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  1. Where's my Gauth sized Eagle? Huh?
  2. Telemnar, the High Elf king, and something like Silverrain I think. Or Lorielle, whichever has the layered armour.
  3. I think you missed the point. :p 5, S3, no armour elves. vs. 1 Knight Errant, 1 Champion, one Paladin + mount attacks resulting in Not one dead archer! *eyes pop out* *smile from ear to ear* I'm lucky like that. :p
  4. STOP SHOUTING!!11!!!!111 loolllol Ah, thank you. That does sort of make sense, but I wasn't sure. And my troops were maxed out unless I drop a mage or two and add another sergeant, possibly Dervish, and make them into Fanatical Wood Elves. Mmm... I think I'm going to hold out on this just yet, I'll see how I do without before. In Warhammer, if five of my Wood Elf archers (T3, No Armour) can get frontally charged by a unit of Knights Errant, with a Paladin leading them, and a champion, without a sustaining a single wound, I think I can go without a few healing spells for now. I was thinking about some of the female barbarians, and painting them with warpaint coving their bodies, most possibly the colours of berries, to add to the forest feel.
  5. Because of troops added on to them, and it being the collective cost of the unit, and the reaction of tooling them up for survival from years of playing Warhammer.
  6. Mordred (Warlord - Melee) 765 Pts Greater Magic Armour [30] Medium Magic Weapon [30] Amulet [30] Aeronwen (Archmage) [126] Pts Unique; Defensive Magic; Mage 3/12; Ronin Ice Shards [10] Fireball [50] Familiar/Animal Companion [20] Cerridwyn (Apprentice) [36] Pts Defensive Magic; Mage 1/4 Ice Shards [10] 3 Heavy Cavalry [165] Pts 6 Heavy Infantry [132] Pts ---- Aneurin (Captain - Archer) 662 Pts Ring of True Placement [40] Megan (Wizard) [88] Pts Fireball [50] 9 Longbow [360] Pts ---- Heddwyn (Sgt. - Warrior) 215 Pts Musician 9 Warriors [171] Pts ---- Lazarus, Elemental (Giant Burrower) 293 Pts Greater Magic Weapon [115] Mordokai, Elemental (Large Monster) 65 Pts Lesser Magic Armour [15] ---- Total Company Cost: 2000
  7. Then don't be dumb, spit onto your painting palette.
  8. But it's so much simpler and more efficient!
  9. Well, that's dumb, why not just use all troops at once? Much simpler and faster. Same goes for deployment. A D6 would go much faster for seeing who gets to deploy first and on which side.
  10. What actual use are the cards after table sides are chosen, and all troops are deployed?
  11. I have a few questions... - Does 52-card deck include Jokers or not? - How much does a good warband cost? - What combination of units would be best? - What is the best point limit for a 6'x4' table?
  12. I use nothing but Elmer's Super Glue that comes in a three pack from department stores. It's the best glue I've tried, and I've tried Zap-a-Gap.
  13. Before I shelved Fantasy to go on a painting spree with Reaper...
  14. (D'oh! Here we go!) - DON'T try to use an empty windex bottle as an airbrush ( I'm still quite embarresed ) - Don't use a toothpick for small details - Don't buy GW paints - Don't buy Pinesol to soak minis in - Don't try to thin acrylic with Lacquer thinner - Don't use enamels on miniatures. Don't even buy them period, n00b! - Don't base your mini after you paint it! - Buy more Reaper stuff - Shut up with the GW! - Don't use plastic watercolour brushes for paintbrushes, get Red Sable instead! - Don't use brushes for glue, use toothpicks! I'll think of more later.
  15. Slow down! Inks are a rich sort of pigmentation close to paint, but not exactly. (If that's correct.) It cannot be spread like paints, but will very nicely add depth and shadow to a miniature. It will run into the cracks, and stain the surroundings giving almost a shading effect, but not quite; it will require more work than that! I really recomment inks only for an easy, eye-releiving method of blacklining (adding lines to seperate things like eyes, armour, etc. from blending into each other, and making the miniature look flat otherwise). Review Paint = Paint Ink = NOT paint, but a loose form of pigment Paint = shading and highlighting Ink = shading only
  16. Well, I decided to fool around a bit, and one thing led to another...
  17. Here's the lovely beauty I found buried in my room. I have no more brown or black paint yet, so excuse the unfinishedness. (I'll get something done sometime. ) Should I use a ruddy, dark skin-tone, or keep it as is?
  18. No-no, I'm not looking for any names, I'm talking about the kind offered on the interent for free that are used for webpages, etc.
  19. I would really like to have a Greek mandylin playing in the background while painting my new Reaper army. Mainly Greek influenced, of course! Does anyone know a website I could point and click-download some music onto my hard drive? I want to avoid KaZaa and KaZaa lite.
  20. I really recommend it. I love having an excuse to buy an entire army of Reaper Minis! It's rather fun, I have two armies myself. I recommend starting with Wood Elves if you do. Let me know, and I can help you make a list once you learn your rulebook well!
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