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  1. I need a mini suitable for a halfling viking, and I love doing weapon swaps. What more is there to say? Elliwyn will provide the body, while this generous gnoll will provide the round wooden shield. May need a fine file or sandpaper to get residual bits of gnoll arm off that shield. Unless I get a better idea, one of these gents is going to "donate" an axe. Probably Hakon (center) since he's from a non-random set.
  2. And here she is after her return from my painter friend. Hmm, dare I try to cut her free from her base and do something fancy at this point?
  3. Bare hands and a small knife. What do you suggest? The sword-swap went smoothly. I'm debating how fancy I want to get with the base, given that I plan to deliver it to a friend for painting Friday.
  4. I feel like today's session with greenstuff mostly ended in blobby mess around the neck. Though I'm mostly satisfied with the fill-in I did on her cloak (where I had to cut a bit of her old dreads off it.) I need more practice with greenstuff...
  5. I'd also been considering havign hair flowing out the back of the helmet. Any suggestions if i decide to go that way? Any tutorials on sculpting hair?
  6. Welcome to the Order of the Nail, Armiger Seelah. First, you will need a proper helmet to complete your armor. Ragnaros has violated his oaths to the order. You may take his. *thwack* Well done, it suits you. Next, you will need a blade more suited to our order. You summoned me, master? Why are you looking at me like that? What do you mean "Which arm?" ---- Before I get too glue-happy, any suggestions for filling the big gap in the back of the neck? Just man up and use plenty of greenstuff?
  7. Not an arrow in her shield, but trying to decorate it with one of the rose medallions taken from the bones sarcophagus. Trying, it refuses to sit flush, going to have to do a bunch of fill-in with greenstuff I think. A blade looted from a goblin completes her gear. Pins in the dwarf's feet are clipped and stuck into fresh greenstuff filling some holes on the base. There's another sewing pin in her arm that I didn't get a photo of, the glove below the wrist and gun are taken from another bones mini and held on with one.
  8. I may be taking "pinning" things too literally, but I've found sewing pins are so nice to use with bones. Their tips dig into the plastic easily if you run them under some hot water, and with a little glue, they stay there. They're also east to clip down, and easy to get in bulk. As a bonus, their heads make ready-made heads for 28mm scale staves: Does anyone else use sewing pins for their conversion work?
  9. A coat of gloss sealer did indeed give it a nice watery look. I think it's ready to menace my players on the tabletop this weekend. The green slime is also looking good, but needs some sort of base. Now to see if I can't strip the paint test ooze and start over.
  10. I made another pass at the eyes today. It was not a success. Maybe the new brushes I tried weren't up to it, but I think my hands are just too shaky. I'm going to end up destroying the mini with too many coats on the face, aren't I?
  11. Testing gloss sealer on another paint test ooze, this one with green ink. How's it look?
  12. My attempt at lining the eyes with a micron pen was not successful. Not sure how I'm going to tackle the eyes. May need a new, finer brush. Suggestions on brushes, techniques or more are welcome. Tonight was otherwise a night of touch-ups, though I can see I still need a few more on her trousers and boots. And I keep forgetting to do metallic details on her belt buckle. Oops. Hopefully I can finish her to a quality that's better than my previous maybe-it-will-be-good-enough-for-taletop quality.
  13. October? That puts it at a dead spot in the Houston convention season. (Where previously it had a tendency to fall uncomfortably close to Owlcon, MAG-Con and Comicpalooza.) Hopefully, I'll be free to drive up there next year.
  14. Well, I lied about not having a brown I liked in stock. VallejoDark Flesh managed to do a decent job as a wood on the gun and crossbow stocks. Those fine details... I'm not sure if it's brush quality, brush control or eyesight limiting me, but I'm struggling with them.
  15. Well that ended up cloudy and ugly. I wouldn't add any more paint, but I'd hit with a liberal coat of high gloss sealer to make it really shiny and wet-looking. I like this, and even have a can of really glossy stuff sitting around.
  16. I may try thinning some MSP pearl white with some clear sealer to try to create a bit of a sea-foam effect, but I want to test that technique on a smaller bones slime first to see how it works, look for results of that test late tonight.
  17. Liking the colors so far, I pick up after several months of neglect continuing to fill in the body, and testing colors on the wings. I think I'll go with the lighter blue on the wing membranes.
  18. Wow, has it really been 4 months? My painting last time revealed some really horrible mold lines. I cut those off as best I can. Being dissatisfied with the last session's colors, I do a lot of painting over bits this session. The character will in time end up in a mithril chain shirt, so I try for a silvery look with MSP polished silver. I also repaint her trousers MSPp olished bone, and the gun's action vallejo brass. Now I feel like I'm getting somewhere, but can't find a brown I like for the gun's stock in my collection. Time to order something If i can't find a decent colo
  19. So I started on this gelatinous cube by thinning some blue ink with MSP sealer and washing it across the figure. I feel like the results came out quite well for a first coat, but what would forumites recommend as the next step? I want to preserve the translucency of the figure as much as I can.
  20. Here's a quick one before I go to bed then: her axe is pinned and glued. Belt pouches to go on once everything is painted. Also, I plan to embellish the bottom of the axe haft somehow, probably also once painting is complete.
  21. So I hit upon a new PF character concept; a tiefling wielding a ginormous axe, and decide it's high time I got back into conversion and painting. Left: Sinessa (77119) provides the main body. Right: An orc warboss (77064) not-so-generously gives up his axe for the project. Center: Sinessa has an unfortunately bare posterior. A gentelmanly IMEF officer (80016) offers belt pouches that will keep her decent and carry her stuff. Wish me luck. I hope my already shaky skills haven't deteriorated too much in the months since I last painted.
  22. I'd been slacking on painting my minis. But seeing goremaw for some reason makes me want to pick up, get some practice in again, and paint him up as cindermaw the clan eater from Paizo's Curse of the Crimson Throne AP when he arrives.
  23. Looks like just what I need for minis storage. Backed.
  24. My Bones II package arrived a couple days ago. Limited funds means I didn't get everything. Of what I got, however, she is definitely the highlight. She comes with her left front leg bent a little too far inwards: A dip in boiling water fixes that up: Paint test with MSP Sapphire Blue and Vallejo Electric Blue:
  25. Finally had a chance to break out paints again today, but i feel rather "meh" with the results. Lots of paint slopped where it shouldn't be. The blue-gray for her clothes is way too blue. The tanned leather is beading on the bare bonesium on her boots, and i feel the brown I used for the gun's stock is too dark. Meh.
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