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  1. Well, the first I'll start on is Blightfang, but he's a big project, so I may start and finish something else in the meantime.
  2. Finally got the courage and time to get started painting. The mini says "Dwarf" moreso than "Halfling" to me, so I've decided to paint her up as one Pathfinder's Pahmet desert dwarves. Going for the desert wanderer look, I try MSP Tanned Flesh for the face and MSP Tanned Leather for the various leather bits. A quick look at the mini afterwards had me thinking there wasn't enough contrast between the two, and the camera flash has confirmed my suspicions. The paint has also revealed some mold lines I missed on the hood, so I need to go back over the mini and cut those off. Any s
  3. I prime over the dried greenstuff. Took it out on the tabletop like this and my fellow players didn't recognize it as a conversion even. Now I'm getting nervous if I can do the conversion work justice with my painting skills. And wondering what I'll do about a base.
  4. Are you near a FLGS that has terrain tables set up for wargaming? They might be interested in buying it instead of it just going in the trash.
  5. Backed. I don't know yet if I'll end up using them as dungeon terrain or bases for large minis, as I could use both.
  6. QFT - was going to say the exact same thing. And indeed, much of the unmixed areas are still quite runny. I may have to try again with better-mixed greenstuff.
  7. Right: I fill the gaps in her arm with a little greenstuff. Left: I use rather more greenstuff to sculpt what will become sand dunes onto a otherwise boring 25mm base.
  8. So I was thinking of building a Halfling gunslinger for Pathfinder Society, and I hit the snag that I know of no Halfling minis with firearms. Wait, this can mean only one thing, another weapon conversion. Baliey Silverbell and Gruff Grimecleaver have about the same hand size after gloves. Here she is recovering (letting the glue dry) after the operation. I can see I'll have to fill some gaps with a little greenstuff.
  9. Thanks. I'd say they're the part I'm proudest of as well. The decision to put her on something other than a bland black tabletop base came late, but i think it was worth the extra work.
  10. I always assumed it was a jug of water or booze.
  11. It's Krylon low-odor "matte" spray. "Matte" definitely deserves the sarcasm quotes here. I'll see if I can't find a can of Testor's before my next mini, or go back to MSP brush-on sealer.
  12. Sound advice. Her hair, let's see. Base coat is Vallejo Dark Red, darkened with a MSP Black ink Wash and then a hint of MSP Blood Red in drybrushing.
  13. Cast out by her family for being unable to cast magic, Cori wanders an ancient battlefield, trusty glaive in hand.
  14. Well, I finished a mini for one of my Pathfinder characters after about 5 months of not painting. Maybe I'll try this one again after more practice. Or maybe not since between mini, weapon conversion and base It took 3 Bones minis to do it. Suggestions for improvement are welcome. See also my work in progress thread.
  15. Here she is on the final base. And now the fake grass goes on. She looks terrible from this angle: Other shots, not as bad: Now to let the glues dry overnight.
  16. After hitting her with spray sealer, here she is cut off of her broccoli base and getting pinned to attach her to her final base.
  17. Finish painting the vampire box? Not sure I'll ever do that. My current use for it has been to pull out and paint minis as needed for my gaming habits. That said, at the rate I'm taking things apart for conversions, I may exhaust the vampire box for bits and sprues.
  18. Here she is after washing and drybrushing her coat and hair. I've given up on damascus steel for her glaive after trying a couple different techniques. I start work on a less boring base for her. And play with perspective to test the look.
  19. After much, perhaps too much fiddling about with wash coats, the face came out rather warlike, which I think suits her character. I'm not terribly happy with it, but there may not be much more I can do. Definitely going to use that pen to line the eyes before I start next mini. Is it true that brush-on sealers (like the MSP one) will cause its ink to run?
  20. As I said, I cannot paint eyes. So I cheat with a micron pen, then clean up around my stray pen work with paint. It's... ok for tabletop I guess. Also, starting with wash coats on her clothes.
  21. I'm trying to work on it tonight. In the 5 months of not painting before I started this mini, I forgot one crucial problem. I cannot paint eyes. So here I am slowly fiddling around and destroying the details on the mini with repeated coats until I'll have to dunk the head in simple green and start over.
  22. Not much progress these last 2 nights. The wash coat on the face, chest, and hands dried very unevenly. (I think this ink is past it's use-by date.) I experiment with a bit of freehand on the glaive blade to give it a more Damascus steel look, but I don't know if the contrast between shades is enough. Any suggestions aside from getting a fresh bottle of ink?
  23. Thanks. Tan belt it is then. Base coating looks largely finished. I see some small areas I need to touch up when I zoom in close. Hopefully I can tackle those and the wash coats tomorrow night and probably drybrush Saturday, then tackle the eyes. Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to do with that base. Not liking it's current drab look at all.
  24. So inspiration finally struck me for this month's bones beauty pageant challenge. I'll be making a core-only glaive-wielding Halfling fighter, and I've picked Cassie as the base model to work with. Given that my last attempt with this model ended with her blindfolded and used to test new sealers, I think I have a lot of room to improve. I first want to convert her spear into something slightly more glaive-ish. After rummaging through my vampire set, I deprive some poor mummy of its khopesh blade. Pinning something this small is a challenge. My pin vice is too high-caliber for t
  25. Liking what I see so far in your prototypes. Size-wise, I use my figures mostly for tabletop gaming on 1-inch (25mm) grids. This presents a problem using 30mm bases as they don't play well with adjacent figs. Wouldn't mind having a huge number of 25mm rounds to paint and then re-base my various prepainted minis onto to help them stand out. Also, there just aren't enough 50mm and 75mm rounds in packs of bases for my giants. And then I could definitely do with some 100-125mm bases for the colossal figures like Ebonwrath and Wyrmgear.
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