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  1. 6 hours ago, Evilbookworm said:

    So I have a problem.  Just went through, I want all 5 chromatics, the pirate ship, brinewind, fan favorites, the core set, the siege weapons, and a few other things.  That comes to about 600, I only did bones 4 beforehand and that hit 350. If I spend that much on miniatures, the adult half of my brain is going to torment me for months, even if I spread it out.  What's a guy to do?

    No problems there. Just don't Adult. Play is by far the most relaxing thing to do, and whilst playing, the adult brain half can't get a look in for that stupid idea called SENSIBLE. (vastly overrated IMHO)

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  2. 21 minutes ago, AutumnHare said:

    Axolotl adventurers!  :wub:

    No idea what I'd do with them. But, I need Axolotls, because I've always though them rather intesting creatures ever since I saw them in the Brooke Bond Tea card set Wildlife in Danger ( if I remember correctly ) many, many years ago.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Cicciopiu said:

    Ok. I'm in Belfast (northern Ireland) right now, cause my sweet half wanted to go to the A-ha concert... -.- this costed around 1200€ till now... 

    Do you know what I mean... I have rights, am I right? I can buy everything I want from this KS, yeeeah? (please say yes)... 

    Like the Man from Del Monte says...YES

    1 hour ago, Cicciopiu said:

    Ok. I'm in Belfast (northern Ireland) right now, cause my sweet half wanted to go to the A-ha concert... -.- this costed around 1200€ till now... 

    Do you know what I mean... I have rights, am I right? I can buy everything I want from this KS, yeeeah? (please say yes)... 

    Like the Man from Del Monte says...YES

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  4. 9 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

    Whoa, this is getting expensive quick!

    I had wanted to cherry pick stuff, and I'm still trying to, but man-oh-man is it getting hard!

    You mean it is finally starting to get expensive quickly!!

    IMHO it has been slowly getting mildly expensive for quite a while, ie most of the last month!  That is, of course, unless there was absolutely nothing at all you wanted in any of the awesomness revealed at any time (Sorry so far Chronoscope fans, this might be you).

    Mildly expensive and getting more so, started very early on due to one thing...THERE BE DRAGONS!!!  Now that Dark Depths looks so so tempting.

    Not convinced by the Daimyo myself, except for the dragon. I think that is something I will have to get to put with the old Reaper Daimyo Dragon. So need to figure if the likely retail cost of said dragon would make getting a daimyo set and selling bits on a proposition of not.


    Has any indication of how heavy "Queen Sophie's Revenge" (that big frigatey/piratey ship) been given? Makes a big difference to shipping costs.

    I remember the Maldrakar was listed as so many pounds in weight which has a major impact on the shipping costs. My Bones 3 stuff was one lot of shipping, add Maldrakar and promptly went to the next level of shipping costs (arrgh!) so add another Maldrakar and shipping didn't change. SO I got 2!!



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  5. 7 minutes ago, Venun said:

    But but.. what about storage space? xD 


    1200!? jeebus xD haha, you're in for a good time when it lands :D 

    Due to unforseen home problems, my son and I have painted few bones (from Bones 1, 2, 3 and 4) and have a stack that measures about 1.5 feet by 2 feet by 3 feet high(!!!) of bones waiting. And we are still in for this one..(can't have enough dragons, wyverns, drakes and wyrms) and can't wait for things to settle here to get on with existing figures.

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  6. Hmmm. Now that we have a nice model of a Napoleonic era frigate, all we need now is a ship to represent HMS Allegiance (from the Temeraire (His Majesty's Dragon) series by Naomi Novik) to transport those dragons that Reaper have available. Though my son did say that would bring a whole new meaning to Table Top gaming, since it would probably be bigger than a Table Top!

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  7. 3 hours ago, AuralEntropy said:

    For those looking at the size of the ship, I did a rough estimate of overall dimensions based on the renders and the provided scale, and compared those to the Falling Star by WizKids. It is going to be HUGE.


    pirate ship compare.png


    I also did an overlay of a picture of someone holding a WizKid ship versus a Reaper estimate, but it is a WoTC copyrighted picture. Not sure if I can post it here.


    Edit: based on feedback, will post it.


    Yowzzer... Tis all very well saying it is 37 inches long (in the UK we use a confusing mix of Iperial and Metric at any old time and to one's convenience) but actually see it mocked up with a person really shows that it is big...BIG...BIGGER than big


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  8. 12 hours ago, vulture said:

    The idea of cats manning a ship made me snicker. That would be the most dysfunctional crew - always napping and afraid of the water...

    I believe that since most of the crews of the Nelson era Royal Navy couldn't swim, they would at least be wary of all that water everwhere, if not afraid of it. Though I expect all the crews, swimmers and non-swimmers alike, were afraid of the water when it was trying to climb aboard during storm times.

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  9. 12 hours ago, YronimosW said:

    I'd been kind of working under the assumption since I joined that "brocoli base" was like an actual technical term for lumpy, weirdly textured, integral mini bases that, painted vegetation-green, might vaguely look like that vegetable, if you squint your eyes at it and use a little imagination.  I've taken to calling them "broccoli bases" all the time now :lol:

     I've always though that was a generic forum term for integral bases with various vegetative bits included.

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  10. I have just been looking at my Bones 4 Core Set box. Thought I'd seen the PeteyD Pizza dungeon logo somewhere before. It is on the tuck in tab of the box. Makes me wonder if the Repear Peeps had the Pizza parlour idea for this kickstarter way back then.

    Also so loving the Gem Dragon. Will have to get way more of them than is healthy for my wallet.

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  11. 6 minutes ago, Inarah said:

    I wonder if they were planning on doing the dragon in translucent swirly colors, like you sometimes see in dice.   Not that it matters to me, I have unpainted dragons older than a lot of the people pledging for this.  A new one will just collect dust. 




    I have dragons that are pretty old, unpainted, some (horrors) unassembled, but that won't stop me getting pretty well all the dragons in this KS. There is no such thing as too many dragons...despite the multitudes from Bones 1, Bones 2, Bones 3, and Bones 4.....


    Some nice translucent transparent dragons will be nice addition.  Transparent is a colour, isn't it?


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  12. 1 hour ago, Kro said:

    I'll likely be much more picky come Bones 5 (at least I like to think I will).


    That has never happened for me in all three previous Bones Kickstarters. Expect to be more picky and it just never works out like that, I just end up emptying the wallet in Reaper's direction. And this time, that is despite knowing that the Pound and Dollar exchange rate is pants compared to the last three times. GRRRR! Reaper putting out all them Dragons. But! But! you can't have enough Dragons!

    and boats and demon things, and.. and... Grr I sez!



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