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  1. Yeah, they're pretty close to being true 25mm scale. They came 100 a bag for $10, available here. Man, these guys were so much fun to build! I plan to use these round based ones for invocation of nehek markers, but now that I've built 100 already, I may get another bag and put them on square bases.
  2. I'm noticing the cats and that dog in the same pose in a few pictures. Are they stuffed? If so, that's rather morbid, and creepy of the person to photograph in a series.
  3. This is the beginning of my new Vampire Counts army. He was so much fun to paint. Comments welcome!
  4. Nah, it's a molten slice of cherry pie.
  5. Okay, I lightened the pictures. In other words, bump.
  6. This is my new treeman. I got him for about $18 from my FLGS instead of the suggested $45 or whatever GW wanted for him. The only thing I have not painted is the bulbs on his arm and in his palm. Those I will decide how to paint later. Enjoy!
  7. Red Wraiths! That's an idea! *will steal idea most definately* Yoink!
  8. Actually, in scale with other minis, they're seven feet tall.
  9. As said, here's 8 of the 16. I have eight of their bigger brothers to do now. :p Comments welcome as always.
  10. But they're mushrooms! They're supposed to have mold! ZING! Oh, how delicious.
  11. They're cheap dryads for Warhammer. What can I say?
  12. Well, here's two. I have 14 more to do. Thanks for looking!
  13. Well of course the pictures didn't come out well! Don't you know Vampires hate natural light? ZING! I like them, but I don't see the last one fitting in very well. I mean, let's look at it: bats in hand... sword in hand... bullwhip? huh? Very well painted, though. I like the unified colour scheme, and I think *Namoi's* clothes came out fantastic, especially the white! *EDIT* Isabelle? Where did that name come from?
  14. 1) Buy me some if you want to see them so badly. 2) Women in charge? Hah, who made that horrible decision?
  15. Well, I'm going to have four units of "dryads", though these are the last of the wooden ones. The rest are going to be made up with 16 reaper mushroom men, and then have the units filled out with Iron Wind Metals mushroom men. I rather like the green trim. I've been painting black sidings for far too long. It leaves me feeling depressed to have the sides such a dark colour. The green on the base is Woodland Scenics "Clump Foliage". I have a pretty ample supply of it. (Just take a look at the snake unit thread I have if you don't believe me! ) Thanks again for the replies!
  16. I wouldn't need the brush on primer. It's actually getting to the crannies when the mini is superglued down to the base, cemented with flock. it was a nightmare, and so I had to cover it up with clump foliage. Thanks for the advice, though. Yeah, these guys had fangs, but I thought them to look a bit chunky, and too close together (they looked like serpentine chipmunks without sharp teeth).
  17. 45 views, no comments?
  18. Very well sculpted! I don't think the head is too small at all. I like the simplicity of it as well. It's not burdered with armour, baggies, etc. Great job!
  19. [email protected] t-rex spinning faster every time it fires in the end scene *bookmarks and posts on Portent*
  20. I am really starting to enjoy this cork basing. Especially since it means less time for the flock to dry. Thanks for looking!
  21. It was really awkward to prime these. All the nooks and crannies were very irritating, and so I ended up just applying liberal clump foliage. Comments please!
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