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  1. Has anyone talked about cleaning the Bones off with 90% rubbing alcohol after normal washing?


    That has been the process I have been using lately and it's worked out pretty great!


    For far either Vallejo Surface primer or just plain Reaper HD seem to work the best for durability.


    I still haven't had a chance to test out some primers but I have just not had any luck with spray primers and I am going to limit any further tests to Brush on.


    I did a video on it!




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  2. Hello!


    So my YT channel was really focused on cheap miniature videos and whatnot but I think I need to expand my base a bit.


    I know I am not the best at painting but I could try some painting videos now that I have my Reaper Bones 3.


    Also I have been doing more vlogging stuff lately.  Not as popular as my miniatures content but still a mostly positive response.



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  3. On 5/16/2017 at 0:43 AM, Wren said:

    . (Though I will now mention that I don't recommend spray products on Bones at all since they often don't cure and remain somewhat or very tacky to the touch depending on product and weather conditions



    With Bones stuff my priming experiments have pretty much shown that liner, no primer or Vallejo brush on primer work best.  I had one really nice spray day with Army Painter grey that worked out well but that was under optimum weather conditions that I haven't been able to replicate.  I have also had good luck with slightly diluted Vallejo brush on sealer matte sealer to help protect the minis.

  4. 4 minutes ago, CorallineAlgae said:

    "Krylon Camouflage with Fusion for Plastic"


    3rd thing I tried.  2 different spray conditions.  Did not work.  First attempt seemed to work fine and I painted.  Paint flaked off by merely picking up the minis.  2nd attempt in letting it dry for several days it just flaked off with a handling test.  Other spray primers included Testors Dull Cote, Krylon Primer, Army Painter Primer and glossy outdoor furniture primer from the hardware store.


    I honestly think anyone who says they painted these specific skeletons without the paint flaking off are simply lying or barely touched them after painting them.  Or they might have gotten skeletons from the same mold made from different materials.


    Legit I tried every cleaning method, and regular priming method I had access to.


    Maybe PVA or Modpodge, or car primer might work.  Maybe sanding them down and using midwax would work.  But honestly it's just not worth anymore time or effort for me anymore.


    Frankly I could sculpt giant skeletons from green stuff and it would take less time than trying to paint these damnable toys.

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  5. Wow thanks for all the great responses!


    It was just such a weird suggestion I briefly wondering if there could be anything to it.


    I doubt hairspray would be useful in anything I would want to do.


    And certainly I wouldn't recommend those God forsaken  Tim Mee skeletons to anyone.


    They are most certainly made out of something that won't take paint and I don't feel like sandpapering them.


    I think a lot of the people who have said they painted them didn't actually try to handle them for use in D&D or simply omitted the fact that the paint easily flaked off them.


    I am really happy that there are forums like there where you can get actual informed answers to questions like this rather than people telling you that stuff that you already tried (and know doesn't work) "works fine".

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  6. Hey!

    So I did a video awhile back discussing the issues with using very cheap minis in terms of not being able to prime them properly.  (My point being that it's sometimes better to just spend a bit more money to get miniatures that were made to be painted than to waste time with cheap miniatures that will never be able to handled without the paint flaking)


    I got a batch of those Tim Mee skeletons where I used EVERYTHING to try to paint them.  Literally everything I ever heard of excluding car primer and minwax.  I assumed they must have had mold release in the actual plastic because nothing worked.


    So that being youtube I got several haughty responses suggesting different methods.  One VERY passive aggressive response suggested a heavy dose of Krylon or Hair Spray for Sealing the minis.


    That literally seems like the dumbest idea that I had to come here and ask if anyone has actually heard of anyone doing that?  A quick google search resulted in some uses for texturing with hair spray.  But SEALING?


    Is there any merit to this at all?  Sometimes the internet throws stuff at me that I have never heard of.


    Video in question.



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  7. So the liner stuff still seems to be the most popular method of "priming" Bones.


    In my own tests it seems like a coat of HD seems to stand up to the thumbnail test a bit better.


    But maybe I will mess around a bit more with liner considering everyone else has had good luck with it.


    So far the pathfinder goblins have taken the most punishment of all my reaper bones and they were base coated with HD and sealed with two layers of watered down brush on acrylic.

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  8. I did a test where I painted one bones with Reaper brown liner.  (newer bottle)  Then I did another with red RMS HD.


    I tried the thumbnail scrap on both of them.


    The Brown liner came off much easier than the red HD.


    I will finish painting them and give them another fingernail test or maybe just leave them with the prepainted miniatures in the travel case.  (A fate worse than death!)


    So far it seems like diluted vallejo acrylic varnish seems to be the best protection.  It's 100% acrylic resin so I don't know how it could react badly to anything.


    The varnished bones pathfinder goblins are still going strong being thrown around in the travel case without any major chipping or scrapes.

  9. So I have been looking around and it seems like the consensus is that washing the bones and then using straight RMS HD or Reaper liner is the best option.


    I actually tried the older red liner and was able to scrap it off relatively easily.  But regular HD paint didn't.


    I will have to do more experiments once I get some newer brown liner that everyone seems to favor.

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  10. The best results I got were from diluted acrylic matte Vallejo varnish.  The brush on stuff from small bottles.  My pathfinder goblins have been through heck and back and none of them are missing any paint.


    but again I dunno.  It depends I suppose.


    I have spray sealed some bones and some of those have had terrible flaking afterword.  But it could have been a lot of things.


    Larger bones just don't seem to need any sealer or varnish.


    I probably won't bother with spray on sealer and maybe varnish a few select minis that will have heavy use.


    I want to know what kind of GOD paint they used on Legendary encounters.



    Those paint jobs just do not chip.

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