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  1. Reaper Oathsworn ---- I own loads of GW as well, company is horrible, still like the sculpts though
  2. I think its a little smaller, but my previous apartment didnt have a garden, and was annoying me because it was ugly and rented.
  3. I have the whole house, muahahaha, so both floors, the (small) back garden, and a tiny attic for storage.
  4. I figured I needed something new to store my miniatures, so I bought a house... Signing the contract tomorrow. Its the one in the middle of the picture, the most right green door until the drain pipe right of that. Not too wide, but right next to the train station and city centre.
  5. Awesome man! I have always wanted to visit Norway :D Enjoy!
  6. One of best friends used to play Night Goblins, but we never got such a good paint job on our gaming tables! Lovely work!
  7. Very nice! May I ask what greens you used (or did you mix them yourself?)
  8. I might have bought enough tea to last me for a lifetime... I love being in the UK! :D
  9. Dilvish sure was tempting me with the grilled cheese panini and those lovely smelling chips! Glad I didn't fail my will save. Really enjoyed seeing you paint and motivating me to also pick up my brush! Can't wait to see more if your WIP's
  10. I love the new Heraldry! Thanks for not making me try to free hand those shields :D
  11. I could even have given you a tour! Oh well I hope kingsday in Amsterdam was good!
  12. Thanks man :) I assume you are talking about me! (we dutchies swing all kinds of ways so watch out!)
  13. Meeting was awesome! Dilvish has picture proof.
  14. I went to the same store Dilvish went. Awesome guy, awesome store, I didn't fail my willsave, so only bought a couple of pathfinder modules for 50% off.
  15. I brought a GW mini (so ashamed), some paints and brushes. Can't wait to head out!
  16. I know I wa bad responding to your message. Appreciate the tips on Amsterdam btw. We will be here for Kings day. It sounds like it's going to be crazy. Oh wow, good luck! I hope you have a great day. It usually is chaos on kingsday in amsterdam.
  17. *waves* awesome to know that you are so near!
  18. House Procrastinus, sounds like me... Yeah I'm painting a movie, oh mini, watching a movie, arrrrr.
  19. It just arrived, gonna have the great unboxing tonight and probably send them $6
  20. Hmm, maybe I am turning into a grumpy old man! Kids, get off my wifi! --edit-- Sent them an email to quell my curiosity, I will rethink my strategy based on their reply: --edit2-- Got a reply
  21. OMG! I will have to freehand on the shields.... scared now... Maybe I can stick some GW shields on there with patterns.. Love the model! :D
  22. Got an email stating the shipping they charged wasn't enough, email is quoted below. Not sure how its fair to ask me for another $12 after I already paid $12 dollars shipping included in my pledge, but whatever :s (especially with an original delivery date of oct 2014). Also got a tracking code, so hoping it will arrive soon.
  23. Awesome! Looks like we can have a mini party!
  24. Ah, that would be Scotland ;p I DM'd Dilvish with my travel dates :)
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