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  1. hay why r ur blud angles al blue & stuff? DEY SHUD B RED!!1111!!11 On a serious note, I really do like it. I like GW experimenting with the new helmets, especially the new necron-esque chaplian helmet from the new box. Great job with this marine, I like the gem on his pack, his helmet, and trident the most.
  2. Hooded druids with a centrepeice Druid Stone would be very interesting. Just don't make it something clichê, like another Stone Henge
  3. I like them a lot. It's surprising what OG puts out for their prices. The bases really blend with their skin colours. I have to ask though, how are they 40k? (reference to "Orks" with a k)
  4. Darn it, Lucas! There's hundreds of EU stuff printed with your logo on it. USE IT! I want to see SotE or the Thrawn Trilogy in movies.
  5. Tell him to "light fart".
  6. I just use wood glue unthinned wood glue *EDIT* for the sand. For static grass, yes, I do use thinned Elmer's Glue-All.
  7. Well, I don't, really. It was just a good rock to use for a tutorial. Yes, it's a 25x50 miller' base.
  8. Here's a quick guide to doing a simple rank and file base. Base, cover with sand (I used GW), and a rock if you prefer. I think it adds a lot to a base. "Paint it black!" I first drybrushed all the black sand with VMC Flat Brown, and I drybrushed the rock with RPS Stone Gray. I next mixed some VMC Buff into the RPS Stone Gray, and drybrushed it liberally over the rock. I also added yellow to the VMC Flat Brown, then added VMC Buff to that mix and drybrushed that. Add a pinch of static grass, and viola! Never again will bases be "2 hard!1!!!~".
  9. Hey there! I'm looking for any of the following bitz: - fantasy orc skull standard (the cow skull with texas longhorns) - jaw plates (I know there was one in the boar chariot box) - spikey helmeted orc heads (command sprue had three I believe) - glyphs from the shield sprue (any of the three variations is more than perfect!) I don't have paypal, but I'm only looking for a small number of bitz. If you wouldn't mind parting with them, you can reach me at [email protected] . I do have some saurus and skink bitz to trade. It's mainly extra arms and heads, plus some armour plates and command bitz. I always try to be generous when I can, and often slip in more than requested. Thank you for looking!
  10. Also, I will put my nod towards www.forgeworld.co.uk
  11. www.portent.net/forums www.dakka-dakka.com www.librarium-online.com www.gamesworkshop.com www.thewarstore.com (in their forums)
  12. Well, that's not a star destroyer technically. It's the Old Republic precursor to what would become the future (20-30 some years) Imperial designs.
  13. Very cool. I like the use of different colours. It's all over the place, but still looks uniform somehow. The largest ship in the centre reminds me of this, strangely enough.
  14. 1) Random packaging 2) Some minis are not produced as much, making them "more valuable" apparantly 3) small children play them 4) simple rules 40k qualifies for 2.5 of those requirements.
  15. Man, that mini sucks. It looks grainy, and really needs a larger selection of colours. I vote to throw it in the green bath of doom.
  16. Curse you Neyuttad! I wanted to make fun of his typing!
  17. Yes, unless you are planning to put them through a series of nuclear explosion - erm, I mean go Geotracking with them.
  18. Good going, you just jinxed yourself.
  19. I didn't pin once, but I got lazy and didn't fill the gaps properly. Whatever you do, joining the big peices with superglue mixed with uncured greenstuff is MAGIC.
  20. I'm going to count models I will eventually buy on ebay or from the store in addition to what I already have to paint, since it will all be together at some point: - two Stegadons - 60 Saurus Warriors - 40 Skinks - 7 Chameleon Skinks - 20 Saurus Cavalry - 1 Swarm - 3 Terradon Riders - 6 Salamander Hunting Packs - 20 Temple Guard - Old 5th Ed Slann Mage Priest
  21. I think www.tindictator.com sells them, and maybe www.brookhurtshobbies.com .
  22. Why, do you have dialup or something? Nope. Couldn't get the lights correct because of the Carnosaur's pose.
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