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  1. Thanks to a strong show of support, we achieved our initial funding goal during our first day of the project! Now, we'll start to concentrate on stretch goals. We've issued an update to the project discussing the artwork progress for Frost and Fang. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1231173913/accursed-world-of-morden/posts/1459952
  2. We do have a couple of thorough reviews of the original setting that might be worth a perusal: Tommy Brownell's Review: http://mostunreadblogever.blogspot.com/2013/12/tommys-take-on-accursed.html Aint It Cool News Review: http://www.aintitcool.com/node/66157 If you prefer video, here's one of a reviewer talking a bit about the game setting:
  3. Since we first started blogging about Accursed in 2013, the setting has enjoyed tremendous support from its fans. The game's initial publication depended upon a crowdfunding campaign. Without your help, it never could have come to fruition. Two years later, we're reaching out for your support once more. We want to create a companion volume to Accursed that explores the World of Morden, and we need your help to realize that. At the base level, we're funding an additional ebook on Valkenholm and Steppengrad - "Frost and Fang" - written by Jason Marker and Ross Watson. We'll combine that with Sand and Stone to make a great new print book too. But we'd like to do even more. With your support, we're hoping to fund three total ebooks, to create a nice compilation of material covering the six nations of Morden, the Discordian Sea, and the Outlands. This is a short project--we're just running for 21 days. We also offer a draft version of the Frost and Fang ebook as an immediate reward to all of our backers upon pledging. We know money can be tight after the holidays, but our goals are relatively modest. With your support, we can also make the rewards valuable. Please consider helping us start 2016 in an Accursed fashion. Click through to the Kickstarter for more information on the project as well as an opportunity to back it and see our selection of different rewards. About the Setting: Witches have ruled the land since the last battles of conquest, but their Grand Coven has been sundered, leaving behind remnants of a once-mighty army. The survivors of the horde include captured citizens of the conquered nations that fought as the Witches’ shock troops. These are the Accursed—the Witchmarks burned into their flesh and souls transformed these men and women into monsters. Now, unable to return to their former lives, the Accursed wander the land, giving aid to those in need in an attempt to atone for past sins. Light has failed, darkness is ascendant. Only those bearing the forms of monsters can stand against the tide of the Witches’ evil. The Accursed are this world’s only hope—they must learn to embrace their curse or to fight against it, and find some way to free themselves forever of their Witchmark. Accursed is a dark fantasy setting that requires the Savage Worlds Core Rules and Savage Worlds Horror Companion for use. It includes background information on the nations of Morden. Game mechanics include horrific new Witchbreeds for use as playable characters, along with Setting Rules, Hindrances, Edges, and Powers suited to telling stories set in Morden. The full setting guide also includes detailed information on eight of the Witches and their banes, as well as a range of adventure hooks and a plot point campaign. About the Crowdfunding Campaign: Principal writing for the first ebook is complete, and immediately available to backers in the first project update. Preliminary artwork has already begun to come in. However, we need quite a bit more artwork still, and that’s what we’re hoping to fund. Once funding is successful and final artwork is collected, we'll go through a rigorous system of collecting playtest feedback, final editing, and cleaning up the layout. Then, the book will be available in electronic and print format through DriveThruRPG.com. If this sounds interesting to you, please consider checking out the Kickstarter for more information: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1231173913/accursed-world-of-morden
  4. We're in the final day of the Kickstarter and less than $500 toward our $10,000 stretch goal. If you'd like your name in the book as a backer, this is your last chance. Kickstarter Update #10
  5. Thank you to everyone. I've just posted an update to the Kickstarter about achieving the goal. We're tremendously relieved (and excited, but mostly relieved). We're Funded, with 2 Days to Go
  6. Corktown Precinct's evidence locker bursts at the seams. Too many cases involve cursed artifacts that cannot be safely destroyed. The Vincent We're down to 3 days, and we need $1500 to achieve funding. Please consider pledging and/or helping us spread the word. The Thin Blue Line Kickstarter
  7. We had an $800 day yesterday on the Kickstarter! That's worthy of an update. 4 Days to Go Update! And check out this handsome fellow from Amy Ashbaugh!
  8. In today's blog post, Jason talks about what happens to people after an encounter with the paranormal: After Action Report - Rationalizing Over on the Kickstarter page, we're in the final days and getting down to the wire. We've got about 5 days left to raise an additional $2800 in pledges toward our $8500.00 goal. Backers get immediate access to the playtest draft, and have an opportunity to help shape the final product. We also have a couple of cool promotional items that are only available during the Kickstarter campaign. But if the project fails to reach its goal, none of that matters. It's very unlikely that we'll ever publish this game in its entirety if the project fails to fund. If you think the Detroit deserves an RPG setting that reveals its hidden mysteries, then please consider pledging your support and telling your friends about it. Please give us your consideration.
  9. Jason and I had a great time chatting with the Savage Blogger's Network during a hangout last night. It's now up for streaming! Jason's doing another hangout tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 11PM EDT, with James Walls of Living 4 Crits.
  10. Today's blog update features Antoine Cadillac - Founder of Detroit and originator of its curse. Antoine Laumet de la Mothe, Sieur de Cadillac We've also posted a fresh update to the Kickstarter. This one talks about a new bonus goal (with a way to get Accursed for free!), upcoming demos, and a few more interviews. Last Week Update!
  11. Today Jason talks about some haunted cemeteries, because every good horror setting needs haunted cemeteries. Woodlawn and Evergreen Cemeteries We set a bonus goal on the Kickstarter to reach 200 likes. (Backers at $20 and up get a free map from Fabled Environments.) We're skirting very close to that goal. Please stop by and throw us a like.
  12. Today's blog post features Salt People, who come from the mines beneath the Great Lakes region to scourge the city. Salt People We're a week into the Kickstarter, and we're flirting with 50% of funding. It's time for an announcement, and with it comes a list of five fantastic guest authors for a major stretch goal! Kickstarter Update #3
  13. Today's blog update discusses the Ghost Brigade! And the Kickstarter passed $3900 overnight. We'll announce stretch goals when we hit half-way at $4250. The Ghost Brigade
  14. Two days into the Kickstarter, we've passed 40% funding, and have been selected as a Kickstarter staff pick! We've still got a lot of Detroit to talk about over on our blog. Today's the Packard Plant - Once the world's biggest industrial ruin! The Packard Plant
  15. The Thin Blue Line is an upcoming modern horror game set in Detroit using the Savage Worlds game system. It's Hill Street Blues meets The X-Files (or, to use a more contemporary reference, like The Shield meets Supernatural). In The Thin Blue Line, players take on the role of police officers working out of a rundown precinct house in Corktown, Detroit's Irish neighborhood. These officers are all either psychics or have had a traumatic brush with the supernatural in the course of their duties as a Detroit Police Officer. Paranormal activity is on the rise in Detroit, and it's Corktown's mission to contain it, to keep it under wraps and out of sight of the general populace. That's the thrust of the whole game: beleaguered police officers in an undermanned and underfunded precinct holding off a growing terror set on consuming the city while being slowly driven mad by their own psychic powers and personal demons. We've just launched a Kickstarter Campaign for The Thin Blue Line, and we very much hope that you'll consider backing the project and helping us bring the game to life. Click HERE for a direct link to the project. John took an opportunity to blog a bit about the project in today's blog update: Kickstarter Launch! Thanks for your consideration!
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