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  1. I figured I needed something new to store my miniatures, so I bought a house... Signing the contract tomorrow.


    Its the one in the middle of the picture, the most right green door until the drain pipe right of that. Not too wide, but right next to the train station and city centre.






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  2. Im glad you all had a good time. Now I'm regretting not talking my husband into travelling over to Delft while we were in the Netherlands! ::D:

    I could even have given you a tour! Oh well I hope kingsday in Amsterdam was good!

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    *waves* awesome to know that you are so near!

    I know I wa bad responding to your message. Appreciate the tips on Amsterdam btw. We will be here for Kings day. It sounds like it's going to be crazy.


    Oh wow, good luck! I hope you have a great day. It usually is chaos on kingsday in amsterdam.

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  4. Hmm, maybe I am turning into a grumpy old man! Kids, get off my wifi!
    Sent them an email to quell my curiosity, I will rethink my strategy based on their reply:

    I was just wondering if the shipping was costing you $24.17 more than the $12 shipping I already added to my pledge, or if the total shipping was $24.17.


    Got a reply

    Correct, Your half should be 6 bucks not 12. Keep in mind your package has shipped and the tip is optional. Thanks

  5. Got an email stating the shipping they charged wasn't enough, email is quoted below. Not sure how its fair to ask me for another $12 after I already paid $12 dollars shipping included in my pledge, but whatever :s (especially with an original delivery date of oct 2014). Also got a tracking code, so hoping it will arrive soon.

    Your international package will cost us $24.17 USD to ship. This is greater than we expected by a large margin. Although we will ship your package regardless of how (or if) you respond to this email, we figured we’d ask you if you are willing (and able) to split the shipping difference with us. If we were to split the difference, your part would be $12.09 USD.

    If we were right about you being kind and a bit sympathetic, please head over to our Tip-Jar page to help us better absorb your shipping cost. Thanks again!

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