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  1. So somewhere between now and 30 minutes the order should arrive right?
  2. We could order a bunch and have them delivered to the local foodbank?
  3. We could donate to this charity, heard some great things about them: http://bacaworld.org/
  4. I would vote no on the beer, but yes on the cake! "Goodbye and thanks for all the fish"? Or is that too big for the cake? :p
  5. Transferred some money to kaos's paypal, hoping we have enough in total. :) would be great if we could get some pics :p
  6. Heading to bed now, late in my part of the world. Will check back tomorrow to see who I should transfer money to.
  7. Drop me a pm if I can send money somewhere to help out with wings/pizza/beer.
  8. Somebody should make an indiegogo so we can crowdfund some pizza/cake for the reaper crew! And happy birthday Bryan.
  9. Wow! Amazing! I especially like the freehand on the shield & cloth, might try to reproduce a far inferior version of that idea.
  10. Just got mine, looking good! Can't wait to try em out :D
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