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  1. Pssst...the flames are backwards.
  2. I think Foundry already has done that, haven't they?
  3. Lawful Good? 80% Lawful Neutral? 70% Booooring.
  4. I got this in a trade with one of my friends. My Elladan Swiftbrook for his old squig. Great mini, and it was fun to paint the little boils.
  5. Very cool minis, but are you sure a mini with exposed boobies is appropriate for an eight year old?
  6. Why is there a topless gymnist? Women, doesn't working out without a bra tend to make them hurt after a while?
  7. Nothing meant, I just imagined it turning out like this: http://turnsignalsonalandraider.com/?ep=1103555617 http://turnsignalsonalandraider.com/?ep=1104730484
  8. You do realize that 15mm is tiny compared to 28mm? It would look highly strange on the table.
  9. I'm intrigued. What system is this for?
  10. Submit to GW's iron fist! Buy their bases, you know you want to! They do come in handy a lot. Having a big bag of 60 warlord sized bases for $5 is very nice.
  11. Just use Superglue, turn the base upside down, and wait a bit.
  12. I HAVE TO ASK WHY YOU CAPATALIZE MODERATOR. IT SEEMS STRANGE. --- Very nice sculpt, and quite large and intimidating. It's kind of creepy that it almost has the shape of a giant skull, but only has one sunken in eye. Very eerie! Great job!
  13. Sorry, the attachment b0rked, so here's the whole unit:
  14. It's rather sad how few replies GW models get. It's like quiet discrimination. :( I love the model. It's really subdued and natural like Jakob Nielsen's wood elves. The claws are the best part of the mini in my mind. I could never paint those well. Great job!
  15. Okay, here's the whole unit.
  16. Sorry SR, I had to steal your basing scheme, but I changed it a bit to make it a bit darker. This mini is gaming standard, and has 99% delta ceramcoat on it. The only non-DCeram paint it has on it is a tiny bit of Liquitex Yellow to make the browns a bit more stable for drybrushing. I would have more of his kind to show, but I realized the flock on the other two was falling off, so I had to put superglue on, and I have to wait, or else I'd ruin my brushes.
  17. - medium flesh colour - add red - add white - put dot of cream on the top Here's some rather morbid pictures to work from Pimply Goodness! Not for the feint of heart!
  18. I wouldn't see why reaper would exchange them. It was not the company's fault that the paints froze.
  19. I took the liberty of clearing it up a bit.
  20. Here's the finished bat. I now only have three more to go. *EDIT* I guess the eyes will teach me to quit messing around in colour correction so much. Eurgh. I haven't changed the colour of the model, but the photo needed a lot of cleaning up for some reason.
  21. So I really wanted to paint my fell bats unit I got in the mail. I only have white primer since my can of black ran dry. Do I wait to buy a new can? No! *cries* [image Removed, see below] Here's a rundown of some colour combinations: Flesh - vallejo black + flat brown ^ mix in vallejo bright orange ^ mix in vallejo basic skintone Bone - vallejo flat brown + liquitex yellow ^ mix in vallejo buff ^ mix in vallejo white The fur was just black + white. Comments, or suggestions of how to paint the wing membranes are welcomed as always. Merry Christmas, by the way!
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