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  1. Games Workshop's Lizardmen range. I own a growing lizardman army.
  2. Alright, here's a clearer, colour corrected picture.
  3. I've had this guy for two years, but it's taken this long to paint him up. I hope you enjoy, though I wish I would have painted the purple with more red in it than white. Have fun!
  4. 30% off, so they'll be reasonably priced for once?
  5. Superglue should work fine. I've had to physically pry bases off with plyers after snipping them at the joints to get them off the base tab. Out of curiousity with all this talk of extra protection, travel, polyurathane coating, bullet proof glass, and flak vests for your minis, what on earth are you planning to do with them?
  6. It's a good paint job and I like the base a lot, but I'm not fond of the conversion. Pity about the CMON score.
  7. turnsignals is still my favourite.
  8. Out of curiosity, could this be Reaper's take on the C'Tan?
  9. Nah, that's fine. Thanks for asking.
  10. Lord of the Flies Thrawn Trilogy - Timothy Zahn (Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, The Last Command) Shadows of the Empire Tales from Jabba's Palace Jurassic Park The Lost World Jaws Tales from the Bounty Hunters (it has IG-88 vs Boba Fett!)
  11. Not my picture, but still hilarious.
  12. I use nothing but Klean-Strip paint stipper. It's in a clear bottle with green liquid for about $5. Nothing else will do.
  13. Answered your own question, silly. The second didn't impress me.
  14. Enough of this favourite pie, movie, and song business. Let's be mean for a bit. Here's my bottom movies list: Return to Neverland Garfield: The Movie But I'm A Cheerleader Alien Apocalypse (or any of that awful series) Predator 1&2 *EDIT* Sue me, I can't count.
  15. Star Wars Episode One Recess: The Movie Return of the Jedi Mean Girls Event Horizon
  16. Lemon pie with a cold glass of water.
  17. There we go! Thank you for taking a closer look. I'm not attacking you. You saying Hillcity was closed down due to GW's us ban made me believe you didn't really care to look at my post, is all.
  18. Because you've been introduced to a mature wargaming environment that's above N*SYNC and Britney Spears.
  19. My friend died from a dihydrogen monoxide overdose. He was in over his head. Oh the mirth!
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