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  1. Man this just seems really super expensive for walls that I will just not used on a regular basis. Even taking into account the possibilities of higher elevations as shown in that video it's just SO much money. The extras for funding goals seem to be less useful too. I already have steps and barrels from the previous kickstarter. I backed the first 3 DW kickstarters and I got a TON of value from the tiles from the first 2. I don't know if I got my money's worth from the city builder set...
  2. Oh yeah. I totally missed that and the blog! Very strange. Also Robby Crawforth is mentioned in the Artists and Contributors area of the website. But Christoper isn't. So yeah. That makes it seem like less of a scam but just someone who is very much over their head. However that first blog... "Just a day before launch of the digital products. Hoping all goes well. It's a tough crowd out there and last thing we want to do is disappoint them. With the advent of 3d printing we want to be able to offer everyone access to our products via any possible medium. Getting some of our product printed at a site such as Shapeways can get a bit pricey and we really don't have any control over that. We try to make our models in order to optimize 3d printing and to avoid needless waste. So we think a mix of traditional hand sculpting along with digital is the way to go! -C" Jan 29, 2016 So yeah. It sounds like they tried to create a business selling their digital stuff and stuff printed from Shapeways but that didn't work out. So....now there is a Kickstarter where the only ACTUAL stuff that people might get is digital stuff. All the pictures of that digital stuff looks like it was probably printed from Shapeways. Uh.... Honestly this seems way likely that this is just a way for them to "sell" their digital sculpts. They clearly have no experience with resin casting. No proof that they have ever 3D printed anything themselves. Again no sign of any "Crew" who is going to paint all the FREE KS minis with no painted prototypes to be seen. (Again this bugs me so much. Literally the ONE part of this kickstarter that would be easy to do if you really knew people who had the time to paint hundreds of these things.) It looks to me like the whole Kickstarter is just a front for a failed business model for digital sculpts that went belly up a few months ago. My prediction - "Oh we are so sorry that we couldn't deliver any physical goods but here have our ENTIRE catalogue of digital sculpts instead. (You know the ones we tried to sell back in Jan but couldn't)". Of course there is always a chance that this is just some VERY out of it person who just doesn't understand how deep of a hole he is getting into. The smack talk about other failed kickstarters just reeks of not understanding basic concepts of resin casting or sheer price of the molds needed to mass produce these insanely complex and large miniatures. If that is the case then hopefully someone close to him will talk him out of the hole he is digging for himself. I am not going to back this one.
  3. If it's really a older veteran (in his 40s-50s) why are there NO names on the kickstarter video. (There is a name on the very bottom of the kickstarter) I have never met anyone that age who cares about using their real name on projects like this. Also tons of mentions of the crew of people who will be painting the products but literally none of the pictures or videos have the prototypes painted or have custom painted minis. As far as I can see it's only prepainted newer Pathfinder or D&D stuff in the Kickstarter video. So an older gamer who apparently has a "crew" of painters has NO pictures of any painted miniatures anywhere? He has been doing this for that many years and commented many times that he has used custom miniatures on his table but has no pictures of them? So yeah a guy who is proud of his hobby doesn't have any pictures of his gaming table? And won't use his real name on the KS video? There are a bunch of names on the website but we don't know which one is the dude commenting. (ONLY has his name on the blog. Not listed under contributors.) I mean again I just don't understand why any of the prototypes weren't painted. It seems like a complete scam to me by someone who took some college classes in 3D printing and was able to create those files but has no idea of what is involved with making molds for resin castings. I mean the wagon? WTF. The cost to Print ONE copy of that thing on a very high end printer and then Make a MOLD out of that monster? For RESIN casts? Holy Moly. I feel like I am taking crazy pills here.
  4. Interesting. I just watched a video where some guy was using green stuff mixed with millipute? epoxy to use in instant mold molds.
  5. Great looking mini! I have been messing around with making textured bases with instant mold and green stuff. Slap the instant mold on a texture I like (such as the wooden floors from the Dwarven Forge thing) and then put some green stuff on a base put some water on it and smash it into the mold. It's also easy to make custom little textures and whatnot using green stuff. I also do stuff like add some Hirst art skulls to the base of my Reaper Bones Owlbear. I am terrible at using the little flecks of various flocking stuff. I just don't have the knack for it.
  6. That is a great idea. Thanks for all feedback everybody! I will definitely keep on working on videos. I have 5 days off work starting this weekend and I am going to try to release new videos. It's funny because in the past I always had the issue of having videos come out too long. Now with these sorts of videos I think some of them turned out really short even after shooting a lot of footage. But that is probably a good thing in the long run. I might do a couple of vlog videos where I talk more in depth about stuff.
  7. *Edit* I took some of your suggestions and created a quick video about Legendary Encounters. I have been trying to start up a miniature review thing on Youtube and I have had some positive feedback but mostly it's been tough getting feedback. I now have a cheap setup with 2 lights and a HD camcorder. If anyone has anything to say about the videos please let me know. https://youtu.be/LpOPT2hm1XU EDIT - I linked the same video twice. https://youtu.be/2vpP1sZACuY
  8. And now the most diabolic custom miniature EVER. The Dreaded... Bucket Mimic! A resin Cast of a Hirst Arts planter bucket and then green stuff added.
  9. Thanks for all the kind comments! I will keep on sculpting and see what I can do with different mediums. Did a quick simple paint job and this miniature does it's job nicely. "Hey! Look at this cute little guy!" "Oh..."
  10. Behold the mighty Owlbear... It turned out looking like a Furby. Hopefully all my ferocious creatures won't turn out this adorable. It was meant to be a super chubby like an overfed hatchling. Next time I will remember to use a metal wire frame and maybe let the body sit a bit more so I don't have to deal with it being so squashed.
  11. It's nothing special really. Warhammer FRP 2nd edition used percentage dice to decide all actions. So basically I just keep track of what each group of monsters or NPCs wants to do and use the base percentage of one of their stats to decide how successful they are. So attack, run towards something (Aglitiy), keep going forward under enemy fire (Toughness). It's all a single percentage role for each group of monsters using one of their ability scores. What the players do is provide bonuses or penalties to that roll. If they are going to do something simple like shoot a leader of a group with a bow and arrow then that monster group will get a - 10% to their next action or even simply retreat if the player gets a hard enough hit on the leader. Or a PC can do something a bit more tactical like encourage some NPC soldiers retreat to a more secure postion which will give them a massive bonus of 20% on their next action. If a monster or NPC group fails it's rolls more than 2 times in a row than they retreat from the battle. Or if they simply roll really badly or get hit really badly they will retreat / fall. PCs can get hit like normal when dealing with monsters who attack as a group using their base stats. So yeah just one roll per person / group of monsters and success is dictated by how well the PCs use their abilities, tactics and creativity. All you gotta do is keep track of penalities and bonuses to the rolls being made. It's a fun quick way to use a huge selection of miniatures but not be bogged down.
  12. I like to use a ton of miniatures to do a quick battle scene using custom rules for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd editon. You have a huge scene with dozens of miniatures and every action the players takes causes enemies or allies to fall or ranks of monsters to retreat or advance. So in about 20 minutes and about 10 turns you can have a pitched battle letting players use their own strategy to clear out the battle and hopefully save all the NPCs they can and not cause a retreat. Then you can go back to having a more traditional tactical RPG. The only issue is setting up the terrain and having all the miniatures on hand for the battle. But that is why Bones are so great.
  13. Looks like I was mixing up my parts again.
  14. I searched ebay for the best deal. I got a buy it now auction but the person isn't selling any more of them. They are these kind. http://www.ebay.com/itm/10x-White-LED-Waterproof-Mini-Party-Lights-Decorate-Wedding-Floral-Balloons-New-/400557448099?pt=US_Flashlights&hash=item5d43159ba3 I would assume you can look in your local craft store or browse ebay like I did to find the best deal. There might even be the Halloween equivalent on clearance somewhere.
  15. There is a board game day coming up and I wanted to do something cool for my dungeon crawl I am planning. I already got Dwarven Forge tiles from a kickstarter so I have the makings of a 3D dungeon which I will uncover room by room as the players progress. But, I still want to do something cool looking and I wanted to do it without any budget. So I got a batch of dirt cheap mini LEDs. $4 for a bag of 10. Pretty large but cheap. I then hacked the base of some cheap Warcraft miniatures that are translucent. (I am going to use the bones translucent miniatures with this but I wanted to test it out on some cheap miniatures first.) After trying a few things I found out that Ms. Dash caps were the EXACT size for not only Warcraft miniatures but also large D&D miniatures as well! A bit of reusable tack putty was all that was need to make sure that the miniature stayed on it's Ms. Dash base with LEDs in it. Here you can see the effect! All the coolness of LEDs without the pain of having to deal with wires. I also did a larger base with a direct hole. The skeletons and the ghost that I painted look great! Hopefully I can figure out a way to use this method with the dungeon tiles to get a nice effect. The next step is to make these http://www.yankodesign.com/2009/05/18/simply-a-bright-idea/and then use Vitamin Water caps (also a perfect fit for Warcraft bases).
  16. Excellent. I got everything locked in. What an amazing follow up to the first kickstarter! Does anyone happen to know what kind of dragon that is in the "Dragon's don't share" add on? I can't tell if it's a certain type or not.
  17. That does look like a cool miniature! And that is a great repaint job. I am definately going to avoid most prepainted items from now on unless it's something that can be repainted or retouched easily.
  18. Well I got the "goristro" Huge D&D miniature and it looks exactly like a regular wizards of the coast miniature but it's unpainted and made out of bluish gray plastic. It's even got the black plastic base which seems pretty authentic. It's probably not a "prototype" but more likely just a regular miniature that didn't get painted for whatever reason. I don't think it's a bootleg because there aren't many of them for sale. This looks to be the same thing but a different seller and it's much more expensive. Yeah I don't think I am going to waste any more of my money on these even if they are cheap. If they aren't well known and collectable by now then they aren't anything special. I am happy enough to paint the one I have.
  19. So lately I have been going through the ebay sellers in china who sell factory seconds of DDM and Wizkids miniatures (sometimes dirt cheap and sometimes overpriced). I have seen a couple of "Prototype" plain plastic miniatures. Are these anything special? They seem to be made of the same sort of plastic as the consumer ones. I ordered a few of them and I plan to paint them over. However, I don't want to paint over them all if they might be collectable at all. Considering how many of them I see I would assume they aren't.
  20. I looked over my order and I am missing Kaladrax's right arm (The one not attached to the base) and a the archer drider/arachnid. Everything else was perfect. There weren't that many bent weapons. I am very impressed with the larger miniatures.
  21. Wow those look Great! I really like the stone tips of the spears. Love those Village Miniatures! Great job with those miniatures! I can't wait to get started on mine.
  22. My Kaladrax is missing it's front right arm. (The one that isn't anchored to the base) Other than that it seems like all my big models are complete. Now I have to go through the smaller ones. Also, did anyone actually get the Drider with the bow? I got the big drider and two of the smaller ones with the sword.
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