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    77376: Minotaur Demon Lord

    Yeah because of the pose, I had trouble getting a good front on picture, I've only got my phone to take pictures unfortunately :/ Thanks though! I went for the purple cause I felt it was a bit more demon-y
  2. Deathkraiser

    77376: Minotaur Demon Lord

    Here's the third mini I painted from my Bones 2 box. I really liked the pose and sculpt of this mini, so that's why I decided to paint him up next. I don't think i'll ever use him in my D&D games, but damn he looks cool.
  3. Deathkraiser

    03260: Mangu Timur

    That's awesome! Love the detail on the shield and the sword, it's really striking!
  4. Deathkraiser

    14022: Lysette, Elven Mage

    I'm loving the detail on the dress and sword! Awesome!
  5. Deathkraiser

    77224 - Rogan Orc Thief and 77231 - Rugg Bugbear

    That's the effect I was going for! I actually just read a guide on how to make blood splatters look a lot better, and I'm looking forward to giving that a try on my next blood stained miniature!
  6. Recently got my Bones 2 kickstarter in the mail, pretty impressed with it, overall! Got to painting straight away, picked out some of the cooler looking minis to start with. First up we have Rogan the Orc Thief next I painted Rugg the Bugbear. Almost looks like a leader, so I have painted him slightly different than I intend to paint the rest of the bug bears. Colour scheme I got from another post here.
  7. Deathkraiser

    77224 - Rogan Orc Thief and 77231 - Rugg Bugbear

    Thanks everyone! I hope to be posting to this forum more now!
  8. Deathkraiser

    Mangu Timur [Open/Group] thread

    Here's my Mangu Timur all painted up. Going to use him as BBEG I think.