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  1. I've decided to create a unified WIP thread for my WIPs which don't have their own thread. I started painting this old Mega Minis scorpion black for use in fantasy gaming. I quickly get bored of that and decide it should be a robot scorpion with machine guns. A bones IMEF solder gives up his weapon for this noble cause. The black undercoat gives it a somewhat mercury-like appearance, which I like. I practice my drybrushing techniques on some Mega minis bears I primed ages ago, and with a little too much primer I think. A bones skeleton with paintjob inspired by a certain
  2. I've washed her hair with a black ink, then drubrushed a light brown, and yet it still looks pretty monochromatic. Argh! Wash dried weird on one side of the stein, requiring me to paint over it. Again argh! I should totally decide on color set for her dress and stop putting off doing the flesh tones.
  3. Just because I'm still in the early brainstorming stages of my "Cavemen vs. Astronauts" campaign and I will most likely run it in VTT format if I do doesn't mean I can't paint minis for it, right?
  4. Didn't get a chance to paint today, but did get a chance to work out his PFRPG stats: Wyrmgear - CR 18 XP 153,600 N Unique colossal construct (clockwork) Init +7; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, see invisibility; Perception +8 Defense AC 34, touch 7, flat-footed 29 (+3 Dex, -8 size, +27 natural, +2 dodge) hp 309 (25d10+80 plus 80 hp force field) Fort +8, Ref +13, Will +8 DR 15/adamantine; Immune construct traits; Resist fire 20; SR 27 Weakness vulnerability to electricity Offense Speed 60 ft., fly 100 ft. (average) Melee 2 claws +36 (4d8+18), tail blade +36 (4d6+9), 2 win
  5. Not much time to paint, so slow but steady progress. Got the exhaust pipes and some engine details done up in silver, as well at the shields and tail blade. With the gunmetal gray, got the underside of the tail cable and the mouth gun. Also trimmed the gun and adjusted pinning so it sits a little further inside his mouth. You can see here I'm working cutting the broccoli free from his right rear leg. Also washed the cables on the undercarriage with black ink, but it doesn't really show in these shots due to lighting. Also working on coming up with PFRPG stats for him. PF ha
  6. So I'm here without any proper saws wanting to take the broccoli off some larger pieces. What is the best saw or cutting tool to cut through decent thicknesses of bonesium?
  7. Lots of little things today. Got the base (2 blank CDs glues together to add thickness) primed up black. Got the glow effects in the engine done to my liking, and painted up more of the engine block. Also got the hydraulics in his legs and tail done up in gunmetal gray. Finally, an idea for a conversion hit, and my kickstarter Ape-X made a noble sacrifice to give him a 50-cal full auto breath weapon.
  8. Tonight, I get the base coat on the stein and its beer foam. I also re-paint her hair and skirt after pe-priming, using a slightly darker brown on the hair. And now I can see i neglected to repaint on her boots where i had to re-prime. Will fix that tomorrow.
  9. Sigh. This is one of my first metal minis since I switched from spray to brush-on primer, and I can now tell there's some spots, especially in the hair where the primer didn't stick well so therefore the paint is not taking. Looking at how much I will need to re-prime now.
  10. I haven't decided on the full colors palette for this mini yet, but I know I want the skirt black. Pure black absorbs too much light and sucks all the detail away, so I use Vallejo Charcoal Gray in its place, to darken to black with washes and shading. That also goes on her boots. I use MSP Muddy Brown with a little black added for dark brown hair, and then start the look of an old wood and leather beer stein with Vallejo Flat Brown. I loaded my palette with way too much charcoal gray, so I bide my time waiting for her to dry painting the flesh tones on a small Drow army.
  11. Checked my work on the engine block so far tonight and decided what it needed. First, I carefully took my pin vice and put some small holes in the tops of the smokestacks. Then, into those holes and some of the crevices on the engine blocks went Vallejo Flat Red to help give the look of heat coming off the engines. Once it's nicely dry, I plan on following with a yellow wash to complete the effect. Here's a close-up of the engine block as it now sits:
  12. Nothing terribly exciting tonight. She gets another, thicker coat of primer, as does the beer stein. As far as I know, she was only available as part of this kickstarter. You may want to try contacting the kickstarter's creator to see if you can order one.
  13. I have 3 metallic paints at the moment, gunmetal grey, brass, and silver. My plan is to use gunmetal on the engines, cables, and under-armor areas, brass on all the armor, and silver for rivets and highlights. I get started with some of the gunmetal grey areas:
  14. While waiting for Wyrmgear to dry from scrubbing the mold release off, I get started on a Dwarf cheerleader I got from a low-profile kickstarter last month. First is pinning her to the resin base, my first exercise in pinning. Then I start with a few light coats of primer. During priming, I discover that she has a tendency to fall over to her left. The mini came with beer steins that could be held in hand, but here it turns into a frothy, refreshing counterweight.
  15. So a visit to family near Staunton, VA meant a chance to check out the FLGS there, Dragon's Hoard. The had all the big bones dragons in stock. After careful consideration, I chose the one that interested me most, Wyrmgear. Fitting him together, I see that the legs are a bit uneven: A quick boil and bend fixes that. I also remove the front leg shields for now, to re-attach after they're painted. Looking forward to breaking out the metallics and painting this one up.
  16. I'm working on one of thse myself, and that jewelry is quite the pain to work with, well done. Also, digging the freehand on her spider-bits.
  17. What's Gargantuan, Lawful Good, and CR 19? This girl: This was a collaboration between me and my sister, a fellow dragon freak. I love this sculpt. It has a real feeling of size and power.
  18. Favorite Bones mines under $4: Seltyiel All time favorite Bones mini: Ebonwrath!
  19. And the weather has warmed up and dried out, so here she is after a coat of matte.
  20. I think of her as more likely to wear something without sleeves. Her necklace might work as a built-in collar. 2-part epoxy. Thanks for the ideas, keep them coming.
  21. So I picked up this set. The girl with the spear will do nicely for one of my characters. The girl with the club would be perfect for my tetsubo-wielding barbarian, with just one problem: She needs a shirt. Anyone have suggestions for crafting clothes, armor, and accessories onto existing minis for someone fairly new to sculpting?
  22. In collaboration with my sister, I present: Argentwroth:
  23. So my sister, a dragon freak, visits for the holidays and is not content to leave such a magnificent beast languish on my shelf of shame, and finishes the silver base coat for me. I follow up with an ink on the wings and scales. This gives it a tarnished look that I like for such an old dragon. Late in the game, I decide to cut the deathknight and coffin from the work. Partly because the dragon alone is better for tabletop use, partly because I feel like the base gets too busy with them added. I settle for a rocky snowscape for the base, and attach the wings. Why is this still in
  24. Thanks for the advice. Got a can of matte varnish, but the weather's taken a turn for the worse so I muss wait for it to warm up a bit before I apply it.
  25. This mini was a long and troubled production for me. I initially decided to make the coat green, but was foiled by my green paints not wanting to stick to the bonesium. After changing to coat to brown, things continued slowly as other projects kept interrupting. Then I got to the eyes. They are tiny on this figure, and very difficult to work with. After many, many tries and touch-up coats I realized I'd destroyed the model's detail. I then decided to try my hand ad modeling with graystuff, and gave her a crude blindfold. My sister hijacked my painting station for the holidays and painted t
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