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  1. Currently working on: Human Magus, Wayang Magus, Graveknight The level of detail in the iconic magus mini is amazing. Also annoying, as it's a lot of tiny details to work out. I hope i can finish him in time for Space City Con (Aug 1). Anyone have suggestions for working with this guy?
  2. Got my Kickstarter reward and decided to have some fun with metallics. A 3-color speed-paint in brass, gunmetal gray and red.
  3. My first were a pair of nude succubi, so follow the links to behold my shaky handwork and that horrible gloss sealer I used to use. Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
  4. So I like working with metallics, and i needed more female dwarves for my collection, so this mini was an obvious buy. There's an incredible level of detail on this mini. Had to add smaller brushes to my collection so I could do the smaller bits justice. The face is better than my previous humanoids, but still not great. I also feel like the ink i used didn't stick to the silver very well. Still one of my favorite works.
  5. Mega Minis has a bunch in their "fantasy scenery" category.
  6. So while the Shrieker and Violet Fungus aren't my favorite PF monsters, one of my favorite PF modules has an encounter with them, and I decided it was about time to paint up some appropriate minis for it. I initially planned on just a single-color base coat, but that looked boring in practice, thus I decided to freehand spots onto them. I think I went a little too heavy with the wash coat on the violet fungus, but it turned out nicely on the shriekers I think.
  7. Due to logistical problems with spray primer, I'm switching to MSP brush-on. Should I thin down the primer before use as I would paints, or use it as-is?
  8. While I still wait for my kickstarter Bones to arrive, I got a chance to pick up a free Bones ghost at a paint-and-take at MAG-con last weekend. I was inspired to do a greenish color scheme by Paizo/Wizkid's Festering Spirit. I was only able to get as far as base-coating him with a yellow-green mix at the con before I had to rush off to GM my assigned slots. I had real problems with the paint sticking to the mini, probably as a result of not having a chance to wash it prior to painting. After the con, I took him home and gave him a bit of a wash, followed by a second base-coat of darke
  9. The paints used are Vallejo acrylics, the sealer I used was advertised as matte. Obviously, It is no such thing. Any suggestions on good brands of matte sealer to use?
  10. Wrist guards and loin cloth are same color. Skin is another shade of brown. The lighting doesn't help though.
  11. Not my first mini painted, but the first one I'm willing to share, as many of the earlier ones weren't up to my standards. I only bought this mini to practice on, buy it's inspired me to play an archer paladin as my next PFS character. I didn't even try to detail the eyes. I just don't seem to be able to work at that fine a level of detail. Does anyone have hints for traning may hands to work on really tiny details?
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