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  1. Tannab. Who was Luke's snowspeeder co-pilot?
  2. Red or Rogue 6. How old is Guri, Xixor's droid assassin, roughly?
  3. Good! It's your turn then, Death Angel.
  4. 1) Spider 'creatures' (loose term) were in the background of Jabba's palace. One walked behind Luke in one scene. 2) No. Plain no. 3) Salacious Crumb is not a spider.
  5. simple rules: if you answer correctly, it's your turn to ask a question. if not, then you have to wait. Expanded Universe, and other sources are welcomed. Starting off with a simpler trivia question... What are the spider creatures in Jabba's Palace called?
  6. I would suggest a dark camo green, and finish off with Vallejo "Violet-Green".
  7. Well, I have this one, but I doubt I could use it for very long, and the text would get pixellated.
  8. You could always sell your body for sex. Oh come on, someone had to say it!
  9. *has always had a custom av*
  10. OMFGZ teh www.photobucket.com plz!!11
  11. Giant anubis warriors. *crosses fingers* Giant satyr with antlers holding a trident in one hand, and pan-pipes in the other. Giant woman holding a magical staff with butterfly wings on. Female dryads (a series, some in almost dancing girl form, some shapeshifting, some fully shapeshifted into tree creature form). I can dream, right?
  12. Best to get some reference material.
  13. Yep. I made this very quickly from toothpicks and foam leftover from my Army Transport. It was based on a thick peice of paper (the kind that comes with comic books to keep them stable in the sleeves).
  14. You can seperately order the Slann by himself for $10. Nifty figure. His palanquin is awful, though. It is very miscast where the fly stand should go, so it looks like the palanquin is doing an arial dive almost.
  15. Sorry, magician's secret.
  16. This guy was pretty fun to paint. I tried using brown for a basecoat for the green skin this time, and added 2-3 greens and yellow into the mix. Once again, the water was made by drybrushing blues and greens, varnishing and applying Testor's Plastic glue.
  17. Hmmm... you sure on that? By beastmen do you mean skaven?
  18. You used a perfectly good Vermin Lord head for scenery? Hmmm... looks pretty good, but it looks to me like the skeletons have the slightest purple hue to them. Is that the camera?
  19. What's the story behind the salmon-coloured gun barrels?
  20. I would really add a light yellow to the top of the pimples/boils. I mean, that's just how pimples are! They're always full of "special treasures"!
  21. Poor mini! My three foot long ball python could take care of that giant rat problem.
  22. It depends on the colour. My camo greens smells distinctly of pine, my black smells sweet, etc.
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