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  1. You're on a board full of reaper fans. GW isn't very respected at all here; everyone would rather complain and pride themselves on being GW-free.
  2. I'm glad you didn't even look at my link. kthx!11
  3. Meh, the reaper label on someone else's product isn't that great in retrospect. It just gets torn off and thrown in the trash. And you do know you can buy GW stuff up to 25-40% or more off at www.hillcitycomics.com ? It's a great store; I buy from them all the time. They have a GW pack of greenstuff for $5.50USD rather than $8.00.
  4. :0)


    That's it? That's rather boring.
  5. :0)


    Can I see it? Gimme your best shot!
  6. At least we know that Ebay is so easy to use, a drunken person can use it.
  7. I found this hilarious, and I think you will too. It's perfect; it has hypocrisy, dyslexia, idiocy, and irony all in one review. I drew green arrows to the best parts: *edit* Stupid "m" key.
  8. silver, with all the cloth being a blue and yellow checkered pattern like in medieval times?
  9. I could say that Jen Haley once punched me in the nose and sell my blessed boogers!
  10. This is the first dragon with stripes I've seen that I think look good. Very well done. His head kind of reminds me of a raccoon!
  11. I'd read Shadows of the Empire, then watch Episodes 5 and 6. A LOT is explained in that book.
  12. Pick up a good book or pop in a movie. Jurassic Park III is a good movie, and I really recommend the Timothy Zahn star wars trilogy. I'm just about to finish it.
  13. For a change of topics here, what are your favourite five songs currently? Here's my list to start: The Bravery - "Honest Mistake" Underoath - "It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door" System of a Down - "Aerials" AC/DC - "Thunderstruck" Linkin Park - "Faint"
  14. Thanks guys (and gal)! I still have five of these guys left to go. Who wants to bet my camera will have a fit trying to focus on all 12 in one photo?
  15. I feel like a proud daddy today. Here's all daddy's little sluggers. I tried to vary the poses of the lizards holding the club over their heads as much as possible, but there wasn't much I could do for the ones holding their clubs towards their body, and I wanted to keep the weapon's head the same, so no weapon swaps were done.
  16. I have no clue if it's been mentioned, but... what about a halfling calmly leading a pony by its reigns?
  17. They're daemons, they come out of the Warp already dressed like that.
  18. I LOVE them! The claws are beautiful, and the Steed of Slaanesh is breathtaking. I love the steed's eye the most. Great job! Absolutely stunning!
  19. The Dingees are also quite good.
  20. Get him listening to some Screamo or Ska (Bosstones or Supertones), or maybe some metal or hard rock. Please, get rid of this *NSYNC stuff.
  21. Friggin' Awesome! I forgot to put that in my list. *girl runs out into gigantic mud put and gets hit in the face with soccerball*
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