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  1. Okay! Well... I think I got a good darker blue colour. At least. Shame I can't transition so I outlined instead. Doesn't look too catastrophic from a "myspace angle" of top-down view that would be seen while gaming, at least... Though face-on is... iffy. Don't suppose there's any way to spoiler tag these with a button drop-down so I don't eat the bandwidth of phone viewers, eh? like a [spoiler=art click here] kind of thing you see on some forums? Either way, front-and-back from a second coat of gold (separate water bowl to avoid gold flecks), lining the inner edge of each kilt pleat in the darker blue (I'm using so little that exact measurements like 3:1 drops would be wasteful with leftovers, it's close to a 2:1 ish, but is really a dab with a tap's worth.). Gave another coat of red as well since the gloves dried weird. I tried the black wash on the silver thing, mostly since it is really shiny silvery and I wanted iron, which is a bit more dull in my mind even if both are really shiny in reality (but I'm pointlessly pontificating). I apologize if the pictures are painful to look at. My main hope is letting other complete newbies see it and going "oh, I can do better than that" and getting more mini painters out there so if I ever join their groups they'll have good minis. My hands are really shakey, much better suited to the mixing paints part of the job than the putting them on things part. :) Administrative! Dontfear: Nah, as you may note from the colourful spelling of colour, I'm Canadian, though I've been to NC... twice? I think? Mostly to drive through to warmer vacation climates, though I'm sure its a nice state. Ravens have crofts all over, it seems. Also, question! To anyone, really: The tutorials I've read on sealing seem to use spray-sealers, or their dip-and-flick quickshade doubles as a sealer. So brushing one on is something new to me. Should I use a different brush/water bowl/extra particular caution while using it, since its different than the paint stuff?
  2. Thank you for the ongoing tips. I guess that means I'll need to figure out how to mix a bit to get a different blue for contrast. I did notice I needed far less paint than I thought, even without fancy thinning methods. And thanks as well for the links there Ub3r, bookmarked. Noted on the separate metals thing too. Didn't seem to come up here, but the blue and red are really strong, something milder might make it much more noticible, I shall try to be careful. My end goal is tabletop quality stuff (yeah, aim high, I know) so that my D&D group can eventually stop using badgers to represent everything from bears to dragons. I'm going to take the stuff slow, one paint session a day, so I won't burn out. I'll see if I can apply those tips in this one for tomorrow.
  3. Hello! I'm Ravenscroft! I've been sitting on these Bones minis for quite a while now and finally got a round toit, so I gotta paint 'em, right? It's kinda relaxing, being able to focus and see as colour fills gaps... Even if apparently I need to go back to kindergarden since I can't paint in the lines sometimes. Either way! WIP! My first mini painting attempt! I've watched a lot of tutorials and read a bunch of stuff on how I should set up my workstation and whatnot. I use a wet palette made from a blister pack, water, a kitchen sponge, and parchment paper on top. I have gater clips to hold the mini so it won't smudge. Most tutorials suggest starting with a big mini, so details aren't as much a worry. Well, I've got Kaladrax! ...But he's too big, methinks, so I went with a golem of fairly big Medium size instead. Lots of the same colour, fairly simple pose, no weird crevasses and corners... Ideal as a starting point, I think. My aim was to make it a smaller Iron Golem, so I went with a silver-ish paint I had (I'm not going to be mixing weird colours on my first attempt, I'm well-read, but a lot of theory is only good when you've got the practical backing it up, my hands are newbie-shakey doing this as is). ...It looks a lot nicer in-person than on cell-phone-cam... Even with the whole newbie element involved. So... Basecoat: And because that looks really plain, we've got two more colours: Ongoing advice, tips, suggestions, supportive words appreciated. ...He looks kinda like a Pro-Wrestler Golem... Kinda want to paint the bracers and hands red now, but it would be silly... ...And after typing that... You know what? It's my first mini, it's allowed to look silly. So here it is after the first base coatings, before touching up and fixing and tapping on the bits that bled paint to other bits and bits my hand smudged... Not that bad from the back for the lines, shame most folks will see the front. (Things used: 09053 Honed Steel, 09051 New Gold, 09016 Sapphire Blue, 09003 Blood Red. Start simple, right?) Things I ask for learning so far: 1) I keep hearing about colour wheels, and I know the wheel itself, but they talk about using it with some sort of triangulation to find ideal colour matches, is there a place I can find a tutorial on that, by the by? 2) Also, is there some sort of convention for the bases' colours? Leaving it blank seems unprofessional (not to mention smudgey for this one), but green may add an unnecessary colour. White? Black? 3) The kilt's blue is really matte and dark, which kind of eats the details (even if the only detail is the kilt's folds). Any tips on how to make that "pop" a bit better while still being a relatively similar/the same colour? 4) One of the paints I got in my variety pack is labelled "Brush-on Sealer"... I assume I use that on the whole thing once it's "done"? Things learned so far: Gold is really hard to overpower either silver or blue. It probably should have gone on before those colours. My red paint is a bit more liquidy than my other paints... Should keep this in mind.
  4. I haven't missed anything important, have I? Like a badge? *Looks* Alrighty, phew.
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