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  1. I got a GW Baneblade for christmas :D that thing is huuuuge!
  2. Here is a tip, don't come and see them when they are playing in the Netherlands or Belgium, because I have seen them live, and they where so stoned they couldn't hit a single note. :( :( dawww my thoughts exactly, and reason enough to scratch them off the 'concerts I would like to see' list. I know too many people who have gone to concerts where the perform was either drunk, or stoned or whatnot and just murdered their stuff. If I am going to pay my money, I want a good show and good music. To be fair, it was at a festival (Graspop) and they weren't even close to the worst band playing (Epica, they couldnt even hold a single note). However Iron Maiden was very very awesome that year, also I was in the first row, closest to stage, epiiic!
  3. Here is a tip, don't come and see them when they are playing in the Netherlands or Belgium, because I have seen them live, and they where so stoned they couldn't hit a single note. :(
  4. Hah, lets change those numbers: 27 years old here!
  5. I generally just buy some food or drink item I know the person will appreciate (chocolate, beer, wine). That way either they can consume it themselves, or give it away to the next person. (I don't drink, so I get to give away all bottles of wine I get, whoohoo!)
  6. Hmm at work on Mondays during this time. :( Wouldn't mind some European friends to hang out with...
  7. I love the festive season, though I was debating if I wanted to put up the tree this year being alone now... However I'm having some friends come over to set up the tree and much joy will be had! I hate the festive season because everything is soooo busy. I hate shopping when people are in my personal space, usually I just move away, but atm there is nowhere to move to, shops are so full I cannot find any space to stand at all.
  8. For Sinterklaas I got 2 Gotrek and Felix novels and ..... Wait for it .... An apple tv! Sweeet! Now I can stream my ipad to my tv and be all nerdy :D
  9. We could use the police box to transport him to the future for the sci-fi models? Or underwater and a kraken, that sounds awesome too!
  10. Please stay in europe, I love the exchange rate and low shipping prices! :P
  11. Michael, I'm not sure if I should thank you, but for some reason your kickstarters always make me do those dreaded finances I have been putting off (so I know how much I can pledge)
  12. Thanks! But you should feel guilty... I spend all day with a sort of low-grade generic guilt weighing on me; I'd assumed it was just the human condition. Now you've got me thinking it's because all the Kickstarters that fail to fund are somehow MY FAULT! Well it is your fault, if you would have sculpted for their Kickstarters it would have funded within the same day! ;) Also, those drones look mighty fine for my tau army, especially if we could get some "add on" bits on them to turn them into marker/shield drones. You might persuade me yet!
  13. Not my cup of tea, but I see you are funded already, so I won't feel guilty! Gratz! :)
  14. I've been neglecting my workouts, gained 3 kilo's :-( will have to pick up the slack when I actually have room to breathe!
  15. My sympathies, I hope you have lots of family and friends to help you through this difficult time. And don't forget a really large following of reaper forumites!
  16. Bought 2 t-shirts from Jinx, but the postal service hit me with 20 euro's worth of import duties, bah, I only paid 37 euro's so thats more than 50%. Stupid 13 euro handling fee.
  17. I really want to grab those dwarfs and the dwarf golem, silly me... >.< Added a reminder, maybe I'll have the funds when I get it.
  18. Dropped my pledge when I realized I couldn't choose square bases, wanted to use them for my warhammer fantasy army. Doh!
  19. I bought a historically correct axe for my re-enactment period (1450's) And I bought a GW Dragon Ogre shaggoth for cheap, it came painted though:
  20. Got mine, they look awesome! Put them into some temporary slotta bases, will take pictures at some point! :D
  21. -5 modifier when they start a 2nd project before fulfilling the first (and shipping overlaps)?
  22. Did you watch the Dresden files in season 1? Because it only had 1 season, and I'd like to blame you!
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