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  1. 6 minutes ago, Argentee said:


    And they might find a way to do it! It all depends on how the model as a whole (and remember, we aren't seeing the back) will be positioned in the mold and whether it ends up being a single or multi-part model. Reaper prefers single part models, having to glue two (or more!) parts together makes the model a little more expensive, but they will do it if needed (See almost anything with wings).



    4 Mal Drakars?!?!? I can't decide if you're insane or my hero. Maybe both.

    Can't keep them all.  have one for a friend, one is mine and one is my son's. As for the 4th.........Not really sure what to do with it. but so long as they all play nicely wth the other  dragons!!??!!

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  2. 8 minutes ago, Asoares said:

    Alright. I'm trying to sell myself on the expansion, mostly cause I feel like I'll regret it if I don't get it. I like the elves a lot and the gnomes are cute but then I'm like what do I actually need gnomes for but they're cool but will I use them but I'll be sad if I don't get the set and then decide I need it later and ugh I don't know what to do lol

    I don't know what to do????  Follow some simple rules (I haven't counted them to knwo how many there are!)

    1. OPen wallet

    2. look in aforementioned money holding device.

    3. wonder why it is full of moths and not lots of whatever currency normally resides there.

    4. say oh well

    5. pick loads of bones stuff and figure how to pay at some later point. (even if it means not pleding now, but geting later when the pledge manager is still open)


    That was sort of what i did for bones 3.  and the dollar to pund sterling rate was much nicer than now.

    (and is why I ended up with the BFG and 4 mal drakars and a very larget boxe of otehr stuff.


    (and an inabilty to type it seems)


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  3. Not so many Dragons in this KS so far. since I am somebody who always says you can't have enough dragons, would have thought was a bad thingg, though this time around I think it is actually a good thing and will allow for even more giants and rocs etc.... One reason why I have changed my mind on numbers of dragons etc is beacuse I have just received KS 3 here in the UK. This means I opened a Mal Drakar!!!!!!  My goodness, it's enormous!!! Even bigger than it looked in the pictures in KS3... In fact, because I have no where to be able to build it for a while, I shouldn't have taken it out of the box, cos it must have grown when it was out...... It WON'T FIT back in the box.... and I'm not silly enough to try wrestling an enormous multi-headed dragon which will remember every indignity.

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  4. Any way recently pledged into Bones 4 (finally).. Though still waiting Bones 3 here in the UK. Should be soon now, looking at the tracker thing. I like the idea of Female giants in action poses. Not sure if I would get them though, since my main weakness is Dragons, Dragons,.... and more Dragons. So a Wyvern or a Wyrm would suit me.


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  5. 6 minutes ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

    My guess is an area where "normal" food is in short supply and desperate people will eat just about anything.  They may have figured out that this normally poisionous fish wasn't after it was rotting.  (they didn't eat it, it rotted, they got hungry enough and realized that it didn't kill them).


    Or it was a dare.

    I've always wondered that with the Japanese and box fish.  How can you find that something is edible if you have to train for years to prepare it?

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  6. Congratulations to all those wanting a Terrasque!!

    You were all going on about it, and I didn't know what one of them was. So I was thinking I don't need or want one of them (whatever it is). Besides there are lots of nice dragons in the KS, and more to come, so I will just get them. Then Khanjira, the World Breaker is shown, and I'm thinking wow, what a cool (non-mini) miniature, might have to get one of them.
    AND NOW Dragons don't Share.......arrggh!!.... can I persuade my ever loving wife to let me get one of them. Shouldn't really be a problem when compard to the Dragon she got me for a wedding present.

    So, I'm in for loads of things, especially the dragons and way over last kickstarters outlay and then there will be all those dollars to be thrown at the postal system to get them to the UK. I am grateful that the customs and vat stuff won't hit till ages away!!.



    and only $10k to go for the dragons!!

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  7. I have made a thorough analysis of prices of Reaper Dragons in metal, bones and the kickstarters.

    Assuming the Marthrangul and Gauth announced are the same sculpts as the metal versions,
    I estimate the Bones Marthrangul to be a $10-$15 option (nearer to $10 like Blightfang) and the Bones Gauth to be a $15-$20 option (nearer $15, maybe $17).

    So, I have already upped my pledge to include these dragons (along with all the others in this KS). Really, it is impossible to have too many dragons in my 'umble opinion.
    I do understand if some peeps are fed up with dragons and wish to see other monsterous monsters which I would not be interested in included in the KS. After all I might find I am interested in some of them too (and I don't just mean wyverns or wyrms). There was a lot of stuff came with KS1 that I probably wouldn't have got but have found them quite interesting.

    Biggest pain of the KS is knowing that at the end, I will have to wait so long for the stuff to arrive, though UK customs did their best on KS 1 to drag out the pain of waiting. Took them 2 weeks to get around to telling me they had it, so they could do me for tax etc. Oh well the evils of getting excellent figures from foreign lands.


  8. Bones kickstarter 2!!??!!


    Haven't got my kickstarter 1 stuff yet.....tis stuck in UK customs. took them two weeks to get round to asking me for more info about the package... (not complaining how long it's been, twas a really big successful kickstarter, which probably took Reaper by surprise)

    my parcel went into USPS 19th August, tis now 18th September and thanks to UK border agency, I'm still waiting. Though when they arrive it will be a great surprise as to what is in there (memory span of a ....thing with a short memory span) so i have forgotten what else there is. bound to be dragons ( i like dragons)



    My Sophies are going to all old and wrinkly (hmm must have to get some new ones then) by the time i get them.


    Though that means the motorcycle could be a vintage model!

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  9. Yeah Dragons.


    Excellent idea painting dragons, just the sort of incentive I need to paint some of my dragons.

    Just don't know which one to paint, or all of them (some have been around for a very long time)

    Let's see there's a Deathsleet, some Grenadier dragons, some other dragons and (quick check of Kickstarter Bones stuff) some Bones dragons.

    So the big question is, do we start painting dragons now? or do we wait till it is announced?

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