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  1. I'll share the campaign I'm brainstorming: You are living on a peaceful fantasy world that hasn't seen serious war in 500 years. A vast high-tech interstellar empire has decided to annex your planet.
  2. I mostly use minis for gaming, and 99% of it at conventions and game stores. I definitely prefer plastic because it's harder-wearing, and handles both rough transport, and rough handling from players better.
  3. Yeah, the shield definitely has problems standing out on the back. Maybe i should have made the shield bronze. Or maybe a darker shade like gunmetal. That would keep the robot theme but still provide separation. This makes me want to find a skeleton mini and try a techno/terminator conversion. Fun fact: originally, the robot was going to be gunmetal, and you can still see that in his darker areas, but i ended up drybrushing more silver than planned on because I liked the look, thus he ended up much the same color as his silver shield.
  4. Yeah, the shield definitely has problems standing out on the back. Maybe i should have made the shield bronze.
  5. The android skeleton, horror of science and necromancy. Done almost entirely with metallic silver, gunmetal gray, and some black ink plus a little brass.
  6. So a small studio I only heard of through my old San Francisco gaming buddies has announced a new kickstarter for an amazon fantasy football team. I'll admit I'm less than excited about the amazon team, but if you scroll down a bit, you can pick up his older Dwarf team from this kickstarter as well. (See my work on painting their cheerleader here.)
  7. It's been a bit since i had a chance to paint, but i just wanted to pop in to say that she's available again as part of a new kickstarter. (Scroll down a bit for the mention of dwarves as a reward.)
  8. She needs eyeshadow. It needs to be black. ufortunately, the ink I tried to use to create this effect dried strangely, giving her a bruised look. I start re-doing the wash on the bask of her legs. I feel like the washed areas on her front could use lightening up, but I'm not sure how. Suggestions?
  9. New brush comes to the rescue on the eyes. Not entirely satisfied with how the wash ended up on the back of her legs. Do I want to re-do that? For details like eyes, I find I'm having to paint, then use the camera's zoom lens to see what I've actually done. Not sure if i need a magnifying lens or just new glasses.
  10. The base coat on Yephima revealed some pretty hideous mold lines. I filed those down, and repainted, using a little more pearl white in the mix this time. Added a little more ink to the ribcage on the android skeleton here. I think it's about done.
  11. Finally I get a chance to sit down and paint again. Today, I work on touching up areas that ended up too dark on the front from the wash coat. Taking a photo with a darker background helps show some areas of the dress which will need work. I get too heavy a wash coat on the back, will need touch-up here too. It looks like I've managed to make a total mess of the face. Help!
  12. I tried and tried to get the shading right but in the end still couldn't get it where I wanted. The base started as a 40mm citadel round plastic base. I added some greenstuff on top to give the appearance of it popping out of a hole in the sand, then covered the whole thing with black sand to complete the look.
  13. So I got bored and went on a sci-fi kick while painting an old Mega Minis scorpion, and decided it needed to be a robot scorpion with a machine-gun tail. One of my Kickstarter IMEF Bones gave up his weapon for this cause. Not terribly happy with the body tones. I couldn't quite get them where I wanted them. However, I'm very happy with how its gun came out in the end.
  14. The mother bear is sealed and ready for basing. I'm not completely satisfied with the eyes but I'll go with them for now. The bear cub (not pictured) needs his eyes re-done completely before he'll be ready. I decide to stop fiddling with the colors on the robot scorpion and seal it as well. I've already put too many coats on the thing. And the android skeleton is coming along nicely, and about ready for the sealer and base as well.
  15. Well, I tried that, but it didn't turn out quite as I hoped. Got milk? Aside from that, today was a day of touch-ups, as well as getting ready to paint those dreaded eyes. I'm starting to hate how close her left hand is to her face. Wish that had come as a separate sprue.
  16. Got his right rear leg free of its broccoli. Also, started basecoating all the brass areas, which will be his main color.
  17. My Yephima arrived. I'm inspired to paint her up as a giant android for a very strange PFRPG campaign I'm brainstorming. I try mixing MSP pearl white and MSP fair skin about 50/50 to create a pale skin tone with hopefulyl a bit of synthetic sheen. Do you think it worked? I also see that I put it on while the mini was slightly damp and it beaded somewhat, need to touch it up. Disaster strikes as I grab the wrong blue for details on the Undine's face. Forced to re-paint he face with the right one and start again. My drybrushing technique needs work and I got more silver tha
  18. Washed her skin with MSP flesh wash, can see some areas that could use a second coat. Decided dress should match skirs and did it up in charcoal grey to shade to black later. Drybrushed the stein with black highlights to look like an old pitch-sealed stein. But I'm having the hardest time getting the color of the beer right. It doesn't help I don't personally drink the stuff. She may end up with a tankard of red wine instead. (Anyone have color recipes for beer of wine to share?)
  19. Weapons sprues, both fantasy and chronoscope. My chronoscope bones from the kickstarter are slowly sacrificing their weapons for sci-fi and steampunk conversions of other figures.
  20. I think I know what colors I want her dress. It's just a question of how much details I want to invest. Gave the hair a little more ink as well. Also, started on her flesh with MSP Fair Flesh, because you're not a proper goth if you let yourself tan.
  21. I get to work on giving my bears eyes. It doesn't go smoothly. The wash on the android skeleton went on too heavy, giving it a blasted, fire-damaged look. I kind of like it, but it also dulls the metallic sheen pretty heavily. Need to decide whether or not I keep this look. I work on some details on the undine, then get ready to tackle her eyes. How I hate doing eyes.
  22. A coat of ink on the scorpion did some really strange things while drying, leaving him too dull and dark. Not sure if I should paint over it or strip the whole damn thing and start over. Recommendations?
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