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  1. Putting my new Photon through its paces printing some Heroforge sculpts.


    The halfling operative is actually a mash-up of two Heroforge sculpts in Tinkercad. (Why can't Heroforge let you have just a single cyberarm?)


    Didn't think to photograph her till I had the primer on:




    The first print of the gnome solarion didn't have enough supports on the arm with the fireball, so after cleaning the resulting lump out of the vat and trying again with more supports, here she is, supports and all:





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  2. From left to right:

    * The windows of the diasporan pirate ship needed a lot of touch-up work, but are starting to look ok.

    * Got new paints in and put them to use on the diasporan transport. Now getting ink drying on its top.

    * Ink on the top of the veskarium transport is drying.


    To answer earlier questions; even with a proper scrubbing, MSP primer isn't drying on my test model. Must be something in the plastic of these ships that doesn't go with it.


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  3. On 4/19/2018 at 3:54 PM, Serenity said:

    (1) Did you try the MSP brush-on primer again after washing them?

    (2) What brand of white acrylic did you use?  Is it a paint, not a primer?

    Testing MSP primer after a proper scrubbing overnight tonight.

    I'm using craft smart multi surface premium satin acrylic. It is technically a paint rather than a primer.


    After tonight's work, the last primer coat coat is drying on the Pact Worlds Corvette.




    The base coat is drying on the Diasporan Pirate Ship




    And ink is drying on the underside of the Veskarium Transport.



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  4. So I got a cheap bag of spaceship toys to use for Starfinder ship combats. They'll work unbased and unpainted, but why settle?




    MSP brush-on primer didn't dry properly on my first test subjects. Backing up and consulting Amazon reviews, I try a coating of all-surface white acrylic as primer.




    After a couple hours that's dry, and I start layering a base coat on the Veskarium Transport.



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  5. 1 hour ago, Gadgetman! said:

    Try washing them in Isopropyl Alcohol first.  

    (I'm assuming that you've already washed them with dishwashing soap and afterwards rinsed the mthoroughly)


    Like a fool who's not painted anything in a year and a half, I did indeed forget to give these the most basic soap and water washing. No wonder I'm having problems.

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  6. So I got a bulk pack of toy spaceships to use as proxies in Starfinder ship combats. They'll work as-is, but I was hoping to pretty them up some. The material feels similar to bonesium, but can't be sure.


    Mounted three on flight pegs and primed them with Reaper MSP brush-on primer.


    12 hours later, the primer is still tacky.


    Any suggestions on other ways to prime and paint these things?


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