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  1. I also recommend either Vallejo Model Colour or Reaper Masters Series paints. They're definitely worth it.


    Also, I'll echo the praise for the Winsor and Newton Series 7 brushes. I got two for $14 from www.dickblick.com. They're $20 apiece retail! Also, pick up some quality brush soap to go with them (be careful to get acrylic and natural hair-safe soap. I'd hate to ruin such sexy brushes with the wrong soap. ::(:)


    Besides that, just remember to thin your paints, and you should be set. Happy painting!

  2. Eek, the brushes arrived today, but one of the brushes had some hairs bent down accidentaly by the brush protector. How do I get them all back into a point? Licking is not helping.


    *EDIT* Nevermind, a friend suggested brush soap. It worked. ::D:


    Both brushes are now happy and sharply pointed.

  3. Looking at www.dickblick.com, Liquitex seems to have released a new "Soft Bodied" variation of their normal paints. Quoted from their description:


    These paints have the same pigment load as the Heavy Body formula, with a different resin formula that gives it superb flow quality. These concentrated acrylics contain rich, pure pigments that produce intense color without opacifiers or fillers.


    Liquitex Soft Body Acrylics are naturally creamy and fluid. That makes them just right for watercolor techniques, tole and decorative arts, hard edged painting, sculpture, airbrush illustration

  4. I was given a link from Lanse to Dick Blick.


    I took a look at the brushes. I saw W&N Series 7s for six something dollars.


    I ordered a few today. :bday:


    Does anyone have any special advice for their care besides the obvious dab of brush soap and lots of water and gentle dabbing on a towel, or should that be fine? Perhaps ritual altar sacrifices?

  5. I'm currently thinking of getting back into the hobby. I'm interested in finding a cheap ceramic painting plate palette. Would Michael's stock this sort of commodity?


    I suppose this is a question that Enchatra would be best at answering. Oh well. ::P:

  6. One of my mother's friends had the world's most gullible stepdaughter.


    The girl's car had been hard to start for several days, and it was obviously a low battery, but the poor girl was utterly clueless.


    She drove over and tried to toot the horm, but only got a half-hearted honk out of the almost-dead car. Her dad the funny-guy just laughed and told her she needed some horn-fluid.


    The daft woman actually went to FOUR auto-parts places before a merciful sales-person clued her in that she'd been hosed.

    Was she blonde, and does she own a LiveJournal? ::P:

  7. Very cool! I'm surprised that was all ink (with exceptions).


    My only tip is the armour seems a bit too minty for Papa Nurgle. I'd lightly brush some yellow ink over the green, or even chestnut ink.


    Great job, though! I'm impressed.

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