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  1. Reaper sells the Kneadatite tube from PSI in the web store, but they only sell blister packs containing 6" of blue/yellow, or 4" of brown/white in brick and mortars.
  2. Your wish is my Google-y command, my master!
  3. Just today I bought Reaper's repackaged Kneadatite due to its convenience. Now I feel slightly cheated by Reaper after having bought it. Let's compare: Reaper's Greenstuff: $6.99, six inches Games Workshop's Greenstuff: $8.00, eight inches Polymetric Systems Inc. = $12.50-$14.00, thirty-six inches (in roll form, not logs) Why is Reapers' putty so expensive?
  4. The first step towards USR and NS-5's. *waits for a supercomputer system named VIKI to be programmed*
  5. Will the counter re-set when it hits 2000?
  6. But not in Canada! I'm such a 'lil bastage.
  7. I'm only going to share the Stormvermin's armour recipe. The other one takes far too long. - basecoat with mithril silver - wash with Black Ink - mix PVA glue with Brown Ink to make a glaze, and stain the surface unevenly with it, adding as much as you like - hit everything with matte varnish
  8. I'm excited. I picked these up originally just to paint, but now I want to start a skaven army. I'm using my next paycheck to purchase a 2000pt Eshin list. Here you go.
  9. Although it has nothing to do with chain stores, it does have to do with my friend and his experience at Taco del Mar. friend: How much for the large fish taco? cashier: Uh.... beans... cheese... sour cream.... friend: No, how much is it? cashier: ... friend: How much is the large fish taco? cashier: ... beans... fish... cheese... friend: @##!%&*!!1
  10. War Mumak of Harad $65.00 $55.25 $9.75 (Actual price, Hillcity's price, then amount saved) http://www.hillcity-comics.com/role_play/gw/lotr.htm
  11. Meh, I bet that thing drains batteries pretty quick, though.
  12. (For simplicity, I labelled your points A-E ) A) Yeah, those are wierd Tomb King skellies. I believe they're higher point cost, but look at the regular Vampire Counts box. If you make "rising" skellies, you can stretch the box to 30 or 35 skeleton warriors. Tomb Kings are assumed to not need as many skeletons, because they don't raise more skeletons through magic like their VC cousins. They only raise what models they've lost. B) Ugh. Black Tree is too expensive nowadays for the quality of their sculpts in my opinion. Pass. C) That does look like a deal, but look how each row is single-pose and only has one weapon. D) Yes, but they're horribly small (20mm scale?), and single-pose. E) Don't think you're the only one. A month back I bought ~50 saurus warriors and five Skink Cavalry (Tichi Huichi's Raiders) together for $50. That's around $150 worth of stuff. Cheap is good. That's why I also love buying online. (Warstore or Hillcity)
  13. Judging by how he has the Reaper Miniatures Incorperated by each of his drawings, I'd say it's a safe bet that he draws professionaly.
  14. Twenty plastic skeletons for $30 (or $25 online). Twenty-four plastic goblins for $30 (or again, $25 online). Find me better deals. GW do have some incredible deals, but yes, some things are overpriced. Hobby tools and scenery (especially the new "jungle terrain" $40 pack) are outrageous, but compare something like the GW sprue clippers to Tamiya's or Testors'. @twjolsen: Don't like $8-12 single hero models? Too bad, it's just how the pricing dynamics work. GW is not a roleplaying company such as Reaper. I feel that people are forgetting that. Reaper deals in small bands filled with heroes, so single models are cheaper. GW deals in large units with few single models, so units are cheaper. Sucks to be you. @The plastic dreadnought comment: If I remember correctly, the plastic one comes with multiple arm components, unlike the metal dreadnought which required specially ordered arms. If you don't permanently attach one set of arms to your dreadnought, it saves you money. @The Rag-Narok comment: http://www6.mailordercentral.com/thewarsto...item=9&mitem=12 Seven small minis and some piddly little familiars for $26? At discount? @Warhammer becoming too simplistic: Yes, children are the grease that keeps the GW wheels turning, sadly. Veteran gamers do not keep the bills payed. Point in case is the "Easy to Build" models that come in the starter boxes (dating back to Rogue Trader era and early 40k. Single peice tyranids and marines, anyone?), so I agree with your plight.
  15. You do realise vampires are undead, and avoid sunlight, right?
  16. I'm looking for anything in the following genres: - Death Metal - Metal - Screamo The catch is that I really hate swearing. I tolerate it, but I will avoid it when I have an option, and that includes music. I hate listening to songs that swear at me constantly. That's it. Thanks for any suggestions!
  17. I was talking about intelligence, not geekyness.
  18. I'm surprised one of the burn victims was a girl. That's a classic guy thing to do, usually women are smarter.
  19. Well, it's a better name than Johnny Tremain.
  20. Clones are near subserviant, remember. A high ranking offical tells them to jump off a cliff, they'll do it. The order came from Palpy himself, as well. To question him would be suicide.
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