by far the most relaxing thing to do, and whilst playing, the adult brain half can't get a look in for that stupid idea called SENSIBLE. (vastly overrated IMHO)
  12. No idea what I'd do with them. But, I need Axolotls, because I've always though them rather intesting creatures ever since I saw them in the Brooke Bond Tea card set Wildlife in Danger ( if I remember correctly ) many, many years ago.
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