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  1. Ed Edd and Eddy Daily Show Fairly Odd Parents
  2. That's not the exact diet, though. He opted for medium fries, coleslaw instead, and diet coke. Cheater!
  3. Okay, master. I almost saw it in theatres, and I do want to see it. I haven't gotten around to it yet.
  4. But they didn't have a destructive council fight, Grand Mof Tarkin, Darth Vader, Wookiees, precursors to the later Star Destroyers (for more than 30 seconds at the end), stormtroopers, and the birth of the Skywalker twins.
  5. Nope, standard issue. (ZING!) It's odd, GW packs about eight of them into one box of 16 models for whatever reason they concluded.
  6. It's been a while, so here's a new Saurus Warrior standard bearer Enjoy!
  7. http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakka/Default.as...&g=posts&t=4216 Pete Closs officially closed portent down for good. The king is dead, indeed.
  8. Actually, my first post was lighthearted joking about GW pricing. I felt insulted by haldir's post after it, though.
  9. I apologize for the second post, but the second part I felt needed a seperate response. Suck it up and buy units at a time like me, or use ebay. No one's forcing you to plop down the entire amount for an army in one fell swoop. You will also spend nearly double that for a new playstation/x-box, memory cards, controllers, online subscriptions, games, and cables to hook up to your tv. That's the price we pay for a hobby. Duh. Warlord is a skirmish game. Before you start accusing the pot of calling the kettle black, 40k is indeed edging closer to a warband game with its main audience being small children who play SPAFCEMAREENZ!!!11. I don't play 40k, though, so I can freely admit this. Warhammer Fantasy, on the other hand, is a high model count wargame, so it's expected that it would cost more than Warlord. It's not fair to compare Warlord's typical army pricetag with an army from a different system, you see?
  10. That's not it. The metal units are $9 for three figures, so $3 per figure, or 7.50 to 8.00 a blister online. $2.50 or $2.67 for a regular figure is still cheaper than reaper. OMGWTFBBQ GW has teh good prices for teh opposite of reaper and vise versa!!111!!2!~
  11. No more Mr. Nice :0). I don't agree with some of GW's marketing techniques, some prices, or their attitudes, but I still love them. No, I'm saying that, for example, a heavily armoured and ornate lizardman with skull helm and large scimitar is more expensive than just a naked lizardman warrior with a simple spear and simple shield, especially when the character can have DOUBLE the stats, a handful of special rules, and cost 200-400pts more than a regular model. Partially correct. Reaper is an RPG supplier. Prices are low so that RPGers will return and keep buying single minis. GW is a wargaming company, where the emphasis is on units and armies, not single characters, so they have a very minute market for single models. If and when they release named special characters for Warhammer Fantasy, for example, not many people will feel the need to put an increbily expensive hero in their roster sheet, so GW will not sell many of that character --> higher prices for the figures that they DO sell. Here's a recap: [name --> emphasis --> result] Reaper --> RPG's and D&D --> Cheap single models, expensive units Games Workshop --> Armies --> Cheap units, expensive single models And before you argue the last two words, when you do the math, most plastic sets ($30 for 20 models) comes down to $1.50 per man sized figure. I buy on discout for $25 a box, so that reduces it to $1.25 per figure. Is that so bad, really? $1.25 is only $0.28 more per mini than Old Glory's fantastic deals, but GW's figures are marginally better sculpted (for the most part). Yes, I love angry run-on sentences too.
  12. Well, you have to figure in the following... - power of said character ruleswise - popularity (some are special characters, and very few people will buy them, so GW needs to break even somehow on producing the figure) - GW's money grubbingness - the failure of Warhammer Online
  13. LOL! Were certain designs inspired by Janet Jackson? Very cool, I never thought she'd look good in red and with pale pink. Great work.
  14. Maybe it's a reference to Zakk Wylde? because Zakk Wylde is a BEAST!
  15. Nope, warhammer 40k. That's the Emporer's Champion sword, I can tell by the engravings.
  16. Though not quite a droid, more an android, but was it Lobot?
  17. Sina J'ax and an actual Mandalor warrior?
  18. Unfortunately, John Ratzenburger as Major Derlin in Empire Strikes Back. Of what species was the dark jedi on Dagobah that Yoda defeated?
  19. http://www.answers.com/misspelt&r=67 Though "lt" is much less common than "led" in Americanese.
  20. My dryads have gone in for about the sixth time.
  21. Watch where you point fingers.
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