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  1. Not happy with the grey color I painted the blindfold. Thinking of repainting it black. Any suggestions? I'm in general frustrated and dissatisfied with this mini, and may end up using it to test a new sealer.
  2. I decide to pull the Halfling off my shelf of shame. I have even more problems trying to get the eyes right. I give up and go back to the blind oracle character concept. I realize I'm starting to lose the detail on the face from too many coats trying to fix my previous work. I give up, decide to try my hand at sculpting, and fashion a crude blindfold from graystuff. Spare graystuff gets everywhere, but I think I can fix most of that with paint once the graystuff dries. Drider's coming along somewhat slowly, and obviously not in time for the Halloween contest. Bu
  3. The deathknight is finished to my satisfaction and sealed. Meanwhile, more and more of the dragon is getting to be silver.
  4. Hafling oracle is on hold till the next con most probably. But I'm back to work on the owlbear at last. Also starting work on a drider which may or may not be finished for the Halloween contest. Can't post the torso here due to nudity.
  5. Deathknight is getting close to finished. A yellow ink in the eye sockets to give him proper undead eyes, a brown ink to bring out the details on his skull and teeth, and a black ink for his cloak and armor. Allow to dry, photograph, and then have a look at anything else he needs.
  6. The basecoast on the deathknight is finished, save for a bit of touch-up the camera lens reveled it needed. Meanwhile, the dragon is starting to look incredibly badass. Game color's silver metallics have been rather unkind to my brushes however. Any suggestion for working with this stuff un-thinned and not going through 2 brushes/week?
  7. That helped some, but this stuff seems to be way past its prime. I'm keeping them, partly because I'm not sure what I'd do in their place, partly because my preferred system (Pathfinder) changed the look of the blacks anyway.
  8. So so me paints I've been waiting on arrived. I get to work finishing the deathknight. I'm not too worried about the details lower on his base, as those will be covered in a snowdrift in the finished diorama. I also start the details on the tomb, and start with the dragon's main coat with a coarse brush. And here's the shot you've been waiting for of the dragon's maw.
  9. I just realized the drider spider demon that just arrived will be perfect for this. The thing has a 4 inch legspan, so basing may be tricky, let me see what I can come up with,
  10. My work week has started, so progress will be slower. I finish the mouth and glue on the upper jaw, but forget to get a picture of the inside of the mouth. I slip the wings in for now just so I can get get a good idea of the composition.
  11. So I've had great experiences with MSP brush-on sealer and will I suspect continue to use it for most minis. However, I'm now working on a diorama starring Ebonwrath as a silver dragon, and the large base plus huge wingspan is going to leave me a lot of surface area to cover. Can anyone recommend a spray sealer that: Works well on bones. Won't heavily dull the shine on metallics. Works well in humid environments. (I live in Houston. The rainy season is coming.) If there is no such thing I'll tough it out with lots of brush-on sealer, but I'd like to know if I have options.
  12. I'm a dragon dentist. Getting her teeth just the right shade of white. Also a manicurist, as I get the tips of the wings and dorsal spines painted. While the second coat of primer dries on the base.
  13. While I wait for primer to dry on the snowdrifts, I get started on the dragon proper. Game Color gunmetal gray metallic goes on the dragon's underbelly scales, nails, and spiky bits. This is a somewhat annoying paint to work with on bones because of being quite thick. I also mix up white and red for a pink for the tongue and mouth. It comes out a little light, but will be getting darker as I shade it.
  14. I hit the base assembly with my white spray primer. For once I don't have to worry about it clumping in the Houston humidity. I mark the locations of the figures, including the dragon's feet on the base. I then sculpt some snowdrifts with graystuff t make the base less flat and boring. This stuff seems to have sat on the store shelf too long before I got hold of it, and is near impossible to work with. Fortunately, It works well enough for my purposes. Then I realize I'm going to have to prime over the snowdrifts afterwards anyway. A little wasted effort, but nothing to sweat
  15. I'm getting started on a diorama for the Here Be Dragons paint contest. Basic concept: The silver dragon protects the hero's tomb from a deathknight come to defile it. This will also give me an excuse to finish that deathknight I've been working on and that sarcophagus I keep thinking of working on. First step is to establish the layout of figures on the base (2 blank CDs glued together for thickness.)
  16. I just picked up Ebonwrath from my FLGS. Time to get to work.
  17. I must admit I sort of ran out of time on this one. A friend needed it for a con so I had so seal it and declare it finished even when it did have a few spots I wanted to touch up. Of course, otherwise, the perfectionist in me might still be working on it.
  18. Paizo puts a lot of details in their art, and Reaper faithfully captured it in this sculpt. This was, by far, one of the most challenging paint jobs I've attempted, but I must say I'm (mostly) satisfied with the results.
  19. Wash coating went mostly well on Seltyiel. He should be finished by the con. My character concept for the Halfling has changed from a blind oracle to a haunted one, so I will have to at least try painting her eyes. Wish me luck.
  20. Seltyiel's base coat is almost there. I spotted one goof in taking this close-up, and had to go back t fix it. The eyes on the Halfling are giving me nothing but trouble. I may take an alternative route and color them entirely black with a micron pen. Fortunately, they need to look otherworldly, the character is a blind oracle.
  21. Wayang is finished and posted here. Going with flat black on Seltyiel's gloves, and charcoal gray for his leggings. Dotted his eyes with a micron pen. just need to to a bit of touch-ups to the basecoat and then apply wash. Graveknight and owlbear are on hold for now while I try to finish a Halfling that I want done for next weekend's con.
  22. Frederigo remembers nothing of his family, or his birth in distant Shenmen, nor even his birth name. He only knows that a Varisian couple found him as an infant next to the dead bodies of his parents in an alley in Magnimar, victims of a mugging. As he grew, they introduced him to their connections in the Sczarni, and he was quick to seek renown in that organization. Eventually, seeking to learn more about his ancestry and parentage, he joined the Pathfinder Society at the urging of Guaril Karela. For they both believed that his best chance to see distant lands.
  23. Knowing no mini which perfectly depicted Paizo's Shadow Gnomes, I chose one of the Bones Goblin Warriors to represent Fred, the Wayang Magus. I have only 2 regrets: That I could never seem to get his teeth the right color of not-white, and that his base remains kinda of bland. Nevertheless, he is ready to freak out my fellow players at my next game.
  24. Slowly getting there on Seltyiel. Went back and made the graveknight's sword a brighter metallic. Looking at the up-close shot of the wayang, his teeth turned out far too brown. Anyone got suggestions for lightening them up a tad? Also, started an Owlbear. Love the pose on this guy. Can't wait to maul my players with it.
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