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  1. Well me and my buddy Chris are packing up now. We will be leaving Kansas City tomorrow morning at 10:00 and touching down around 3:00. If any early arrivals show up at the Supper 8 look us up. We got a rental car to so anyone that needs a ride to the Con let us know. See you all there.
  2. I'm always up for a game. I will pack my PHB and DMG. Haldir what level of characters do you want for Eberron?
  3. Ok I have never traveled with figs. With all the homeland security crap with flying, would they let my fig's on with carry on lugage or not. They might think I can use a pewter figure as a weapon. I have heard some pretty cracked out security stories. I do not like the prospect of letting bagage handlers put their greasy mits on my figs. What have you guys done in the past? This might be a noob question but does paint explode at higher alititudes? Lord knows that would suck when I got to RCON and had no paints. Any other tips would be great?
  4. Well I got the mini here and its blue. The pictures don't do the figure justice. Dude did a great job on him. After seeing the color scheme close up, I'm going to have to try doing blue armor. It was a shock to find him in the mail so soon. I had a real crappy day at work and then to get him in the mail made it all good.. Now I just got to get mine done. Thanks for a great figure Dude. He will always have a place on my display shelf.
  5. I realy like the depth of your browns, and the mace looks fine to me. The hair seems alittle flat, at first I thought he had a hood. I personly don't know how to fix it. Every time I try to hightly black hair the mini ages 10 years.
  6. Welcome to the boards!!!! I like the scale of the steps, and the brown skin tone for the drider. I think that your moss on the floor needs to stand out more. It just kinda fades into the grays of the stone. Hope to see more of your work.
  7. It was rummored that Reaper might be making some deals with local hotels. Is that true?
  8. Me and a Buddy are driving out from Kansas City. It should be a fun trip.
  9. Brumbor


    I got my classes, wish I was quicker you guys beat me to Anne. Jester, Haley, & Reimer look out.
  10. For someof your more plump witchs I would recomend converting some of the reaper townsfolk females. Just hack off the hands to the plump barmaid and sculpt new ones on.
  11. I don't know that much about minting coins. Do they have anything on them that is traceable #'s, symbols, that sort of thing. Find 3000 nickles from the same mint and they could start tracking your drop off points.
  12. Victoria's Cross??? Steampunk/Fantasy I will defently get into that game.
  13. I'm glad you show your work here. Alot of the top painters here help keep the rest of us inspired to work harder.
  14. Hmm Well don't they have nickle slot machines, that would be a fairly good place to dump them. It would still take forever to get rid of them all.
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