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  1. Pretty sure the conquest fire dwarves are out now, they are not called dwarves though.
  2. Looks good man, congratulations on completing him.
  3. Very nice. I like these sculpts and you did a good job on all of them.
  4. They totally look like they are dancing and it is AWESOME!
  5. Really liking the blood spatter on the blade. Good work all 'round but that really caught my eye.
  6. Almost like them more than the ones I got from a kickstarter...hmm, way cheaper that's for sure...yup, good work sir. Way more stable on the tabletop too, that's for damn sure. Glad to see you guys keep churning out terrain for your games, love it.
  7. Not too cramped, looks just about right to me. I like the colors on your tau.
  8. I think it looks just fine the way it is, no need to add the flora. Not saying don't blend it in with the rest of the jungle just that it is fine the way it is now.
  9. Looks good man. I should really start posting stuff again... Is everyone just using the forum to host pics now?
  10. Interesting stuff you have there. I like what I see so far so I'll keep an eye on this.
  11. Looks good. Could it be that the banks of the river aren't raised enough? Tall grasses and reeds maybe? Varied colors of the clump foliage could help break up the solid color look which may be what is bothering you. Rocks and logs in the river itself to break up the clean running stream?
  12. Go on, you have my attention.... I love Infinity the game. Terrific stuff as always sir.
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