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  1. So I'm visiting Glasgow in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if there are any Glaswegians on the forums who have sightseeing tips or want to show me their mini collection.
  2. PM them. They may let you. Doesn't hurt to ask. Correct you are, pledged for the collectors set.
  3. Any chance of getting in on this via paypal or something? I missed it and would like the collectors set.
  4. Fire and Ice, US based? Their FB page doesnt list a country...
  5. Ok, if I ever get around to buying a dog here in NL, its going to be a beagle. Thanks...
  6. I love the fact how in Glasgow (scotland) you can buy an appartment ranging from 50k to 500k (roughly the same size) depending on location.
  7. Oh how my bankaccount weeps and my heart cries out! Really looking forward to it. :D
  8. I pledged a lot of money for both kickstarters as a form of escapism from my relationship trouble. I really enjoy just having my mini's, sorting through them, picking one I am going to use for my new D&D character, and maybe someday actually painting one again. Best form of therapy ever (aside from talking to people).
  9. I have read some interesting articles going both ways (global cooling/warming), but none really link to any science on the matter of temperature back then vs now. But then we can only measure the temperature since the last ice age, and how can we correctly determine the temperature of the period that already has melted? Age of the earth is 4.54 billion years and according to the interwebz the north pole has only been accumilating ice for 2.7 million years. So why are the ice caps melting? Technically we are in the "Interglacial stage" of our ice age (as there is still ice, we are still in that ice age). Our pollution throws off all bets though, I've read of people saying we are heading towards a cooling period, and also that we are warming up. One thing is sure though, we are having climate change ;p
  10. How do we know the average temperature throughout the history of earth?
  11. dihydrogen monoxide? Does it cause diaphoreses?
  12. Thanks man, thats really nice! I'm from NL, but if you find them at or under $20 it would cover shipping as I'd have to amazon it from the UK or ebay it from the US anyway.
  13. And here I thought you had been visiting Amsterdam...
  14. So I have a new D&D group, and I have this motto that if I use it, I have to own the book... Soo I just bought (D&D 3.5) the Complete Warrior, Complete Champion and Magic Item Compendium. Now to find the Complete Adventurer, Miniatures Handbook and the Draconomicon.
  15. This conversion rate stinks. >.> Now shipping and import tax are so not worth it anymore buying this from the US :(
  16. Just put together my last "mini" from bones 2. Now to decide what to paint first (maybe actually finish some of the pre bones 2 stuff I started on)
  17. Well, DBZ Abridged is the parody (and really funny), but isnt DBZ Kai the one they released as a correct shorter one? Either way let me rephraze: If you could become a superhero, what would be the first big thing you do?
  18. If you could become a super saiyan, what would be the first thing you'd do?
  19. Haha I would forget to take pictures as well when somebody showed up with pizza! *stuffs face*
  20. If it works anything like the dutch one, once you go over a certain amount it goes over the "for personal use" and becomes "business use" which can add another % to it. :(
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