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  1. People can carry wounded or stunned people, but can they carry own operational troops? for instance my solo onyx chevalier in street carries golem for his only action 12 inches x2 = 24 inches (thats a heck of a move for golem) and are there any restrictions how much bigger model you may carry?
  2. Black Chevrolet... I like it! maybe I should paint a fifties chevy logo to his shield. Oh yeah, I'll give him a lance and call him Impala Can I mix, say 10 warriors with sergeant with mob skill and add max mob slaves to their unit? I think both of them is safer with the other (warriors might live longer if opponent decides to kill easiest targets and bonds could live if harder targets are preferred first)
  3. Since lesser factions are developing own tactics to undermine our flow of wealth, we should start our own thread to confront this obvious threat! Ok! I'm new overlord and I need some tips about tactics and formations. If there are any yahoo etc. groups about warlord or overlords I would really appreciate info. My soon to be fielded army is Rackham and Chronopia proxies and I'm against freelance company and who knows what . First question, should I place my crossbowman behind bondslave or warrior? or should I leave it without benefits of ranked skill? Question two; are chevaliers any good? I love the idea of fast and furious cavalry, especially in thight alleys of urban area where they are especially fast. I'd like to have two of them in my army because I believe that one is a annoying thing but two individuals makes them tactically flexible and threatening units (two cards for activation, and one kills trooper from front of mage and second can charge the mage from distance) Well, thats it for today! Tips for today: Teach kid to hate the would be owner so he would escape from them... and sell them again
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