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  1. The Reaper Folks must have some sick fetish to punish themself! Oh my wife IS NOT GOING TO BE HAPPY. I am going to watch this, build up some cash to stockpile this time. Depends on what they put in this time...Cthulu, Chronoscope and the monsters is what drew me in on this one....so if the Reaper folks are reading.... 1) Horror stuff... 2) Chronoscope - Super Heroes You will sucker me back again!
  2. So, has Reaper heard any word about the next shipment? A few weeks back they said they was expecting it any day now. Didn't know if they had tracking info on it or something. Just ready to bust open a box of Bones and paint away!
  3. Vampire x1 TownsFolk x1 Mythos Monsters x1 Red Dragon x1 Pirates x1 TownsFolk II x1 C'thulhu x1 Figure Case x1 Forces Of Nature x1
  4. Hrm, what Tier is a US with 1 Vampire, a case, a Cthulu and a few other add ons? My wife is teasing me as I stalk the mail box and my email.... I joked with her I wanted to buy a baby wading pool and dump all the Bones in there and swim in them!
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