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  1. Okay! Well... I think I got a good darker blue colour. At least. Shame I can't transition so I outlined instead. Doesn't look too catastrophic from a "myspace angle" of top-down view that would be seen while gaming, at least... Though face-on is... iffy. Don't suppose there's any way to spoiler tag these with a button drop-down so I don't eat the bandwidth of phone viewers, eh? like a [spoiler=art click here] kind of thing you see on some forums? Either way, front-and-back from a second coat of gold (separate water bowl to avoid gold flecks), lining the inner edge of each kilt ple
  2. Thank you for the ongoing tips. I guess that means I'll need to figure out how to mix a bit to get a different blue for contrast. I did notice I needed far less paint than I thought, even without fancy thinning methods. And thanks as well for the links there Ub3r, bookmarked. Noted on the separate metals thing too. Didn't seem to come up here, but the blue and red are really strong, something milder might make it much more noticible, I shall try to be careful. My end goal is tabletop quality stuff (yeah, aim high, I know) so that my D&D group can eventually stop using badgers to repres
  3. Hello! I'm Ravenscroft! I've been sitting on these Bones minis for quite a while now and finally got a round toit, so I gotta paint 'em, right? It's kinda relaxing, being able to focus and see as colour fills gaps... Even if apparently I need to go back to kindergarden since I can't paint in the lines sometimes. Either way! WIP! My first mini painting attempt! I've watched a lot of tutorials and read a bunch of stuff on how I should set up my workstation and whatnot. I use a wet palette made from a blister pack, water, a kitchen sponge, and parchment paper on top. I have gater clip
  4. I haven't missed anything important, have I? Like a badge? *Looks* Alrighty, phew.
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