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  1. Prove it. --- Very cool, I like the mask in particular! Pretty neat freehand on the staff as well.
  2. I would like to make a distiniction. GW "Orks" pertain only to 40k, and "Orcs" pertain only to Fantasy. Please stop mixing them up. It's not funny, and a common mistake, which makes searching ebay for fantasy orcs a living hell unless you type into the search something like: "orcs -ork -40k -epic -40000 -GorkaMorka" Very good Borgut, though.
  3. 1) Reaper 2) They're on 40mm bases
  4. ...and so am I. Good work.
  5. I felt bad about leaving these two guys to rot in my bitz box, so I painted them up. I may use them as dogs of war ogres for my Wood Elf army if I get some more of these models. (1-3 more, that is) Wow, these were fun to paint.
  6. That looks almost real! How did you paint the fur on it? Those eyes are marvelous, too! Tell me how you did it!
  7. Here are two more pics. The first is a Salamander, and the second is a rider from this unit of Saurus Cav:
  8. Blue ones? The chameleon skinks on top are (green and) from Black Tree Design. I got them for about $2.10 each, but now black tree wants something like $5.60 each. Black tree has lost their minds.
  9. May I be the first to say: pixplz.
  10. Well, this is the first use of the new 50lb bag of sand previously mentioned. The green is Woodland Scenics fine turf, highlighted with yellow-green.
  11. 170? 15-20 minutes? I don't have that time, woman! 350 for 4 minutes, and viola!
  12. I always just use Elmer's wood glue or Elmer's white glue. A tip: always base before you prime, unless it's something like lichen/clump foliage/green turf/static grass. Those kinds of accents often don't need more than a drybrush. As said before, just thin the glue with regular tap water, and you should be golden.
  13. STFU [email protected]~ --- I like it a lot, Jester, I especially like the cloak. I'm just not sure about the tiny red tips on the top of the horns. I think black may have worked better.
  14. So any details of baking the leaves? How long? What temperature?
  15. So last night I hauled a 50lb bag of sand in my arms for a mile and a half. I have flock forever! This is 1/10 of the bag I scooped out for immediate use.
  16. Yep, and we can't discuss it around Ladytam.
  17. 1) Michael's *steals away opportunity to mention it before Enchantra comes* Ha! 2) Woodland Scenics Blended Turf (?), highlighted with ivory coloured craft paint.
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