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  1. See, take this part and quote it out of context and that's exactly why half the world thinks we don't have cities. Well to be fair, we lived in a cabin in northern BC, about 4 km off a forestry road, which was another 4km to the nearest snow plowed road. Then 15 km of gravel road before we hit highway 16... We went to town once a week... :p
  2. When I was staying in canada for a year, back when i was 12, we had a black bear mom, and 2 cubs up a tree about 50 meters away, across the creek. The dog was going crazy trying to bark them away (thats why they went up a tree). We had to take the dog inside so the bears could flee.
  3. I've seen Dragonforce live a couple of times. They ranged from EPIC in the beginning (2005 Iron Maiden tour) to drunk (2011? Melkweg Amsterdam, on their own tour). Hence I have very mixed feelings about the band...
  4. Crap, has it been so long already? Gah that will be my third fat pack to go into the "open at a later point in time" pile. (Need to have at least a fat pack of each set, my OCD requires it!)
  5. I had to google the definition of piebald... Pretty cool, I didnt know there was a word for that, and I'm pretty sure there isn't a word for that in Dutch.
  6. I like halflings, but GW stuff needs to be used in an army, especially if you have a unit of 'em... And I don't have an army to use them in. Also 50+ euro's will buy me lots of reaper stuffs! :D
  7. I just found out that I have 18 of the oop GW's lumpin croop's halflings instead of 10. I am so putting those up on our local ebay tonight :D
  8. Depends on whether you want the look to say outlaw gang or Travis Bickle. Either or both, with the long hair and the wide shouldered build Im gonna be labeled a metalhead thug anyway. I've got a 'nam-era field jacket my dad dyed red-brown. I loved that thing. Then I moved To The South and haven't worn it since. I'd go with the biker jacket.I just might, will let you know after I go shopping with my best female friend this saturday :p
  9. I'm debating whether I should buy a leather 1980's biker jacket, or a 1980's olive colored army jacket...
  10. Any job openings?? Yep! We are looking for software developers and ux designers... Although you might have to relocate to NL :p (I wear nerdy shirts, because I feel my heavy metal shirts are a little too extreme)
  11. In the Netherlands public transport is pretty epic. I can train to the other side of the country in 2 hours, while its only 1.5 hours by car. Pretty decent if you ask me. Also oodles of buses, trams, short distance trains, etc. Edit: a pdf of our railmap: https://www.prorail.nl/sites/default/files/spoorkaart_prorail_april_2013.pdf
  12. Morning folks! I was thinking of buying some paint, but I bought sunglasses (prescription) instead. On sale with 50% off, so only had to pay €32,50, w00t!
  13. Holy crap, im gone one day and 30 pages? Seriously? I refuse to acknowledge this kind of behaviour and will not read them :p
  14. Holy crap, only one provider?! I have a pick of a dozen, currently have 90 mbit, but could get up to 150...
  15. (something like this?) Those bananas have the mark of chaos, it has been touched by the warp and infested with demons! Purge the heretics brothers, let us cleanse the scourge from our earth. In the name of the emperor!
  16. Ah comcast. Are they the only provider over there? I'd switch if I where you... ;p
  17. I have the same problem, only the medium sized ones though.
  18. The city I live in started as a small village in the 11th century, in the 13th century it became a city. William of Orange, who founded the Netherlands moved here in 1572. My apartment was built somewhere in the 50's/60's after the 2nd world war.
  19. Urgh, I know how you feel. Having flu symptoms here. :(
  20. Quick, somebody post me some canada dry, I can't buy it here and it's delicious! I'll trade you guys some Gouda!
  21. You should come visit Gouda some time, you might like to see where it's made :p
  22. For my birthday I got: A pumpkin (wow, seriously folks?) The GW realm of battle board! :D A sun shark bomber for my Tau army Terry Pratchetts's Witches board games And rumor has it there are some Pratchett books in the mail! :D
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