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  1. My bones were packed by Blake! Ah well, I got a pretty thankyou card with all the reaper staff forumites on there. :)
  2. Our tax meter starts counting on anything above 22 euro's... But they always add 13 euro handling fee to make sure they don't lose money! So I'd rather have evrything in one go... :p
  3. Can't wait for pictures! Hope it was a smashing lunch!
  4. http://uk.businessinsider.com/keurig-20-hack-2014-12?r=US
  5. @thes Come visit Delft, much nicer than Amsterdam and I could give you a tour! :p My house is pretty small, so I doubt it would be the best location. However I am near the trainstation.
  6. Yeah, would be awesome if we could have a Dutchie Reaper Day or something!
  7. Now I'm curious about how much money we have collected o.O Also, that fruit food thing looks awesome, I want one!
  8. Learning new things everyday! I have never used that word, and I tend to speak Dutch every day. @reaperfolks, awesome progress, very cool to just look at the tracker go and go and go!
  9. Probably! Also we should do an inventory of all the Dutchies on the forum, see how close we are to each other, start a paint group!
  10. So my pacakge is at NL customs, but the UPS MI tracker cannot be converted to a Dutch track and trace number. Only USPS numbers can, and I haven't figured out how to do a UPS MI -> USPS number conversion. Oh well, guess I'll have to wait for the postal service to come round the first time to tell me how much I owe them, and then the second time to pay it ;p
  11. Wave 1 ROW, just got my emails, wooohoooo! 15.5 lbs... Thats a lot of bonesium.
  12. Hmmm Bacon! Also visiting BC Canada this summer. No con or fancy armour :(
  13. Welcome back Cassu! My brother used to live in Australia, but is currently living in Scotland because of work, I might head out to visit him (from NL) in the next month or two! He always complains about the cold over here, haha. Also having been through a divorce myself last year I feel your pain. If you ever need somebody to rant against feel free to PM me!
  14. I have neither emails, so I emailed reaper for more info. (wave 1 ROW)... *sad-panda-face*
  15. I have this problem as well. Recently I have bought a box of shame. It contains all my packaged mini's. The box is full. Everything I buy new has to fit in the box, if it doesnt fit, not allowed to buy it, the only exception is when I start painting it straight away. It works reasonably well.
  16. *makes note to self* Last...Knight...wants...a...boot...to...the...head. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D BWAHAHAHAHA!!! I used to be an adventurer but then I took a boot to the knee
  17. I heard somewhere emails are running later than the tracker. So we (Im also wave 1 ROW) are still in for a little wait! --Edit-- Sorry LadyStorm :(
  18. Just backed this... It sounds like fun!
  19. Haven't seen any NL orders yet... *must keep watching*
  20. Ouch, paypal account is almost empty. Count me in for $5 (and PM me where I send it, might not check up on the forums as much with the D3 S2 starting soon)
  21. It's explained in the Fulfillment Tracker thread, but basically there was a little SNAFU and some of the wave 2 orders jumped the queue. Sounds like wave 1 international orders will finish up tomorrow morning. Thanks! I'll see if I can find the post.
  22. The tracker shows that we are in wave two, i am wave one but havent got my confirmation email yet. (Locked in ages ago, am inetrnational though). Any ideas?
  23. Import tax is for anything over 30 euro's, you pay 16 euro handling fee + 21% tax + any import taxes (usually 6%) if shipping to nl doesnt add a price per book I wouldnt mind wrapping them all in a big box and shipping them in one go?
  24. You guys are so spoilt, try buying US stuff in NL, if it isnt the shipping its the import tax!
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