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  1. 2 hours ago, Cygnwulf said:

    GST, PST and HST


    Isn't PST a time zone? and as a Brit HST means High Speed Train. Bad enough havinf customs inport duty and VAt and what ever excuse can be found to fleece people...but it sounds like a nightmare (available in Bones 6!) to me in the United States.


    As for what I am most looking forward to from Bones 6....


    Dragons (always dragons)


    Fairy Dragons/Dragon Fairies


    Hopefully the Chibi dragon (if it comes to a pledge manager near here)

    Lizard People (hmmm, I must have a thing for reptilians...)


    There are a few other things I really like, spread over pretty much every expansion and the core. So, I shall have wait for retail for a few of them.



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  2. 3 hours ago, Sylverthorne said:

    I'd use a fine brush; and I might even get wild and use stamps, if I could get any flexible enough. I'm not quite good enough to freehand a Turkish carpet pattern

     You could try water slide decal paper, since it is nice and flat, so no stamp flexibility would be required. Either print with the stamps (i assume you mean rubber stamps and ink pads, and not actual stamps like postage stamps.....though that could work using various parts of the stamp for decoupaging (I think that is how to spell it...esentially like sticking things in a scrap book) or use a computer printer (i think colour laser prints aren't affected by water (not actually tried), though ink jets might be a problem if the ink runs in water, maybe seal the surface after printing.)

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  3. 1 hour ago, msfnc said:

    While I understand that you’re referring to isopropyl alcohol, the phrase “3D printing requires gallons of IPA” makes me chuckle from up here in PNW über-hopped beervana. 

    Yes, whilst I also understood 1dunnj probably meant isopropyl alcohol, I much prefer it to be India Pale Ale, and many other varieties of beery goodness.


    1 hour ago, GoldenPiggy said:

    have too many miniatures...

    Surely that is a complete oxymoron? or maybe a chimera..


    1 hour ago, Star in VA said:

    I think I might have a problem 🙂

    Just point out to your wife that you could have some other sorts of problems, like addiction to illegal substances. And, anyway, all the time you spend at home on your little people, is time that she knows where you are, and that you are not getting upto something.

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  4. Just now, lowlylowlycook said:

    Finally got around to pledging.  Whole world/china/shipping situation told my brain that even pledging is irrational.   Heart said "But it's Reaper!".

    I agree,

    wasn't looking at too much pledging this time....though DRAGONS!!... Wyverns! Fae stuff.... and a flumpf (which i had no idea of, but now I know looks like a fun thing to have floating around.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Adrift said:

    I’d speculate that it’s because they’re only putting one extra of the spellcaster type and then 2 each of the melee types in the extras. Generally, casters are fewer in number in combat scenarios, and he might be more plastic than the rest of them based on the size of his head and the staff, etc. 

    Shame that because I really like the pointy head one

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  6. I don't know if this has been answered anywhere before, but here goes:-


    In the core set there are four different Firenewts, whereas in the Extras it is showing seven firenewts, (ie 2 of each of three scuplts and only one of the fourth). Any ideas as to if this is intentional?

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  7. 1 hour ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

    Prediction: once flumphs are revealed, the pledge level will skyrocket to break a new record.

    I have always been confused (and in previous Bones KS) as to what this bizzarre fascination with a children's tv character is all about....


    So finally got around to looking it up, and find that the TV characters are Flumps....not Flumphs!   mea culpa.  Turns out they are interesting flying jelly fish things?



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  8. 23 minutes ago, bearsman6 said:

    The 30th dragon, though. That WILL be mine. Unquestionably. My wife will hate me, but I don't care lol.

    Why will your wife hate you?  Surely she doesn't think you have too many dragons? (My wife seems to think that, though that has never stopped one from getting (yet!) another dragon.

    Looks like I shall be be getting the 30th AnniDrag (is that something like a draconian version of Anakin?)


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  9. Just had a gooooood, loooonngg look at the spin round of Chaarondar. Don't like the big sticky-up pointy things on the shoulders and hips, so would have to do some surgery there. BUt really loving the crocodillian back side scale patterns. I dont't think that I have seen a dragon like that before. Though with some many bones dragons around here (some of which I almost forgotten what they look like (heretic!)) and other dragons it would be easy to not remember that sort of look.

    So really looks like I'm going to be in for another dragon (you can never have too many dragons), and the briarwood stuff (really liking the dragons in there)

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  10. 4 hours ago, Great Khan Artist said:

    If you are a backer, you will get most updates straight to your email bin. Then you can print and colour your own Egyptian cat warrior while you wait for more reveals! You can also see the next reveal for Dungeons Deep, which I think is a really nice mini.

    And printing the concept is also a great way of testing out a few colour schemes without the hassle of having to strip the mini 'cos the amazing concept you came up looked rather more Meh! than Wow!


    SO a big shout out for concept stuff to be seen, like in the previous Bones KickStarters, which were such a wild ride.

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  11. Reaper Customer Service is by far the best service I have had from any company.

    Just before Bones 5 dropped on my doormat, I was looking at some of the crate of shame, and discovered that I had a dragon (Marthrangul, if that was in Bones 1) from Bones 1, unopene at that time. When I opened it to check it over and assemble, I found it was missing a leg. It had two rear legs, unfortunately they were both left legs. I sent of an email to Repaer service, and they said, something along the lines of:-


    Rightey-O, we don't have one of those in stock, so we have refunded you this much. Collect your voucher.


    I was quite surprised at the amount, since I'd bought it on the kickstarter. So I queried it with them, and they said a new one costs so much, plus you'll have to pay postage on it, so we have refunded the current list price of it and an allowance for postage! Way to go for brilliant customer service.

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  12. 26 minutes ago, R2ED said:

    I also noticed on my end gauth has no picture showing. 

    I believe they said in some chat thing that they didn't have one!?!  I assume that there will be a piccy somewhen. Otherwise look in Bones 4 (?, I lose track of which of the multitudinous dragons I aquired through bones cam efrom which) on the kick starter, I expect there is a pretty (?) piccy of him.


    Extra! Extra! Read all about it...

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/reaperbones5/reaper-miniatures-bones-4-mr-bones-epic-adventure?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=reaper bones 4


    abiut three quarters of the way down the page in Core Set Extras

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  13. Yay the package has been delivered sucessfully. Absolutely no damage to the boxes, one ship (5Kg package) and one 7kg box of everything else. Now I just have the task of inventorying the contents, to ensure everything that I ordered is in there. (everything is there, even the Sophie's Dice from the core). Now I somehow have to check all the mirriad parts are present and correct whilst processing the abundant pear crop off my tree. At least the Bones won't go off if I take toooooo loooong over it.


    Forgot to mention the only parts I have looked at yet is the extra dragons (Being a dragon freak I thought I look at the  treasure dragon. Then I remembered that was from a different set, Oh well. Though I did find I had two Dragon Wolf in one bag with no wings. I wonder if someone has been unfortunate to get two sets of wings and no body. I suppose they could be semi dissappeared dragons,. Though being attacked by  pair of wings would be bizzarre


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  14. 2 hours ago, Chris Palmer said:

    But more likely it will just join the list of figures that never see the light of day post Kickstarter. 

    As a matter of interest, does anybody have a full list of previous bones items that didn't make it to retail. I remember seeing a list somewhere for Bones 1 (had some noseless person if I remember correctly) but haven't seen siad list ofr other Bones KS.


    And YAy, got a notification of shipping. Due on Mo

    nday.  So I shall have to bow out of the No Email club (which I hadn't realised that I had joined) and wish the remaining denizens of said club the best of luck in getting their goodies as soon as...

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  15. 1 hour ago, alchemist said:

    Got my shipping notice.:bday:


    Maybe I am misremembering, but I thought that they were going to ship by Royal Mail in the UK.  Apparently they are using DPD instead.  I don't have much experience with them, so we shall see.

    Hi Alchemist.

    I'm very gald to see UK stuff is being notified now, as I am also in southern england

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  16. I am just glad that the two years of waiting for more dragons is nearly over.

    I was very relieved to hear that the containers for the UK had arrived here, or at least weren't stuck on the Ever Given in the Suez Canal, because that would have been a major case of disappointment as the rest of the World were gettign and displaying their goodies. I have been in Bones Kickstarters since Bones 1 and have always found the waiting to be tolerably annoying, but what do I expect when there were and are an astonishing number of people backing each kickstarter. My perception is that the communications from Reaper haven't been as good as previous Bones kickstarters. But maybe that is just rosy tinted hind-sight, since Bones 1 was what 2010 (?) and shipped in 2012 (?). Whatever the exact dates that was pretty amazing to see how it was all shipping out, especially as they shiiped everything from the US then.


    Just my two pounds worth (2 pennies isn't worth much now). I am waiting with anticipation, since not much mention of UK or Europe recently.

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  17. 8 minutes ago, kristof65 said:


    We do have an empty freezer behind our bar. I never considered using it to store minis. 

    I was freezing my preassemble Temple Dragon from Bones 4 in an attempt to break the glue bond between dragon and pillar he was standing on.   After I dropped and broke him, I ordered two more figuring I'd break at least one more trying again, and was overjoyed to discover they come unassembled for retail. 

    Yep. They heard about all the Canadians ranting about them, and it hurt their feelings. 

    If that is the one I think it is (will have to look it up sometime, then my two arrived unassembled.  Nice little sculpt.

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  18. 3 hours ago, Nunae said:

    Kinda hoping to hear something about the UK hub starting their shipping process today, since it's supposed to happen early July/this week. And I'm feeling impatient right now.



    Some plonker, somewhere said patioence is a vitue.  So let's try to be virtous and await our minis patiently.









    Are they here yet?











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  19. 20 hours ago, TripleH said:

    For those of us getting the Trebuchet:
    *Need someone to field test if Mini's can actually launched from one.

    A Mini flinging Trebuchet was tried in Scrapheap Challenge Season 5 episode 12. An impressive machine, shame it broke.



    Edit. Forgot to mention...not necessarily the minis being refered to by TripleH..  OOPs live ad learn when commenting in fora.

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  20. 12 hours ago, ShaneB said:

    Here's a first run at a spreadsheet list of all the minis in Bones 5

    Very useful. Thank you very much for spending the effort to do this and maiking it available to all us other Repear Bones Zealots.


    Though I do like the fact that "Pizza Dungeon Dragon" is armed with a Pizza. Best sort of weapon for placating the hungry hordes...


    Another thought on paying for all this stuff.

    I pledged what I have in the KS (only sensible way. All users of Bones KS should practice resposible pledging)

    Now there is, what about a year-ish (probably some sort of Goblin calendar keeping in there somewhere) time period in which to keep piling the readies into the money-pit (imagine the strike-through bit here cos I don't know how to do it) I mean Pledge Mangler.

    Sit back and wait for 1/2 a year !!**!! (though that time can be profitably spent saving up for Bones 6 which ought to be due fairly soon afterish, according to past performances [but as we all know past performance is no indicator of future things] so bigger pledges for even more big things)

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