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  1. Nice list! I saw the new Australian wildlife news item Reaper just sent out for fire relief (thanks a heap Reaper - great gesture), and thought I'd drop in here to make a similar suggestion - it's been a while since I've visited here. Wouldn't take much to turn the nice koala in a tree sculpt to a fearsome Dropbear (which of course would be my favourite). I've been known to mention this one once or twice during the earlier Bones KS campaigns ;) Other ideas: Hoop Snake (it's a snake that grabs it's tail to form a ring, and rolls down a hill to attack!) Taniwha (a water demon thingy from New Zealand that steals Maori princesses) Giant/Dire Tasmanian Devil Giant/Dire Tasmanian Tiger Giant/Dire Dingo Yowie (sort of like an Outback Australian Yeti or Bigfoot)
  2. Shipments seem to be happening finally. Received mine (level 7) today. There are a few others on Otherworld forums reporting seeing shipments. Hope everyone gets their stuff soon!
  3. RoW (Melbourne, Australia) Wave 1 arrived today. UPS Tracker still hasn't been updated since the 19th ("Shipment Acceptance at international carrier").
  4. RoW1 (Australia) here. Still waiting. Nervously. I say nervously because I'm moving house in two weeks time. On Reaper's advice, I had it shipped to a friend instead. Only to now find out my friend is moving house at the same time I am. So really hoping it arrives in the next two weeks!! Anyway, tracker says: Australia 02/19/2015 11:26 A.M. Shipment Acceptance at international carrier Bensenville, IL, United States 02/18/2015 1:35 P.M. Package received for processing by UPS Mail Innovations Not sure I believe that the top entry really means it is in Australia. If the date/time is indeed "local" as it says, there's only about a 5 hour time difference between the two entries, not enough for a flight to Australia. I think maybe that top entry means it has arrived at the carrier that is shipping it to Australia. But that was 5 days ago. Hope it's here now, maybe in customs.
  5. Agree, but it's late, and only US backers have received anything, we Internationals don't have anything yet. Wish they'd waited till completion of the current project before starting this one.
  6. Invested big in previous kickstarter, don't doubt that it will fulfill but not investing again till it does...
  7. All good suggestions, agree wholeheartedly. Email trail... May - got response within a day or two indicating stuff would be sent at the end of the week June - got response a couple of weeks later indicating stuff would be sent in the next couple of days Sept - no response Nov - no response Dec (two weeks ago) - no response I use my real name, and email messages have been very polite. Have provided address information twice at least. Customer service just ain't his thing...
  8. Still waiting on all of mine (level 7).
  9. Agree Kay. Assimilation Alien Host is another in the same boat - terribly late, no ETA for completion, but communication is great (some say too much!!). As a result, I'm not overly fussed about it, and expect I'll see my product at some point. Even EFS (Gladiators/Midgard) is less of a concern to me. Mick isn't always comprehensible, but he does reply to you, and does seem to be trying to keep up with the communication. Same deal for Warriors of Darkmyre. If it wasn't for good folk like Darsc, and others reporting they are receiving their stuff, then Otherworld may as well be in the same category as CSM as far as I'm concerned (yep, burnt there too). I do continue to hope that I'll see my stuff from Otherworld, but can give little credence to Richard's "end of the year" statement given how many previous estimates have flown by without so much as an acknowledgement. It's very disappointing. A once-a-month post with "xx shipped this month; yy/241 total shipped; expect to ship zz next month" would do me, really not too much to expect is it? Itar's Workshop does this - he doesn't always get a lot done each month, but we can see he is progressing (and I've actually got my stuff from this one, yay!). Gold star goes to Worldsmith Industries Resin Terrain KS. Exceptional updates so far.
  10. Glad to hear you got your stuff Darsc, still waiting here, and still no response to email inquiries. Here's the latest Richard has posted on his forum: I'm still expecting to have everything shipped out and complete by the end of the year. I fully understand the frustration felt by those of you who are still waiting, but please try to refrain from posting negative or abusive comments or emails. This constant barrage of criticism is serving no purpose at all. Really disappointed by this response. And that we haven't had an official update in 7 months. But I suppose this comment doesn't serve any useful purpose...
  11. Thanks Damenace, good news is that it's on its way - got tracking notice on Friday! Not long now...
  12. No, nothing special that I recall, but shipping here to Australia might take a while longer ;)
  13. Still waiting on Lev 7 (all). Received two email messages from Richard. On May 19, I was promised my order would be sent 'at the end of the week'. On July 7 I was promised my order would be sent 'in the next couple of days' (along with a shipping notice). Neither eventuated. I confirmed my delivery info back in May. Hence my lack of optimism with your update, Zarsc, but thanks for sharing. We can only hope...
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