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  1. Thanks for putting this thread in the FAQ. Desiring art for DMsGuild products, I was considering my expansive collection of Reaper Bones and applying some Photoshoppery, but was uncertain of the legality.
  2. Mine arrived. Everything is accounted for. The Pathfinder red dragon is quite rubbery (like the Cthulhu head) but other than that everything is nice. Except... a few of the Pathfinder iconics have the nose problem. Are they replacing these?
  3. And mine just arrived. I have been Boned. Reapermas has finally arrived.
  4. I'm down with that as I decided to never ship by UPS again after getting nailed for some disgusting brokerage fees. $200 package and $50 in brokerage fees. Plus tax. But wasn't given a choice in this order. Was hopeful UPS would prove me wrong and provide excellent customer service. Nope.
  5. Maybe this extra paperwork was lost, takes longer to process, or maybe wasn't completed in the first place... Or UPS is just being slow.
  6. Both seem like BS. We know Reaper delivered, as the email is sent explicitly when UPS as received. And given these orders are one of hundreds imported by a company with approved non-resident importer status I don't see customs holding it for weeks. There is another option:
  7. Looks like UPS has ten Calgary locations, but half are by the river and Calgary likely serves as the Port of Entry for much of Western Canada. So they were likely greatly backed-up. All the parcels going through half as many locations and delayed parcels that take priority. Plus any damage to trucks. Still, a week is crazy long. Yeah, I'm in the Park and I feel your pain. I keep checking and being disappointed. But at least it's not just me but everyone in the area. However, it would be lovely if UPS would at least send out a form letter explaining the delay in delivery. Especially a
  8. In the exact same boat. My e-mail arrived early on the 11th for me (10:23am) so that's pretty much a full business day. So seven business days have passed with no change. Wonder if it's due to location (I'm in Edmonton). There was likely more boxes than would fit on trucks so they might have done the big shipping destinations first, before working towards the more far away places.
  9. Mine *still* says: Order Processed: Ready for UPS A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status--including the scheduled delivery date--will be updated. I hate UPS so very, very much.
  10. Ditto. I think we broke that UPS.
  11. Guess mine didn't make it. Just going to have to wait here. Alone. In my basement. In the dark. Playing Cure songs.
  12. I have been emailed!!! Not a shipping notification but address verification. Soon.
  13. Sadly I have to agree. Reaper is really dropping the ball with communication considering how late they are running with the anticipated shipments. Weekly or bi-weekly status communications would be ideal. I know a lot of people here are going to 'white knight' for Reaper, but sadly the truth is that they are doing a terrible job at keeping their backers informed. I know, I know - kickstarters can be delayed - it's the nature of the beast. The delay isn't the issue - it's the poor communication. I wouldn't say "dropping the ball" and we certainly don't need weekly or even bi-weekly comme
  14. Well, it's been almost a month since the last update and two since people (read: 'Mericans) started receiving their packages. :( I know they're waiting on someone else to rubber stamp a form and it's (almost) as painful for them as for us but... irksome.
  15. I have a lot of those as well. Exciting. And with Paizo announcing Cthulu in the Bestiary 4, I'm really glad I ordered a Cthulu with my Bones. I can run a "punch out Cthulu" one-shot.
  16. Somewhere in Regina there's an entire customs warehouse filled with Vampire boxes built into a little fort by the border guard.
  17. I've been trying to follow everything on Canadian status, and I've seen a couple mentions of the government being responsible for the delays, but I wonder where that is coming from? The last official word said they were waiting on UPS, no mention of the government being involved. Has Reaper made any actual claims along those lines or is this just speculation? I imagine it's because UPS is terrible in terms of brokerage fees. It's a 5-10% tax but UPs charges 10-30%. As the base vampire level might be a little higher than $100 UPS will likely charge $30 brokerage fees. For $200 the fee goes to $
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